Mountain Tour Jotunheimen 2005



Mountain Tour in Jotunheimen

6 to 10 August 2005

Starting from:

Park at Bygdin Mountain Hotel.

Take the boat to Fondsbu and go to Skogadalsbøen.

Moving to Turtagrø and Sognefjellet cabin.

So Olavsbu, Gjendebu, Torfinnsbu and the boat back to Bygdisheim.

Cabins :

Bygdin Fjellhotell








Pictures from the trip

Black Valley and Svartdalstjørnene. Coming from Gjendebu





Mountain Tour in Jotunheimen. August 6.

Did not the tent and lie surface

Day. 1

Started at 9:30

It was pretty nice weather.

Ran to Bygdin Mountain Hotel and parked there.

When I came back to the car after having paid for the parking lot,

I saw the boat came to the pier, so I was suddenly some little time.

First, forgot I rods in the car, having to run back to retrieve them.

Since I found that I had forgotten the bread that was in the freezer bag in the car.

But I came with the boat that went to Fondsbu.

Fondsbu is at the other end of Bygdin.

The boat also went through Torfinnsbu.

It was nice to down by the water.

The boat was in the Fondsbu about. at 11:20.

Started to go from Fondsbu at 11.45 against Skogadalsbøen.

The weather was overcast, but it was still hot.

It was a pretty good rise in the 300m up to Sløtatjernet. It was so hot that I weighed over whether I should take my shorts. Did not.

Took a food break at the Lower White Lake.

Was arrived at White Lake about. clock 14.00. It is lay on the water and there was much snow to go in. It had started to rain and it was colder.

Met a man who came the other direction. He said that it was difficult to get across the river to Uradalsvatnet.

When I got there it was a little difficult but it went pretty good to come over without having to take off my boots. It was now good to have spells.

By Uradalsvatnet I met a couple who came from Skogadalsbøen.

The time was now about. 16.00.

They had gone in 5.5 hours from the start from Skogadalsbøen.

It was a little depressing to hear that it was so far but it was only to continue.

It rained a lot now. Had to go along Uradalsvatnet.

It was one of the worst terrain I have been in. Especially because it rained. It was just big rolling stones all the way.

Was actually a little afraid to break the legs while I was there

Come on in a very wild terrain. Uradalen down. Mass large roll stones. It was now so cold that I had to anchor rods in the bag to go with my hands in jacket sleevet to warm them. Had gloves with me, but they were of course at the bottom of the bag. A teacher never show

The terrain was better go in when I approached me Skogadalsbøen.

Were promoting ca. at 20.30.

When I was pretty tired and wet.

Got me a bed. Hang also clothes and boots for drying.

Ate dinner with a bunch of nice young people.


Started at 8:00 the next morning against Turtagrø.

After half an hour I came to separate the trail. A trail against Olavsbu and one against Turtagrø. The last I went.

Came Store bridge at 8:30.

Right on the other side of the river took the path toward Sognefjell cabin.

I went to Turtagrø.

Store bridge is located on 820 m so it was a good climb up to Keisarpasset at 1,500 m.

Was there about. at 12:00.

Went past the path up to Fannaråken but there was new snow on top and a lot of fog so it was not for me.

Now, I went down, Helge Valley and to Turtagrø.

So the bus to Sognefjell cabin went off just when I came down to the road.

I had to go there. Along the main road. Started at 16.00.

It was a good rise to go up to the øvste Hervatnet.

It was sunny and calm when I started, but eventually it began to rain and the wind increased on. Did it right in my face when I came up in the mountains.

At the Prestesteinvatnet had stopped a car, and some were photographed in the rain.

I ran over to them and asked if they could take me to Sognefjell cabin.

It was a young Italian couple who had a rental car and were on their way to Lom.

It was a wonderful feeling to be able to sit in with them the last piece.

The rain now in the pail and bucket. Was arrived at the cabin around. at 19.00.

Got me a room, and ate a better dinner.

Set and talked with some nice people in the evening.

Paid for the room at night because I had to start early in the morning after.

Had a long trip ahead of me to Olavsbu.

Day 3

Started to go at 6 in the morning.

It was a terrible weather. The wind and the rain much.

Went first to separate the trail that goes to Krossbu, then along the river Vetleutla. It went down pretty steep.

It was about. 1,200 m at the trail distinction and down to Big Bridge at 820 m.

I had to be completely down here to get to Olavsbu. Just half an hour from Skogadalsbøen.

It had stopped rain and sun look forward.

Did now up Large Utladalen. Up to distinguish path to Leirvassbu.

Stopped and made me dinner.

From there I went up the Raudalen. A rise first but then flattened out along Raudalsvatnet.

Come to Olavsbu at 18.00.

Was pretty tired then. Had gone in 12 hours.

This was a self-cabin, but there was a shift from the DNT.

Got me a bed and wrote me into the cabin book.

Made me some food.

There were many who climbed the mountain peaks. It is not something for me that was afraid of heights. Many nice people there.

Day. 4

Started at 7:30 the next day, Went to Gjendebu.

That was very good to go to Gjendebu. The trail has a rocky the first hour to go before we have a nice party to go.

Stopped by Tungepiggane and made me dinner.

So it was good to go down the Vesleåa down to Gjendebu.

Was there about. at 14.00.

There were a lot of people here. Got me a bed.

There were also some who had to lie on mattresses on the floor.

I saw with binoculars up in the mountains to go the next day. It was up against the Black Valley. The so steep out.

Was very concerned to go up there.

It is steep 400 m and 100 m as the Svartdalstjørnene.

Day. 5

Started the next day at 6:30 in the morning. It was gray and it started to rain dusk.

The first stretch was through the thicket, so it was steep. It was not so funny.

The trail went on a ridge up before it was a little higher.

There was a little less steep.

So was the steepest section. There were no special labeling here, one had to find their own way.

One had to climb with both hands and feet, but it went well and finally I was up there.

Felt that I had defeated myself and my own height fright.

This is certainly not a problem for people who do not have problems with height.

The trail further inward Black Valley was nice to go.

Unfortunately, I had some bad weather again.

After a while I went down to Torfinnsdøla. Here I saw a reindeer herd.

Soon as I also Torfinnsbu down by the water. It was so beautifully.

Was promoting at 12

Bought something to eat, and wild me.

The weather had now begun to be good. I would now go along Bygdin and away to Bygdin Mountain Hotel. It would be a trip of about. 3 hours.

As the boat came, but I would get the trip.

Started at 12:30. It was pretty soft and muddy to go this path.

I come to the path difference to Valdresflya Vandrehjem along the water.

Were promoting ca. 16:00.

I could have spared me this trip for 3.5 hours, it was only swamp and waste.

This had been a great trip. Some good and some bad weather. It is as it is in the mountains.

It was perhaps a few long days. I should begin to limit how long I go every day.



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