Mountain Tour Finse-Gjendbu 2007


Trip from Finse to Gjendebu August 2007.


Started on Finse, Geiterygghytta, Kongshelleren, Iungsdalshytta, Bjordalsbu, Breistølen, Sulebu, Kyrkjestølane, Slettningsbu, Sletterust, Ingjerdbu, Skogadalsbøen, Olavsbu, Gjendebu



Standing in Vettismorki and looks

over to Stølsmaradalen.


Jotunheimen, Gjendebu when the sun risesp



Photos from the trip:

From Finse to Geiterygghytta and Kongshelleren Day 1

From Kongshelleren to Iungsdalshytta and Bjordalsbu day 2

From Bjordalsbu to Breistølen and Sulebu day 3

From Sulebu to Kyrkjstølane and Slettingsbu day 4

From Slettingsbu to Sletterust and Skogadalsbøen day 5

From Skogadalsbøen to Olavsbu and Gjendebu day 6


Cabins :

Finsehytta, Geiterygghytta, Kongshelleren, Iungsdalshytta, Bjordalsbu,

Breistølen, Sulebu, Slettningsbu, Ingjerbu, Skogadalsbøen,

Olavsbu, Gjendebu


Finally it was time to go from Finse to Gjendebu. Snow conditions were OK.

Took the train from Oslo to Finse. It was useful weather around. 10 degrees. A little cold wind.

Day 1. Thursday. From Finse to Geiterygghytta and Kongshelleren

Started to go from Finse 2/8 at 11.20.

It was a long climb from Finse against Klemsbu, but had a great view of the Hardangerjøkulen on the other side of the valley. After about. 2 hours, I was up at the cabin Klemsbu. Here I met a result of approx. 8-10 people who sat and ate.

It was now only 15 minutes to the top. Up here, it was pretty much snow

When I started descent toward Geiteryggen cabin began to blow more and it rained a lot. I checked the extent I deck bar and it was only 4-5 degrees hot. Froze on the hands, and may soon take on me gloves.

Met some people who went hiking from Geiteryggen cabin. They turned when they got the cold rain in the face.

Further Geiteryggen cabin clearing it up and the temperature was OK again.

Was arrived at Geiteryggen cabin at 15.30.

It was fast. Because it was a lot of snow on the way down. It went very fast to go down on snow surfaces.

Ate my food here and also asked whether they had vacant beds. They were only on Dorm, so I decided to proceed against Kongshelleren.

The trip went on a gravel road before the trail went straight up before the road came out of the tunnel. It was a good rise, but it was good to go here.

It started to rain a bit. It was a very varied weather type.

After a while, I joined a separate path. A trail went against Steinbergdalshytta. I went to Kongshelleren.

After about. 3 hours so I Langvatn and glimpse the cabin behind. It was a rocky parties here but it was OK.

Was arrived at Kongshelleren at 19.55. Felt not so very tired.

There were a lot of people in the cabin.Two nice couple from Oppegård. We were sitting talking and they also fired up the oven in additional cabin so it should not be so cold there. Made me a little oats-porridge to dinner.

Day 2 Friday. From Kongshelleren to Iungsdalshytta and Bjordalsbu

This day started not as I hoped.

Began to move from the cabin at. 06.15. Lost once red marking on Iungdalshytta. After a while, I so the marking down by the river that rant out in the lake Kongshellern.

I also thought saw a mark on the other side of the river..

I Vader over but found no labeling and must wade back. This was a real struggle river. The worst I ever had vadet.

When I turn on my boots, dew my glasses and I put them on the backpack. Proceeding with the backpack on my back. After about. 100 m I discover that the glasses are gone. There is a stick in me. Go back and find them the center of a small grass looking a good distance from where I had made my backpack.

Can only thank the higher powers that I found them again.

I can still see the cabin and starts to go against Iungdalshytta at 07.15.

The first 1.5 hours, it is very much stone to go in. Must go over the river that runs out in Volavatnet. It is broad, but fairly basic.

The path from here and down to Iungsdalshytta is very good to go.

Eat food package for Austre Volavatnet.

Coming down against the West Iungsdalen. This is a very nice area. Green and lush and the river go downward. The trail runs all the time down in the valley on the west side.

Iungsdalhytta look around 10:15 a clock. Must be over a snow bridge that is a little creepy. A portion of snow has fallen down to the river.

Have arrived at Iungdalshytta at. 11:30.

Here, it is quite full of people. Can traded milk and other drinks.

Eat before I go to Bjordalsbu at. 12.00. Go up Fødalsrekka.

Coming up to Fødalsvatnet and go on eastside of it.

This is beautiful landscape and I go along the water in the tanks of how great it is here. Coming to a cabin, and where there is a great waterfall on the other side of the water.

Here I eat packed lunch and look at the map at the same time.

Has been a great trail last hour, but no red-tagging. I should have taken the east by water start. It is just to go diagonally back. It was so good here that it was OK with an extra hour.

Coming up to the Big Klevatnet at 14.00.

