Mountain Tour from Sjusjøen to Hjerkinn 2008


This is a beautiful waterfall! Buåa by Nordre Geitberge

Right up from Flakken and Furusjøen


Here I am at Rondhalsen and look down on Rondvassdalen


Map from Sjusjøen to Hjerkinn, From Storåsen


Pictures day 1, 2, and 3. From Sjusjøen to Gråhøgbu


Pictures day 4, 5, 6 and 7. From Gråhøgbu to Hjerkinn




Mountain tour from Sjusjøen to Hjerkinn on July 1.

From Sjusjøen - Hornsjø - Djupslia - Vetåbu
Jammerdalsbu - Gråhøgbu - Eldåbu - Rondvassbu --
Dørålseter - Grimsdalshytta - Hageseter - Hjerkinn station

Was unfortunate with the setting of the camera.

When I was put on the setting sun, I put it on the lamp light. All photos are blue. This is it difficult to correct. amateur photographer


Cabins :

Hornsjø Høyfjellshotell







Dørålseter øvre


Gautåseter (Hageseter)

Hjerkinn railway

The mountain trip started July 1


Day 1 Tuesday. From Sjusjøen to Hornsjø and Djupslia

It was predicted fine weather one week, so I thought that now I must go.

Took the train from Oslo to Lillehammer and bus to Sjusjøen.

Here I started from Storåsen on. 11.00. It was 20 degrees hot.
I use My GPS to find the path to Hornsjø. There were many small roads and paths to go before I did it.
Come to store Lunken at around 12:00.

So Reinvatnet at 13.00. It's easy terrain to go in, but some poor marking.
Coming to Nysetra at 13.50. It was a pretty collection of cottages.

I have a period where I am very tired.
I go over the bridge by Nordåa, and have to go a little way on the road. Taking off from the road and found Hornsjø at 16.00.
They made 5 rolls with cheese and ham, it was good.
Was wondering if I should stop here, but decided that I should move on to Djupslia.
Proceeded at 16.50. The trail was the first well marked, but disappeared. It took a while before I found it again.

Passed Kaldkjønnet
Passing Gullbingen at 19.30.
Coming to Brett Valley at 20.15. Here I eat a little. Continues as against Djupslia.
Expect that I will use 3 hours there.

When I go further I take the wrong way and rotate the part until I find the trail again.
So discover I have left behind glasses, where I ate, and must return to retrieve them.

Waste an hour on it. When I go down to Djupen, it starts to get dark.
Has arrived at the dam around the clock 23.45.
It takes me 30 minutes to find the cabin that was in a birchwood in from the road.
I stayed in the cabin addition. There were people in the main house, but they were not inside.

Possibly the fisheries.

This was a long day, but was in good form.
The terrain was OK to go in.
From the open mountain ranges to the Cabin groups and birchwood and marsh.
The terrain had been different from other trips I had before.

Day 2 on Wednesday. From Djupslia and Vetåbua and Jammerdalsbu

Started from Djupslia at 06.40. It was nice weather, ca. 20 to 25 degrees hot.
It is a nice rise up against Åstkjørkja located on a mountain top.
Used approx. 50 minutes up there. It is a cairn with a stone that resembles a house.
From the top you can look down on Goppollvatnet and the way forward.
Down by the water, I entered a birchwood.

Here I screwed me out of the path and throws away about. 1 hour before I find it again.
There were also lots of mosquito. I could not stop going, because when I was eaten up.
Coming to the seats Tautern. Here, open terrain, and I eat, and do shorts.
It is now very fine and go over Goppollfjellet, open and easily passed.

The clock 11:00, I can see down the road and Bjørge.
After passing Bjørge do I get to Gollpoll marsh. It was very good that they had barge over the marsh.
Can see Vetåbu at 14.15. It was at a small road from the gravel road.
This cabin was really nice. It was a stool outside the cabin wall, and it was open and nice here.
Made me stew, and I took with me some of it on the trip.

Proceeding from the cabin at 16.15 on the way to Jammerdalsbu.
The ground is now a little boring. Much swamp, but good to go.
My issue was that when I created routes on My GPS, there was no difference in red-tagging and regular lanes.
So when I made the routes I made routes that were not red flagged.
This I see when I get closer Dølvegen and Saubua and I take the wrong way.
I trust more My GPS on a map. I should not have done it.
Coming in on a trail that goes along Velåa and have to go quite a long time on the road to Saubua.

Is on Saubua at 17.30 where I eat before I go on.
The path to Svæltjønnet is OK to go, but after I pass the water I get problems, because of My GPS, and rotate me out.
I follow the red mark on the trail, but the height of the map and the height of the My GPS does not fit together
A sign that said Jammerdalsbu had been good.
I also see in retrospect that the description of the route say that the trail is marked wrong here. This is information I should have read before I went.
By. 11:00 I have to look up tents for the night.
It's OK, so do I tested the new tent.

