Hike Rjukan Finse 2007


Trip from Rjukan to Finse.

Started in Rjukan, Helberghytta, Kalhovd, Stordalsbu, Mogen, Lågaros, Rauhellern, Stigstuv, Bjoreidalshytta, Dyranut, Kjeldebu, Finsehytta




Photos from the trip:

Day 1 Rjukan to Helberghytta and Kalhovd

Day 2 Kalhovd to Stordalsbu

Day 3 Stordalsbu to Mogen and Lågaros

Day 4 Lågaros to Rauhellern

Day 5 Rauhellern to Stigstuv and Bjoreidalshytta

Day 6 Bjoreidalshytta to Dyranaut and Kjeldebu and Finsehytta

Hardangervidda. Is going up against Skåltjørna.

Looks a little bit of Hardangerjøkulen


Cabins : Helberghytta, Kalhovd, Stordalsbu

Mogen, Lågaros, Rauhellern, Stigstuv

Bjoreidalshytta (closed), Dyranut, Kjeldebu, Finsehytta

Was going to go in Skarvheimen in early July, but due to snow conditions, I would try to go from Rjukan to Finse.

This is a tour around. 145.5 km.

Started Friday 13 July. (Is not superstitious)

Had a tent, sleeping bag, Sleep surface, stove. About 14 kg.

Took the bus to Rjukan at Notodden.

Day 1 Friday from Rjukan to Kalhovd.

Took the Krosso path from Rjukan up to Gvepseborg. Started to go at 11.45 against Helberg cabin.

It is a walk around. 8 km. It was a little swamp the first piece, but it was good to go. Had a nice view to Gaustatoppen and Vemork.

After about. 6 km. I was very tired and was wondering how this trip would go. Rested a bit and eaten. I went in a quieter pace. Actually spent 2.5 hours to go to Helberg cabin.

Went against Grottetjørn.

Down by the water I got my first wading. The river here was pretty big, and I had to go down from the trail to wade over with boots around my neck and with plastic sandals on my feet. It went well. Down the road I could choose to go to Kalhovd on the road or go over Vegarhovda. I went over the mountain.

Was promoting at 20.13 at night. Had spent a little over 8 hours on the trip. This had been a great trip. Got a room at Kalhovd, and the slightly heated noon to me.

Day 2 Saturday from Kalhovd to Stordalsbu.

Started at 09.10 and went on the road to the dam by Mår. Was there about at 10:05. Went so against Stordalsbu. Had planned to go to Mogen this day.

After about. 1 hour, I joined the river Butjønå. That was very big and I was worried about passing it. Met a man who was on a fishing trip that had waded over the river, so I wanted to try.

It was to fold up trousers and boots to hang around your neck and go. Middle of the river I found that I had to turn back. Found a different way, and finally I came over. It was scary.

Just when I waded over, it began to rain. It became more and more bad weather. Boots were soft and very heavy. Eventually, I pretty soft. At 15.15 I so Stordalsbu be so nice up there in the valley. It was a lovely sight. Had with me the key, but someone had broken the lock.

Did guy on the oven, and dry boots and clothing. The time was 20.30 and two adults and a young boy who was tired and soft arrived . They had started from Kalhovd one hour later than me.

They were glad it was the guy in the oven.

Day 3 Sunday from Stordalsbu to Mogens and Lågaros.

I started at 06.10 time in the morning to go to Mogen that lies at the very end of Møsvannet. It was overcast but fine weather to go in. The trail was good to go. Went to the Summer Bridge over the river Vråsjøen at 07.50. It was a good climb before I could look down on Møsvann.

The path down to the Mogen went through birchwood, and it was pretty soft there. Was promoting at 11:10. Stopped here to call home and take a bite. Also told that the door on Stordalsbu was broken up.

Went around. at 12:15. The trip went through the first part swamp, but it was added railway sleepers where it was bad. The path ahead was very good to go. Come to Gruvsjøen at 14.00. This was a big water.