The sun has come and I can go in shirts flows. It has been hot.

Currently, there has been good to go. Small stone.

Go to Hell. (The name is actually there.) It is pretty wild terrain and great views. The clock is about. 15.00.

So it's going stones in almost all the way to the cabin.

100 m down in a valley and 100 m up by Svartetjørne. The same at the Vallevatnet. Starts to get tired.

Between Valevatn and Skavlevatnet used I one hour up in the rocks. Had a little problem with labeling in this rocks.

Ca. at 18.15 am I seeing Bjordalsbu at the end of the upper Skavlevatnet.

The cabin was in the sunshine, and I was promoting at 18.50.

There were a lot of people here, so I was in addition cabin with a Danish couple and a Norwegian.

Set and eat in sunshine out on the porch rather late in the evening.

It had been a nice, warm day, but I have not been in so much stone before.

Day 3 Saturday. From Bjordalsbu to Breistølen and Sulebu

Went at 06.00 from Bjordalsbu. Much stone to go in the first hour.

It was better to go later. So Breistølen at. 09.00

Promote the Breistølen at. 09.50.

Eat a little and buy drinks. Go further to Sulebu at 10.15

It was good to go up the valley from the Breistølen. Small stone to go in.

At Northern Kluftenosi it was very wild. It looked like the trail disappeared right into the mountain.

When I came over the top so I three reindeer right in front of me.

Did snapping a picture of the past that leap.

Now, it was fairly flat for a while and good to go. So several reindeer. Also an albino. It was completely white.

It had begun to expect more and more and I got the wind right in the face.

Met a couple who said they had spent three hours from Sulebu. I thought that it was only two hours to go.

The rain and wind very much and after that I met this paired, there was only stone to go in. It was too much up and down, and it was difficult.

Come to Suleskardet at 16.00 and so on down Sulevatnet.

It was a great rock pile to force before one came down to the water.

I took a long detour to drop the worst stones.

Walked around the lake on the east side and once the cabin.

Was promoting at. 17.20. Was quite soft.

There were no on Sulebu when I came, but it appeared a man and two girls in additional cabin out in the evening.

So a lot of reindeer around the cabin, but it was for bad weather to photograph them.

Day 4 Sunday. From Sulebu to Kykjestølene and Slettingsbu

Started from Sulebu in the morning at 05.45 against Kyrkjestølane.

It was a very pleasant terrain to go in. Nice trail and it took some down the last piece. Pretty boring terrain.

Was on Kyrkjestølane at. 08.04. A small place. So not a man here.

Started from Kyrkjestølane at. 08.30 after having eaten my packed lunch.

Fin ascent and good path to the Slettingen. Was here at. 09.50

It began to blow and rain pretty much. It was terrible to go.

Come to trail separation by the river from the Slettingen to Grønevatnet.

Here I could choose to go through Grønevatnet to Slettingsbu, but I chose to go east of Slettingsegi.

Would not go the same way twice.

Had to go over the river from Slettningen. That little rant much water over the rocks here but it was OK.

Talked with one that was in tent here with a buddy. They had some fish on Friday when the weather was fine, but after that they had not received anything.

The path was now tilted up from the Slettningen, and in the rain and wind, it was difficult.

Away at the Austrefjord I lost the red label. Tested with My GPS but it showed that I not was in the trail. But after having gone over a snow surface so I know I was in the right way. My GPS had failed me.

The time 12:00 so I upper Årdalsvatnet and Slettningsbu. Just down some stones. Did tilted away to a snow surface and came down hard without me and have been in the stones.

Come to Slettningsbu at 12:30. There was no one in the cabin.

The water rant of me but I was dry under. Beautiful clothes.

There were no cabin lock in the main house and I did not find any. Phone worked OK here.

My wife would call the Norwegian Tourist Association to instruct.

Fired up in the furnace so I had wiped clean clothes and boots.

On day, it came two ladies on daily visits. They should dry their clothes and hot soup they had. Nice to visit.

This cabin I liked very well. It was also very nice to down by the water.

It was clear on the evening weather. Hopes for good weather tomorrow.

Dag 5. Mandag. From Slettingsbu to Sletterust and Ingjerbu and Skogadalsbøen

Starting at. 05.24 from Slettningsbu to go down to Sletterust. It was a fine to go, easy terrain. So down on Tyin above the mountains.

So Sletterust at 06.50. Was soon down there.

Started on a gravel road at 08.00. The branding here was very bad, so I went on the gravel road with My GPS in hand. It was good to get into the trail again.

Get up to Mansbergvatne at 09.30

Set and ate while I looked down at upper Breibottsvotni. It was a very nice landscape here. One of the finest on the entire trip

Had to ford the dam lake from the Kyrkjevatnet that runs down the upper Breibotsvotni. The water that rant over the dam so very stubborn, but it went OK.

The time 11:00 I is at the top of Skredhaugdokki and look down to Hjelledalen. It is very nice and green.

