Mountain trip from Hjerkinn to Grotli


Hike from Dovre

From Friday, July 3 to July 9


Dovrefjell. Åmotsdalshytta in the afternoon sun
















Photos from the trip:

From Hjerkinn to Åmotsdalshytta day 1.

From Åmotsdalshytta to Grøvudalshytta Day 2

From Grøvudalshytta ol Aursjøhytta day 3

From Aursjøhytta to Bjorli and Brøstedalen day 4

From Brøstedalen to Pyttbua and Reindalseter ady 5

From Reindalseter to Danskehytta day 6

From Danskehytta to Grotli ady 7


The plan was to go from Hjerkinn to Sognefjell cabin.

But plans are to changes.

Three things decided that I completed the trip on Grotli.

I was simply tired.

I slipped on a rock and fell on the the tail, and struck me greatly. What was bad was that I had hurt in my back the day after.

When I went down to Grotli, I so it was very much snow on Skridulaup

I will try to go from Grotli to Sognefjell cabin later in the summer.

Day 1 From Hjerkinn to Åmotsdal cabin

Taking night train from Oslo to Trondheim the 2. July.

Started to go Friday 3. July at 05.30 in the morning. The sun came up about when I started to go. Went on the gravel road to Snøheim.

It was soon over 20 degrees hot.

Started in a little fast paced and I was soon tired. After ca.1.5 hours I so a flock musk a piece from the road. Soon I had a musk in front of me on the road.

It went around 200m from me. Over a hill it was only 50m ahead of me.

When it saw me, it raced up the mountain so I could not take picture of it. I look Snøhetta in the distance.

It was a little heavy on the end before Snøheim. There is a rise of approx. 470m from Hjerkinn.

Was on Snøheim at 08.54. Set and ate and relaxed before I went to Reinheim.

It was a pleasant stretch to go, almost no rise. There was also a fine view of the Snøhetta.

At 10.30 I look down on Reinheim. It was good to go down to the cabin.

Was promote at 11.00 am.

It was a German Hiker in the cabin. He went further against Åmotsdal cabin just after I arrived.

Ordered me a drink and eat before I went further. Do the cabin was very nice by the river and the water.

Started against Åmotsdal cabin at 12.00.

It would be a stretch of 9.2 km.

I had drawn the route via Larsurda on GPS, but I saw no path separation, so I went against Leirpullskardet.

It was very steep up there. A rise of approx. 100m.

On the other hand, there was a snow surface one could walk down.

I think this trail is slightly longer than the other.

At 15.30 so I Åmostdalshytta lay down by the water. Was promoting at 15.50.

It was a German couple in the cabin, as later went on to and tent camp. Later came the German mountain hiker that I had talked with the Reinheim.

It was nice that we were two in the cabin. We set off and ate stew later in the evening. It was a warm and nice evening.

Had spent almost 4 hours on the trip. There was a lot.

Day 2 From Åmotsdal cabin to Grøvudals cabin

There seems to be a nice, warm day.

Started from the hut at 05.30

The first 2.5 hours was easily passed, but after ca. 3 hours there was a river that was a little difficult. There were stones of red-tagging out in the river, but they were 10-15cm under water. It was almost as I do not fell in the water here.

After 4.5 hours I came up to Grøvudalstinden and Salhøtjønna. There are 3 water that lies after another.

Along the middle water, it was not easy to go. Up on the shore from the water and a lot of rock, it was difficult.

I was soon as the Trail's highest point 1440m.

The trail goes down Grøvudalsbotnen and down to a little water, Litelvatnet. It was a beautiful view down the valley.

The first piece down is on a steep snow surface which went smoothly. I was tilted down so it was difficult to see where I went if I went straight down.

Down to the water, it is good to go, but on the right side of the water, there is much rock and not easy to go. The path went in a large rockery.

So carry it down to Bjørkøy and birchwood there.

It was very much the fine flowers down the valley.

So lots of Yellow Mountain Viola and Forget-me-not. The Mountain Viola were found in groups between the stones. Also a variety of flowers I could not name.

Was soon down at the Storvollen as was a seats. So I had to go over the river Grøvu the suspension. It was creepy when it began to sway quite as you went to it. One had to stop every time it happened before continuing.

Was promoting the Grøvudalshytta at 16.00. I found I had used a very long time on this trip.

