Mountain Tour Glittertind / Galdhøpiggen 2002


Ran in from Ransverk on the toll road to the national park's border, where I parked.

It was about 1 hours to go on the road to Glitterheim.

Took off from the trail up to Glittertind.

Followed Glitterheim pelvis and went up along a snow field up.

It was beautiful weather and warm and a great trip.

Met a couple on top. They had gone from Spiterstulen.

Went down the path to Glitterheim.

It was pretty icy on the top. Had need some spikes.


Was on Glittertind on Tuesday.

Started from Spiterstulen on Wednesday to go to the top of Galdhøpiggen.

It was still wonderful weather.

Took it easy the first piece.

Had many breaks.

I have from the nature side height fright, so I thought it was pretty steep.

It was pure people hiking up the mountain.

Used approx. 5.5 hours to the top. It was not particularly fast.

But I came up.

Used approx. 3 hours back down to Spiterstulen

On top of Glittertind


On top of Galdhøpiggen


This was my first trip on the mountain over 1 day.

Had many times talked about visiting the mountain. From cabin to cabin.

Map of Glitterheim Glittertind

Map of Spiterstulen Galdhøpiggen


Pictures from the trip

Tilbake til hovedside