Mountain Tour on the

Hardangervidda 16 to 19 July 2005

Goes from:

Fagerheim, Krækkja, Kjeldebu,

Finse, Krækkja and back to


Cabins :







Pictures from the trip:





Hardangervidda. Looking back at Skåltjørna. On the way to Finse




There were 16 July. I had planned to go to Finse.

Had with full pack. With tents.

I was a little concerned because it had rained in the pail and bucket all the way from I traveled from Oslo.

It stopped first so slowly when I came to Geilo.

It was also quite early in the year.


Started from Fagerheim at 10:00 am.

Followed the path to Krækkja. Went over Svonuten. It is about. 70m rise.

Used approx. 1.5 hours.

This must be a good day for those who do not want to go too far.

They may be over for Krækkja or go back and forth.

Asked for Krækkja about the trail went directly to Finse was OK to go.

They thought it was, but it was a lot of snow so I decided to go through Kjeldebu.

Started about. at 11:30 from Krækkja.

It was immediately very much snow to go in. That was fine with sticks.

The trail was good to go. Got a little problem at Kjeldo. It was not so easy to find a place to ford the river.

Come to Kjeldebu by 5 hours.

I had to go around on the north side of Fisketjøni and over a bridge and then return to get to Kjeldebu.

I was not entirely up to Kjeldebu but continued down to Sysen the water. Had her go through an annual bridge over Leiro.

When I went separate trail north towards Leira. Found a good camp site after a half hour.

Beat up the tent by a waterfall about. at 7 in the evening.

Made me dinner and went early to leave me.


Went on at 8 the morning after.

Did now on the side of Leiro up the valley and over a bridge summer. Here, it was a pretty wild canyon, I have to go over.

A come into a nice part of the water and marshland. A great place, Øvane.

Was now quite close Hardangerjøkulen. As a West Leirbotnskåki pretty close the trail.

From Skåltjøni there was a fairly steep rise of 200 m.

Had over the river at the Hell Canyon. It was not easy.

Had to go over a snow bridge and the river was pretty high. Was a little afraid it would rupture. But it went well.

Get up to Helvetesgilet. Here, it was a big snow pile up a steep incline.

Had to creep between the wall and mountain snow mound and over the mound.

Was glad I had sticks when I went over the snow mound, it was quite steeply down to the water.

Get up to a few small water. Here was the red marking completely gone and no one had gone in the snow here before.

Went first one way, but had to turn back and try another way. Finally found the labeling again.

Come now to a large snow surface and could not see any labeling.

Put me bag and walked around with binoculars to see if I saw any of the other side.

No, but took a chance and went a direction I thought was right. And found the markings again.

Met on 3 mountain ramblers that would go the same way as I did

After passing Brottefonvatnet, I could see Finse in the distance. Passed separate path that went to Krækkja.

Was down by about Finse. at 18.30. Got me a bed and ate dinner.

It had been a long and tiresome trip and my legs felt pretty tired out.

Day. 3

Started the next morning at 8 to go the same way back to Kjeldebu.

But now I took off towards Krækkja.

It was pretty good terrain to go in, but still a lot of snow.

It was in fact is of some water.

Went to the time was 18.30. Found that a good camp site by a water.

A piece after passing the Finnsbergvatnet.

The weather had been good for the entire trip. But tonigh, it began to rain. Tried to fish a little but got nothing.

Day. 4

Started the morning at 06.30 with fine weather.

Come to the bridge before Larsbu and walked along the Drageidsfjorden against Krækkja.

Come to Krækkja at 8:15. Ate a little before I went on to Fagerheim.

Arrived there at 9:40.

It started to rain a lot when I came to Fagerheim, so I had probably been lucky with the weather on the trip.

This was a tiresome trip. Much snow and hard red-tagging.

It was probably a little too early in the year to go.

But it has also something to do with snow conditions.

Snow amount is different from year to year as the early summer.

The terrain here was much more difficult to go one where I went in the previous year.

This compared more on Jotunheimen.

But it was a great experience and a good turn.

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