Mountain tour Hardangervidda 2004


Mountain trip to Hardangervidda

9 to 12 August 2004

To go from:

Fagerheim to Heinseter,

Rauhellern to Stigstuv,

Krækkja and back to Fagerheim







Pictures from the trip:


Hardangervidda, Heinseter




Mountain trip in 2004 was the first trip I went on the Hardangervidda. Was a little exciting on how it was to go there.

Had some problems in advance. Achilles tendon on the right foot had been painful for a long time. Had run with the wrong sneakers. Was also bothered by a sore fret before I started the trip. Got them by picking cloudberry in kind boots.

Had bought me sticks to go with. This is because of the legs.

I parked on the Fagerheim 9 August.

Stood and wondered if I should take additional shorts when it was quite hot.

I did not, thought of the weight in the backpack.

Started with tents, lie base, sleeping bag, stove and food.

Day. 1

Went at 12

The path toward Heinseter was pretty good. No steep mountains.

So Heinseter in the distance about. at 15.15, but was not arrived at the bridge and the windmill before 17.30.

It is always a longer it appears.

Took a freezing glass of beer before I went on.

Went a few kilometers, up to Vesle Selstjøni where I struck up a tent.

There were some fine stone cabins.

Get talk with someone who was in one of them. A man and a young boy. They were on a fishing trip.

Day. 2

Went on the morning after. at 9 after the tent had dried in the sun.

Was always dependent on the tent was dry before I left. Not very well and carry on a soft tent.

The path to Rauhellern was even flatter one day lead.

It became awful hot. It was enough to 25 degrees and almost no wind.

I would like with shorts. People I met was in bikini and shorts.

Was promoting the path to distinguish Mårbu and Lågaros about. at 12

Promote the Rauhellern at 12:15.

Took me a freezing glass of beer. He who served me said that the glass had been in the freezer. It was wonderful.

Set outside the cabin and talked with someone before I went.

Ca. at 3, I found a little water where I put up the tent.

The weather was just fine, and it was wonderful to be able to jump into the water after having turned up the tent. Tried to fish a little but got nothing. I'm Not sure if it was fish there. But it was a pastime.

Day. 3

Next morning I went to Stigstuv.

Reached first Holmentjønan, og could soon see Stigstuv in the distance.

It was an idyllic place with a horse that went to pasture outside the cabin.

Tried to buy some milk, but they had not.

Proceeded at 11 to Krækkja.

The path towards Håsteinsrede was OK. Gentle rise

The time was 15 I arrived at Hetjøni. Here I put up the tent

Was now almost gone by the main road again.

It was still hot so I took a bath here, to

Had not been with me sun cream so I had burned me a little in the face and hands. Maybe I did not go well in shorts.

As thunder clouds in the area, and it was actually a scrubbing later in the evening.

Had not seen a lot of people on the last stretch, hit only a couple on their way from Stigstuv.

Day. 4

Started at 8 to move forward.

It was only a half hour to go to the main road. Crossing it by Austmannalægret and went against Halnebotane.

It would be ca.1.5 hours to go to Krækkja, and it did pretty well. Was there about. at 9:45.

Was just in and acted and ate some food before I went on to Fagerheim and car. Arrive Fagerheim ca.klokken 12

This had been an excellent trip. Fine weather and my legs were actually better now when I started on the trip. Think rods had a big impact.

I must say that the terrain on the Hardangervidda are quite a duck led in Jotunheimen. It is easier to go.

When I drove through Geilo on the way home in the car thermometer showed 30 degrees, so it was hot.



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