It had begun to blow something terrible and the foam out on the water. Met a young couple who had been in tents by the water. They took down the tent and gave up the Mountain Tour. They said that the river at the end of the water was very large and difficult to overcome.

But when I got there, this was not worse than the other rivers I had waded. It was OK to ford.

The path ahead was good. By. 16.30 so I down on Lågaros. So it was only to go down the stone heap down to the cabin where I was promoting around the clock 17.10.

Had gone 10 hours that day. It would be OK weather, but a little cold wind.

It was a Danish cabin guard there, and I was the first that came to the cabin that day. Since there were 4 from the Netherlands.

Day 4 Monday from Lågaros to Rauhellern.

Started early. The clock 06.50. I heated water, washed the floors, ate and made me packed lunch before I left. There was no one woke up. Had planned to go to Rauhellern.

The trail was nice and it had dried up well after all the wind yesterday. Right after Lågaroshøgdi I met a man from Nordland who had been in tents. He had planned to go to the Mogen and forth by boat to Rjukan.

By Geitvassdal I had to wade again. Over a river as the rand in Geit lake. The river was divided into two parts. I could go on the rocks on the first, but over the other I had to wade again.

Afterwards I sat down and ate together with some sheep. Down to the year-round bridge over Festningstjørni there was a lot of stone and not a particularly good to go.

Passed the bridge at 12.00 times. So it was a small swamp on the way up to Reina Vassbakken Hovda where I could see Rauhellern and Lang Sea.

Had to pass an annual bridge leading Hansbu. Come to Rauhellern around the clock 14.00.

Rauhellern was a very nice and pleasant acquaintance. Good food, nice and clean sanitary facilities. The operation was fine.

Met many nice people there, and we talked almost until midnight.

Day 5 Tuesday from Rauhellern to Stigstuv and Bjoreidalshytta.

Started from Rauhellern at 09.00 in the morning to go to Bjoreidalshytta at Stigstuv. It was predicted rain, but it was still stay. The first part of the trail went up but it was nice and go.

After about. 1.5 hours it began to rain and blow pretty much, but got the wind in the back. After about. 2 hours I could look down on Holmetjørnan. When I got there I had to cross Holmetjørnbekken. I had been told that I had to wade the river, but was unable to get over on the stones.

Right after I came to the pelvis, I met a Danish family with two children who were on their way to Rauhellern. They were quite soft, but was in good spirits. They had approx. 3 hours to go with rain and wind right in the face. It's amazing how kids are good to go.

13:00, I was on Stigstuv. Here I ate two sandwiches in the rain before I went on.

The first part of the trail had some marsh, but OK to go. After a while I came into Stigstuvdalen. Here I went over Svinto. I came over without ford. (Svinto means that follows the rain and river water level goes very quickly up and down).

The time was 15.10 I came to Bjoreidalshytta. It was a dirt road here from the main road. When I arrived I was the only guest, but in the afternoon came the people, both by car and hiking.

The cabin was driven by a nice older couple. Food and accommodation was good and they had a very good drying room for boots and clothing.

Nice people here, and we set and talked throughout the evening.

Day 6 Wednesday from Bjoreidalshytta to Dyranut and Kjeldebu and Finse.

Started at 09.00 in the morning. Was going to go past Kjeldebu and then look up tents for approx. 4-hour walk.

The trail up to the main road was OK, but pretty bad mark. The trail crossed the gravel road several times, and here it was not marking. Get up to Tråstølen at 10:30. Decided to go to Dyranut, where I was at 10:45.

Started to go on the path toward Kjeldebu. The trail was very good to go, but now there was little snow one had to go over.

After about. 2 hours, I met a young English couple who came from Finse. They were quite frustrated by the snow and all the water. They had spent 2 days on the trip and had gone on the east side of Hardangerjøkulen. They looked at me and said I got to spend three days on the trip. so I really that old out?

Come to Kjeldebu at 13.10. Had to go over a river leading cabin. It was a little creepy, because it was part resolve the stones where I went over.

