Trip to Snøhetta, 2286 moh in 2001/2002




Pictures from the trip in 2001


Pictures from the trip in 2002



Bus to Snøheim

This is from the trip in 2001.

Was on a mountain lodge down in Folldal.

Had purchased the cards at military to run the Snøheim.

Parked there before I began the trip toward the top. So also musk along the way.

There is no trouble to go to the top of Snøhetta. No dangerous routes.

It was very bad weather. Thick fog.

When I began the ascent I met several who had turned over and went down again.

So I was the only one on the way to the top. Much rock in bottom before a hit on the snow.

It was difficult to see the stakes that were set up, but I came up to the top.

When I went down again I toast on a rock and fell into a rock pile.

Had a cap on the head that protected me, but I received a wound in the forehead that bled a lot.

Get me down to the car that was parked on Snøheim and drove back to Folldal.


Mountain to Snøhetta in 2002.

It was good weather.

Having paid for toll roads from Hjerkinn I could run against Snøheim.

Did not run this year until Snøheim because of National Park rules. Had to park around. 1 km from Snøheim.

There were quite a few who were on their way to the top.

Stopped also filmed and Muskox. Was quite close them, But there was a gap between them and me. It was a flock of ca.7 animals.

Started from Snøheim at. 11.39

It is about. 1 hour to go from Snøheim to the ascent of the mountain begins so I was there kl.12.40.

This year, there were no problems with visibility on the way up.

This year around. 40 years since I was here the first time. When I was in the military and on the exercise of the Hjerkinn.

It is always a lot of snow on top. It's kind of scary when one comes to snow because everything looks like a snow surface, but it is a lot of stones with loose snow in between.

Get up to the top at 13.30 and took some pictures before I went down again.

It went fairly quickly down the rocks the last piece, so when I came down, there were some who sat and rested as was wondering if I had goats in the family.

Filmed musk also on the way to Hjerkinn.

This had a more pleasant walk with good weather.

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