Day 3 on Thursday. From Jammerdalsbu to Gråhøgbu

The tent was OK. Found room for boots and rear view bag + substrate, and it weighs only 1.3 kg.
Took down the tent and went at 06.00.
Decided to go after My GPS. Indicted in the mountains and went there. I continued until I hit the trail again.
The clock 07.00 I can see Saubu number 2 in the distance. Saubu number 2 is a large and beautiful place.

Her two rivers meet, one of them is Breia.
Proceeding against Jammerdalsbu. My GPS showed that I was a little off the trail.
Coming to Jammerdalsbu at 08.30. It's a nice lady with her son in the cabin.
They have gone from Hjerkinn and to Sjusjøen. It is exactly the opposite direction of what I go.

They said that there was problem with going over Dørmyrin.

I eat and do something to drink before I go on at 11:30.
Passing over Friis Road and proceed to the bridge over Remma. So is the bridge over Hiriåa soon after.

Is it at 13.20.
When I come to Stormyra, go around the trail.
Coming to Dørmyrin at 17:00 hours, I found that it was not so bad to go there.
Coming to Gråhøgbu at 18.30. Talking to a man sitting outside the cabin.

He has fished and had some fine trout.
This was also a great cabin with a view down the road from Venabu.
Out in the evening arrives, a nice married couple who oversees the cabin.

They wash windows, and check that everything is OK. We take a coffee talk.
The temperature that day had been about. 20 to 25 degrees.

Day 4 Friday. From Gråhøgbu to Eldåbu

Leaving from Gråhøgbu at 08.00 That's fine weather and warm.
Muen see from the cabin. There is a mountain that is 1,424 meters above sea level.
Come down to the road from Venabu and Muvatnet at 09.15. I am on Muvatnet and picnic area there.

I go way against Rams cabin.
It looks like a seats. It is quite steep up against Ramshøgdi and Rams Tinden. It is about. 200 m.
Soon I hit a herd as is on the exercise. The practice of taking care of injured people in the mountains.
Is now down to Rundhøtjønene. Sit by a stream and rest a little. Nice place.

Hit a fisherman just after pelvic and ask how far it is to Eldåbu. He tells about. 1 hour.
Soon I am at the stone cottages to Østkjølen grunneierlag. It was a very nice place.
The clock 12.15 go from there. Can now see the mountains in Rondvasshøgda. They look fine out.
Coming down to the forest and is on Eldåbu at 14.00.
They are certain that they go fast here in the mountains. He said 1 hour, but I spent almost 2 hours.
It is a thermometer in a corner of the cabin wall. It shows 49 degrees in the sun, so it's hot.
I've looked at the thermometer hanging on the rear view bag a couple of times during the day, and it has been shown between 27-28 degrees all day.

Takes a small wash in the heat.
There are 3 pleasant mountain ramblers. 2 women and a man arrive at the cabin.
This is the first cabin where I'm not alone.

We are sitting talking to 11.00 a clock.
They will continue to go against Bjørnhollia the next day. I go to Rondvassbu.

Day 5 Saturday. From Eldå to Rondvassbu

Goes from Eldåbu at 05.50.
I go over the bridge that is above Deep Bekken. The trail is good to go.
Can quickly see Flakken and Flakkshøå behind. By. 09.30 I see Vålasjøen and Rondablikk.
It is strange to think that in 1959 I was on a bicycle and tent walk and lay down at Flakken in tents.

Remember that it was just before Midsummer, and it was very cold.
Almost 50 years ago.

Furusjøen looks good from the mountains.
Coming to a large double waterfall. Believe it is by Buåa.
Did almost want to take a bath.
The trail is the same height up in the mountains, so it's good to go with fine views.
Must be up and down a ravine. Find it Jøråa.
One can see in the Rondane high peaks in the distance.
After a while turn lanes north. By. 13.15 I can see the road to Rondvassbu in the distance.
It is flat and it is very easy to go the last piece.
Have arrived at Rondvassbu 14.15. Spent 8 hours and 25 minutes. Thought it was good.

Got me a room, and the dinner here was one of the best things I've eaten in the mountains.
Beautiful tomato soup and reindeer rag with accessories.
Paprika red and yellow with tomatoes that are filled with onions and garlic.

Has been received and cranberries for dessert.
One thing was that they came all the time with more until all were provided. It is not always see it on the mountain lodges.
Temperatures today have been over 20 degrees all the time.