On Rauhellern I had met a man who weeks before had tried to go from Finse to Rembesdalsseter. Up on Finse, the bridges were both taken by ice and snow. That at least was repaired, but he did know that the biggest would be fixed for up to two weeks.

I had planned to go from Kjeldebu to Rembesdalsseter and on to Finse, but had to get checked if the bridge was OK. This, I thought to be on guard hut Kjeldebu about. It was the view that there was someone there. It was not a man on Kjeldebu so I had to go on the east siden of Hardangerjøkulen.

Ate my packed lunch before I continued at 13.40. I had to go over the river again and go to a summer bridge over the river that went down to the lake Syse. This bridge was quite airy, but nice to go over. Further down the river, there was a new bridge, and here the river had gone over its banks so I had to wade to get out to the bridge. It was not deep, but fairly stiff current. There was plenty of water everywhere.

Now, I went to Leirbotn Øyane and came to the Summer Bridge over Leiro. There was plenty of water.

Winter trail as run in parallel with the summer trail, it was a tragic accident in the winter. 2 Scottish mountain ramblers died of the cold here.

So the glacier Leirbotenskåki from the trail. By Skåltjøni I met with 8 to 10 wandering in the result. They set and ate. They had spent 5 hours from Finse. The time was now 16.00 so I will arrive at 21.00.

Had temporarily turned from me to lie in tents.

Met a couple from Norway + a couple from the UK and a single woman from the UK within an hour. UK woman would be in the camping before they went to Kjeldebu. This was a lot of people.

By Skåltjøni, I had to ford the river. There was broad and pretty scary to go over. After having passed the river, it was to begin the ascent to Helvetesgjela. It was pretty steep and I began to be tired. Up by Helvetesgjela I had to cross the river on a snow bridge. It began to be bad, but I saw that others had gone over.

After a while, I joined Helvetesgjela. There was little snow here, so it was OK to come up. One piece is also a trail along the mountain crest, and it goes down in the water. A must jump from stone to stone and actually go down in the water anywhere. Was quite soft on the feet.

After a while I get on top, and may go over big snow surfaces. But I had old footsteps to go in. Down to Brattefonnvatnet, it was bad marking and I went back and forth until I found it again.

I came down to the river that rant down in Brattefonnvatnet. So red marking on the other hand, but wondered how one would come over. Took off my boots and board pants well up on the thighs and took me plastic sandals.

Tried several places to go over, but the river was too deep. Wore sandals in the snow and it was cold. Did not feeling in the feet. Found that the only place to go over was exactly in the trail. It was very stiff, but not so deep. Get me finally over.

The time was 20.00 and it had begun to struggle rain.

For a while after Brattefonnvatnet should I be able to see Finse, but I saw nothing. Showed I had about. 2.5 hours to go.

Getting down to the trail to distinguish Krækja and the bridge there. The bridge was difficult to see when it was full of snow. It was a bad weather to go in, and I had to stop to put the wallet in the rear view bag so that it should not be soft.

Finally I came down to the last two Bridges and had only the dam again. Had come to the hut at 22.30. It began to darken. Was quite tired now.

I get me a seat before it closed at 23.00. Then a shower and a good pint of beer.

This had been a great trip. Had good weather in 3.5 days and 2.5 days in the rain.

This is good. The whole trip was about. 145 km.

The last stretch was a little too far to go, but I was not as old as the English pair thought.

Had changed the bag since last year and the new weighed only 2 kg. And was 60 l.

So the weight on the bar I was about. 14 kg. It was 3 kg. less than the previous year.

On the next trip I will leave tent, stove, gas, cooking and dinner.

Can get down about to 10-11 kg. I get more enjoyment of the trip.

This was also a test ride in Skarvheimen in August, also a test for heart attacks in winter. On the whole trip, I was very tired after the most. 6-7 km. the first day.

Sticks and plastic sandals with a strap behind was very good to have on vading over rivers. In all, there was a great trip, but too much water.


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