The cabin was very nice and it was beautiful to a Seat violence.

There was no one there, but later a lady came into with a small dog that she trained for mountain hikes. She was in the tent.

Like the hut lay a seats that were served. Gammelsetra. It had some fine old buildings.

It was very nice people here. Bought me milk her, and later I also bought noon here. Meat pie.

Day 3 From Grøvudals cabin to Aursjø cabin

Started at 05.30 in the morning to go to Aursjøhytta.

Going up first along Tverråa on the left hand. I missed a bit first, because I followed a sheep trail before I discovered that I was on the left side of river.

It was 420m rather steep. It went pretty slow and I was soon tired.

It was a great view down to the mountain Seat and Grøvudalshytta from the top.

It was rather easy to go into the trail. I go past the Northern Svarthammaren at 07.30.

When it started to go down, I can see the great lakes Osvatnet, Torbuvatnet and Aursjøen.

Come down to the road that goes to Aursjøhytta at 12.30. It is about. 4km left.

Then I had to go over a 200m high mountain before coming down to Aursjøhytta.

One could also followed the path around.

Was arrived at the cabin around 14.00

This stretch was not particularly worthwhile, but OK.

Got me a room for the night and my dinner here. They made drinks and lunch in the evening because I left early morgnen.

Day 4 From Aursjø cabin to Bjorli.

Starting at 04.30 to go to Bjorli. It was 32.8 km to go so I had to start early.

Went over the dam and followed the gravel road to Finnset. The fog was so thick that I would not follow the trail but the gravel road.

The trail walk on the side of the road and crosses it several times. It is very steep down to Finnset. It is 700m down to Aura anywhere.

I was very skeptical of this path when I could not see it on the basic maps on Aursjøhytta.

It was a shame it was so foggy when I wanted to take some fine photos down to Finnset.

After 11.5 km, where the road turns steeply down towards Finnset, takes a bad gravel road on the left. I will follow it around. 7km before it ends.

At 08.30 after 4 hours, I arrived at the road end.

It has risen by approx. 120m. It has gone up and down all the time

At the road's end I see that it is red flagged and a nice trail. It was a relief.

I eat before I go into Gravdalen at 09.00

It's great terrain and beautiful landscape inland valley.

The first narrow water or river called Breimegå. So come Litle lake and Gravdal water. This water is quite large and goes all the way into the end of the valley.

The end of the valley is a beautiful waterfall. There is also an old stone cottage.

So should I up. 340m.

It is difficult, but great views backwards towards the valley and the Gravdals water.

Is on the top at 12.40

Coming into a lunar landscape.

So it goes down against Bjorli. It was a little bad mark here. Went on the rocks almost all the way down and it was difficult for the legs.

Is on the Bjorli at 15.30.

This trip through Gravdalen is one of the finest landscapes I have gone in, and it must be a elderado with a fishing rod.

Was going to camping in a cabin by Bjorli, but I found none.

Then I spoke to the tourist information office and they would run me up to the boom by Brøst Valley. It must say I was a superior service.

I would not go along the main road. It is approx. 4-5 km

So approx at 17.00 I sit to eat at the boom by Brøste before I start to move up the valley.

I'm very tired, and at 18.30 I turn up the tent a little way below Tunga

I eat and fall asleep almost before I put me down. Has almost gone 38km today.

Day 5. Brøstdalen to Pyttbua and Reindalseter

It has rain in the night, so I had to pack down the tent a little soft.

It was a good tenant space I had found.

Go around 06.00 and it is fine weather. 20 degrees hot

Starts to go against Tunga, and is promoting at 06.40.

Here I go over the river.

The trail is now on the right side a little way up from the river up against Pyttbua.

It's good to go, and it is laid out all the small bridge across the swamps. Very nice!

There were many large old pine up the valley. Have never seen such powerful pine before. They must be several hundred years old

The time 09.50, I have come up to Pyttbua. Here is a guard hut.

I have dinner here and take with me drink. Take also with my stew as lunsh.

Plan to go to Veltedalshytta and on to Danish cabin.

I dissuaded with the hut guard, and she said there is a lot of snow between Veltedalshytta and Danish cabin. There are people who almost have not found track there.

So I decide that I want to go through Reindalsetra.

Going into Nordre browser and Botenvatnet.