Must now make sure that I look forward to trail separation to Hjelledalen so I can go over the bridge over the Hjelledøla.

Did not want to ford it.

Did a lot of mature multe on the way down. It was delicious.

I had to quickly turn on the My GPS. It was very difficult to see red labeling, and the path forward to distinguish Hjelledalen and annual bridge so I do not.

Come down to the river and saw a cairn on the other side. So also that the river was broader 200-300m further down, so I went there.

Had me sandals and boots around my neck and vadet over.

It went pretty good. Went up and found cairn again.

Used as My GPS and rose to Øytjørn and trail was marked OK again.

Right after I Øytjørn I was on top of Markaskardet and begins descent to Ingjerdbu. It is far down and pretty much marshland.

Looking much dead pine. This is damage to the pine forest that comes from Fluor discharge from Årdal Verk.

I have arrived at Vettismorki and Ingjerbu at 13.25.

Was wondering if I should turn me down here but would like to have a proper dinner and went to Skogadalsbøen.

Started to go against Fleskedalen at 13.45. It was very steep and much birchwood. There were also some great pine here.

I think I rested every 50 m, but rose to the Fleskedale at 15.50.

Here was the old seats. It was nice and beautifully.

It was even rise to move from Fleskedalen. Was on top by Friken at 16.30.

It had risen from 580 m to 1240 m at Ingjerdbu on top.

It was very soft down and dirty against Skogadalsbøen but great view. Very difficult to get.

Was promoting at. 18.25. It was delicious with real dinner.

I think I've never been in such great landscape ever. From Sletterust to Skogadalsbøen.

First, party between Graveskarmosa and Nordre Knipen. The green to fine Hjelledalen also Vetismorki with all the fine dry pine that's as art sculptures. Finally, Fleskedalen views of the Utladalen and Hurrungane.

Day 6 Tuesday. From Skogadalsbøen to Olavsbu and Gjendebu

Started from Skogadalsbøen at 08.50 to go against Olavsbu.

Went up Skogadalen along Skogadøla.

It was a good rise before leveling out. After a while I had to go over Skogadøla, I needed not wade. A little further up there is a big moraine of the valley. Pretty heavy to go up there.

Also struck two girls who went past me. But I went past them longer inside the valley. I knew that I was tired after the previous day-long trip.

Come as a place that I had walk over the river again. Needed to ford.

So I had to go up 300 m. Between Skogadalsnosa and Mjølkedalstind.

It was pretty steep, but it went OK. Had to rest a number of times.

On top there were good views.

Descent on the other hand, I followed a snow surface and got me down without going in the stones. Come down to Raudalsvatnet.

Began to go up to Olavsbu where I was at 15.15.

Ate some sandwiches before I started the trip to Gjendebu. Started at 15.30.

The first hour, there were a lot of stone to go in, but then came into a game where it was good to go.

Knew that I was more and more tired. Went around Grisletjørn at 17.30 and now go down Vesleådalen and down to Gjendebu. Was there at 19.30.

I lost not dinner at 21.30, but when I came to eat, I was dizzy and felt ill and had to go to put me down for a bit. Was OK out in the evening.

Had probably been a bit hard to Gjendebu.

This had been a great trip.

Do not I was quite lucky with the weather, but so are there in the mountains.

If I think about me, it was more a stay there was rain on the trip.

But the heat had not been there.

Backpack weighed only 12-13 kg. Had removed the tent, stove and dinner.

Had only with bread and order.

Still, I had my sleeping bag, lie surface and distress bivuakk.

Had also switched to a backpack 60 l Bergan Telemark of 2 kg.

Had bought me a new 3-layer Bergan Dermizax jacket and pants Dermizax Bergan.

Did the whole trip with the jacket and shirt just below without freezing.

Was many times so soft that the water rant of me but the shirt was dry and like the map I had in the pants pocket the whole trip was just as dry.

Was very pleased with these clothes.

Had new boots (Hanwag Mountain Light GTx 1,620 grams.) With a few thin and a pair of thick socks in. This was the first mountain without gall.

Had bought me a new camera to use in the rain. Olympus my 725 sw.

Took most pictures with this. Canon camera was fine weather.

All images are available on the website is compressed down to around. 100Kb.

Skarvheimen was very nice to go, but there were a lot of stone. It was because much of the trail was in high terrain.

Places that I thought was fine:

Valley down to Iungdalshytta, the first section from Iungdalshytta against Bjordalsbu, a piece of the Breist�len to Sulebu was nice and from Slettingsbu to Skogadalsbøen, I thought the whole stretch was very good and the point.

I had a problem. It was that I was on not only serve cabins. I did not believe in me enough food. Miss be stew in these cabins. I think it was on the list of food in the cabins, but no stew. If one is to go far, the soup is too poor to eat. Fell 4 kg on the trip.

Went a long way every day. I was not particularly fast, but I took a long time every day. Took me a good time to look at the landscape and took many photos.

Wednesday I took the boat to Gjendisheim and the bus to Oslo

Tilbake til hovedside