Day 6 Sunday. From Rondvassbu to Dørålseter

Went from Rondvassbu that. 09.00 against Dørålseter. Will go over Rondhalsen. 480m up.
It was overcast, but not rain. Temperature of 10-15 degrees.
I had wondered a little bit on this stretch when I looked at the map that it was very steep down from Rondhalsen and down to Rondvassdalen.
Went over the bridge at Cold Bekken. It was at Jutul Hogget.
So start rise. It was OK to go here.
Going to share the trail where a trail is left to small Smeden. I go further.
Was at the top that. 10.30 and begin descent. It is quite steep, but good to go.
You can look inward Rondvassdalen, but can not see Rondvatnet yet. Met two Danes on the way up.

They had gone around the mountain.
At 11:00 a clock I can see Rondvatnet. It is steep bottom, but not worse than up to Galdhøpiggen from Spiterstulen.
The time is 12:00 and I am down in Rondvassdalen. It starts to get low Clouds and the first drops come.
Switching to the Olympus camera. I can now choose whether I want to go the old path or the one that comes from Bjørnhollia.
I'll take the latter, but it is enough to go a little heavier on the west side of Bergedalsbekken.

Having gone to watch 13.00 I can see Dørålglupen in the mountains. There is a gap in the mountains.

I trip and fall without can I take for me. Turns the head down in the gravel and start to bleed.

It went pretty good. All right, I do not hit a rock.
Go over the bridge by Dørålen at 14:00 and have arrived at Dørålseter on. 14.15.
It starts to rain a lot when I come to the Upper Dørålseter, and the temperature goes down to 4-5 degrees.
Get me a room for the night and Dinner here. Sitting to talk to some mountain ramblers throughout the evening.
I got to take care of packed lunch and drink in the evening. Will go early the next morning.

Day 7 on Monday. From Dørålseter to Grimsdalshytta and Hjerkinn

Went from Dørålseter at 05.30. It was 3-4 degrees hot and rainy.
It was also low Clouds. Can not say I like to go through Dørålsglupen. It goes up about. 340 m.
The trail is quite nice to see the first piece, but then the stones.
It was like getting into the Troll's rich.
One advantage was that it was flat stone, so I must say that I had been in worse rock terrain.
I went in the valley. It was narrow and the mountains on each side went 2-3 hundred meters on each side.
Just before I came to the top began to snow easily. On top and a piece down, there was little snow surfaces to go on, so it helped.
Was on top after having gone in an hour.
Furthest down, there was a trail that went to the edge of a precipice on 30-40m, so it was kind of scary.
When one gets out of the passport is a down to the Havre valley. It is part birchwood.
The clock 07.45, I on the bridge over the river Haverdalsåe.
Then, against Gravhøe. Here, it was good to go.
Can now see on the road between Dovre and Folldal. It was pretty good there.
The clock 10:30 I can see Grimsdalshytta above the mountains. A little before 11:00 coming down the road and Grimse.
Is found Grimsdalshytta at 11:00. Get me 2 sandwich and milk before I go on at 11:30.
The sun comes up, and it is warmer.
The path up from Grimsdalshytta is rather heavy going. It is a moraine landscape there, and I go up and down all the time. Difficult.
But it is very beautiful landscape!
Is so on in a relatively flat terrain. The old trail is removed and the new go east and down to the pelvis Gautåe, where there is no bridge.
Meet some ladies who are quite soft, having gone over the pelvis.
Meetings also on the 2 guys who are trying to go over the pelvis, but they are soft.
I have spells, and get the courage of pelvis.
Now it goes down, and may soon see Hjerkinn.
Coming down to the Hageseter at 15.30.
Follow the road to Hjerkinn Railway station where I am at 16.30.

The path to the train station was very soft and muddy.

This has been a great trip.
The weather has been terrific with temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees.
The exception was the 7 days, where it was rainy and rather cold.
The terrain, I've been in has varied from birchwood, marshland and mountains.

There have been more forest and marsh that I have been accustomed to in the mountains.
The trail was poorly marked the first two days I went. It was easy to get out of the path.
There may be more signs, and red-tagging was not entirely good.
From Jammerdalsbu to Hjerkinn it was good.

My GPS, I have had problems with. GPS map that does not have solid line on the red hiking trails that of the paper map.
In this way, I checked the old trails that were not in use longer.
This means that when I shall draw the routes on my PC in the future, I have to check them against the paper map.

The cabins I visited was very good. They were clean and good food there.
I opened the first two days with long stretches. Did it again later on the trip.
There was very little people who were in the mountains. It was perhaps a little too early this year.
The best party was enough to go from Gråhøgdbu to Hjerkinn.
Had some wounds on the right foot. They were not good.
All in all a very nice trip.


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