Hike from Finse to Vassbygdi in Aurlandsdalen 2008

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This is a waterfall at Stemberg valley.



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Steinbergdalshytta Closed?




Hike from Finse to Vassbygdi in Aurland. Startet Saturday, August 16


Images from the trip:

From Finse, Geiterygghytta to Steinbergdals cabin. day 1


From Steinbergdals cabin to Østerbø. day 2


From Østerbø to Vassbygdi Day 2


We see here Sinjarheim



Weather reports Aurlandsdal


Took the train to Finse Saturday 16/8, and began to go against Geiteryggen cabin at 12:30.

Was very eager to see how my left leg would work. Had received a Meniscus damage there.

I had to constantly make sure that I put my feet straight down, so I did not get any twist on it.

Also used sticks to relieve it.

This will be a trip from.

Finse - Geterygghytta for 5 hours

Geterygghytta - Steinbergdalshytta for 3 hours

Steinbergdalshytta - Østerbø for 4 hours

Østerbø - Vassbygdi about. 6 hours.


From Finse to Geiterygg cabin

The weather was fine, ca.10-15 degrees hot.

That was very nice to go up to Klemsbu. Was there at 14.15.

Down to Geiteryggen hut I had to brake with rods to save my leg.

Was on Geiteryggen cabin at 16.30. Ate here before I went to Steinbergdalshytta at 16.50.

It is very much rising from the gravel road and up the trail to share Kongshellern and Steinbergdalshytta.

Was a little tired at the top.

In 2007 I went to Kongshellern, this year I go to Steinbergdalshytta.

It was still pretty much climb before I came to the bridge by Tverrelva.

From there it was down to Steinbergdalshytta, where I was promoting at 20.00.

Was late for dinner, but they ordered dinner plate to me.

This was a very nice cabin that is down the road and Vetlebotnvatnet.


From Steinberdals cabin to Østerbø

Sunday was the beautiful, warm weather.

Ate breakfast and started at 08.30 against Østerbø.

They said at Steinbergdalshytta that it was only down to Østerbø, but it turned out that it was pretty much up.

It was heavy going, but it was good to go. Not much rock.

A place was the added vaier the mountainside above.

Could see down on Øyestølen and Øyestølsvatnet at 10:30.

Had come pretty high up from the road.

So Grøna at 10:50, and was soon on Grønnestølen.

Looking Østerbø immediately.

Come down to the gravel road to Østerbø. It was a little bad mark.

Come to Østerbø at 12:00.


From Østerbø to Wassbygdi

Ate before I went at 12:30.

The route goes north before it goes down to the right side of the lake Østerbø.

Coming to Nesbø water and farm Nesbø.

Must go through Nesbøgalden. It is a path that is blown out in the mountains.

It was pretty good to go there even if I do not like heights.

Ca. at.14.00 I go through Joklajuvet. A very nice landscape.

After that comes one to Holmenberget.

Just before Bjorn trail coming down, it's a steep descent toward the river.

See soon farm Teigen to the left of the river. It is located across the farm Sinjarheim.

Come to share a trail where a trail goes against Stonndalen.

Soon, you can see Sinjarheim farm in the mountains. It is a good rise from the river and up there.

First, an Veiverdalselvi pass over the bridge.

This farm is situated at the top of the mountain. It was abandoned in 1921.

Descent from the farm called Siljarheimgalden. It is quite sinister on top, but not so bad.
The trail further down the path called Almen path and go down to the farm Almen.

Here is Almen Stova farm under a massive stone that protection.

The trail runs between Almen Stova farmt and the barn.

Soon, I will enter exceeded from 2007. A large stones that fell in the river. It is blown new trail in some places.

Soon the valley begins to flat out and I meet soon on a gravel road that goes to Vassbygdi.

Was promoting in Vassbygdi at 18.00

This had been a great trip. Beautiful scenery and the trails were good to go even if it was steep in some locations.

Knee kept well, but it was heavy.

I thought I might have problems with altitude anxiety, but it went well.

I think how well this landscape had been without power development and the road.

This is a trip that I can recommend to everybody.

Was going to go up to Stonndalen and from there to Myrdal, but did not.

I was recommended and not go the way when it was poorly marked there.

So I took the bus from Vassbygdi to Flåm on Sunday evening.

Monday I took Flåmsbanen to Myrdal and trains home.


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