In the end of the water should I up Isholfjellet. There is a band of 360m up. It's called Pyttskavlen

I "summer" in the camera and can on the snow surface see a woman on the upper snow surface. it is like a dot, and an he is going very slowly upwards

I will be very concerned to go up there, but I can not turn back.

It's just a matter of time. Goes first in the mountains before the snow starts. After a while one comes to the ropes. After 30-30m is the rope end, and one must be 20 m further up to find new rope.

Is tired, but I go pretty fast because I'm afraid.

Finally, I get past the snow, and reached me at the top.

One thinks, if the rope blows, then go straight down into the rocks.

From the top down, the bear in a mountainous terrain with many large stones.

On the way down rounds I a rock, and there are sites a Danish couple and eat.

They have a great pack with cooking equipment, food and tents. I sit by them and eat my stew.

They are seasoned mountain folk.

A pleasant acquaintance.

Is now down to Rein Valley and the entire bridge there.

Must also on 2 other summer bridges.

Down to Reindalseter is a nice waterfall on the left side of the trail and there is much fine mountain flowers.

Down in the valley, it is over a bridge 150m before Reindalseter. Is there at 17.40

I get me a room, and reaches just a shower before dinner.

Eat along with some pleasant mountain walkers from Larvik.

There will be both a beer and a glass of wine during the course of the evening.

Day 6 Reindalsetra to Danish cabin

It is overcast but good temperature. Starting to move against Danish cabin Time 09.00

I'm going up 830m, and it is quite steep.

It was a nice trail and follow and it was well marked. Had to rest many times.

Coming up to Daumålsvatnet at 11.00 am.

At the end of the water, I had to go up a steep snow surface is tilted to and get away from the water. It was a little tricky.

There are more and more fog and it rains quite closely.

Is the top 1530m at 13.40.

I have big problems to find the red markings. I go around with the GPS to see out of the route.

It is also difficult at the snow surface. I can not see the labels on the other side.

I'm slipping on a rock and falls on my back. Turns me in the tail bone.

I can see it is old footsteps, and I follow them. They are from a Danish couple that was there the day before.

Freezer on the fingers, and I stand on a snow field and takes me a couple of bread slices. See also that it is up again.

Coming down to the dam by heimste Vikvatnet at 14.00. It is a pleasant sight, for now I know that there is not a long way to go.

10 minutes after I see WC building at the cabin up in the mountains.

So it is to go on the snow surface to the cabin. It is difficult to go in the snow, but at 15.15 I am promoting.

It is a nice Danish couple in the cabin. They have put on the water when they saw me down at the water. Delicious with hot coffee

Soon after the couple from Larvik comes and later, also a lady with her two sons.

We are many in the cabin, and have a nice evening.

Day 7 Danish cabin to Grotli

Then we had to go down to Grotli.

Unfortunately, I know that I have a back pain after a fall yesterday.

I fell several times when I stepped through the snow also, so it is difficult to say where I got the damage.

Starts to go down to Grotli approx. at. 08.20.

There are a lot of snow to go in, but I can follow the footsteps of the 2 Danes who started before me.

It is awful heavy to go in the soft snow.

After a while I see that the Danes have gone a little to the left of the trail. I see that it is parallel with the path I follow them.

At 10.10, I look down on Breidalsvatnet, and it is finally on the snow.

Coming down to Kjerringtønni at 11.30.

See also Langvatn by the road above the mountains. It is just before Dalsnibba and running down to Geiranger.

I know the back part and start to get ideas on a lot of snow against Skridulaupen.

Starting to think that it should be good to come home to a good bed.

Looking down on Grotli hotels at 12.00 and is down at the hotel around 12.20

There is no way to camping cabin at Grotli so that means that I must lie in the tent after I start to Skridulaupen.

It's raining pretty closely too.

Is pretty tired so I decide that I want to take the bus home at. 16.15

It has been a great trip with lots of nice weather.

Has also been with many friendly people on the trip.

I can see if my back is good in August, I can take the last bit to Sognefjell cabin.

It is one thing I have not told, it is that I forgot all my maps at home before I went.

Do something with the ages and do?

Had with me 5 extra sets of batteries for the GPS.

Have used GPS all the time and it has worked quite good. Red markings on the Dovre and Tafjorfjella was very good.


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