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A little about Bengal cat.

Bengal cat is a relatively new cat race in this country.

Bengal is a very active, curious and intelligent cat, and that it has a beautiful appearance.

It has silky-smooth fur and has a glitter in fur. At the special lighting conditions, it appears that fur is coated with gold.

Bengal our is feet in November 2003.

It is a emasculate male cat. He has many sounds. Murr from the lowest to the highest mjau with Skarre sound.

He is not out loose, he goes with the tour with a harness in the garden.

Has also run string in the garden that he enjoys good. He is a good friend with the neighbor's 3 dogs.

One can say that he is interested in and likes dogs. But rather against other cats, he is completely lost. He goes straight into the throat of them, and he's almost not going to hold back when he sees another cat.

We wonder if he thinks he's a dog as he always would go away to dogs and greet them.

He is very playful and likes to play with small balls with ringing tone and the mouse and play with and without a cord, and he loves to run around at full speed.

He can also sit and give paw on command. Very social, he is also, be a part of everything that happens.

This is an amazing cat and we are very happy in our Bengalkattten Cesar.

If the Bengal cat is bored, it will try to do something it is not allowed. For example, go up the bookshelves tearing things down or go up on TV and scratching on the screen. What we have found is that the Bengal cat does not like orange.
Then add orange peel where you want it to not go. It is very effective