Mountain Tour from Grotli to Sognefjell cabin


Image of Tverrbyttnbreen between Skrudulaupbu and Slæom

Up from the valley Tverrbotnen. This glacier is part of Jostedalsbreen.



Images from Breheimen



Routes and Waypoints for the whole trip. Those who have MapSource and map: Trondheim, Ålesund and Jotunheimen. You must have software for MapSource 6.15.6

Mountain Tour from 4 to 8 August 2009

From Grotli, Skridulaupbu, Slæom, Sota Sæter, Nørdstedalseter and Sognefjellet cabin

Photos from the trip:

Grotli to Skridulaupbu dag 1

Skridulaupbu to Slæom dag 2

Slæom to Sota Sæter dag 3

Sota Sæter to Nørdstedalseter dag 4

Nørdstedalseter to Sognefjellet cabin dag 5





Sota Sæter








Mountain Tour from Grotli to Sognefjellet cabin 2009


Day 1. From Grotli to Skridulaupbu

Took the night bus to Måløy at 22.00 from Oslo.

Had seen on the cabins Skridulaupbu and Slæom and there was the predicted fine weather Tuesday and Wednesday of The rest of the week, there was bad weather.

When I went from Oslo, the rain in buckets and bins, and the bus window whispers went on full sped all the way to Lom. I sat and wondered if I had done anything good idea to go.

Up against Grotli from Lom the weather clears up and the rain stopped.

Leaving from Grotli at 05.10. Started on 920m.o.h

I followed a gravel road a bit before I found the first sign to Skridulaup. It was a new track before the trail took off from the road over a bridge.

Used approx. half an hour to go there.

So it was well marked path up the mountain. There was a rise of approx 360m up to Huguvardtjørni. Was there about 07.15. There were also a trail share here. My path went right.

Passed water 1477 and 1620 on the left hand. Was on the water 1477 at 09.30

Before the water and around the water 1477 there was a lot of rock and poorly marked. Had to use the GPS to find my way.

Taken some fine pictures of Skridulaupen on 1962m.oh and Sandåbreen. It was beautiful and warm weather.

So I was on the highest point on 1640m.oh

Now it went steeply down towards Rauddalsvannet at ca. 900m.o.h Here was the red marking very poor and there was a problem to see the trail.

I went with GPS in my hand and crossing back and forth down the mountain side and struck the sign at the water's edge at.11.30.

Then I went along the water in 5.1 km. At the eastern and western Sandaas walked the trail a good distance from the water to pass 2 bridges.

Here was a great rivers and a good vision and see. It was quite heavy to move along the water. Up and down all the time and some dirt and rocks.

The clock 13.45 I so a cabin and I thought I was promoting, but it was a private cabin.

Was arrived at DNT cabins Skridulaupbu about. 14.00.

Had spent 9 hours on the trip. I thought it was good. A little tired but I think the trip would have been fine.

The cabin was useful but it was not much food here. If one did not like Joik cakes then.

It was 7 people who ate at the water's edge and went up in the vally to camp there.

Late in the evening there was 4 pieces that stayed in the cabin.

Dag 2. From Skriulaupbu to Slæom

Then came what I had enjoyed and dreaded for. To go from Skridulaupbu to Slæom.

It was fine weather. about 15 degrees hot. It hang again some fog over the mountains.

Started at.05.15. After half an hour I stopped by a river to wash my and brush the teeth.

I would not do it in the cabin when I would not wake those who were there.

It was a slack ground up from Skridulaupbu to lower Leirvatnet. It was nice to go and well marked.

Come to the bridge over Øyren at 07.00. It was a nice and new suspension. Very good to go over there. So now also Tverrbytnbreen.

Come into a marsh appealing after the bridge. It was a good mark with stakes.

I also had a nice view back towards Øyren and Leirvatnet.

Come into Tverrbotnen and went to the left of the river Tverrbyttna. Sat down to eat around 08.40.

That was before the real climb began.

The trail broke to the left and up the steepest slopes. I thought the trail would follow the river up to bree edge.

It was very steep and rocky. So, not red markings all the time. Had to climb with both legs and arms in a party.

Come on up to a shelf in the rock that was tilted and steeply upwards. Here, it was good to go and not air. Good for me that is afraid of height.

It had become clear weather, and it was beautiful view of the Tverrbyttnbreen.

This glacier is part of Jostedalsbreen.

I wonder if it had been better, and add the path along the river up to the edge of the glacier also break off to the left and up to the shelf that goes up?

It is difficult to see whether it was wise above the mountains.

It was now pretty well marked a piece. After that one had come up the steepest, the trail went slightly to the right.

So, there were lots of snow surfaces to go over before one was on top. The trail was actually quite straight up toward the top. It was a little difficult to see the labeling some places.

Come up on the top at 11.15. On 1776m.o.h. It had been a rise of approx. 850m.

I had taken it easy, and would also look for labeling some places.

On the top I took pictures around the whole horizon.

Thought I would eat here but even if it was nice weather, It was pretty much blew, so I went.

The trail was now in almost the same height in 40 minutes. It was good to go.

So also Vasstverratjørnin above the mountains. Found a nice place with views over Sekkebreen to eat at. 11.55.

Here I saw a result of 6-7 people come up a moraine violence against me. It was a tag team of volunteers from the DNT.

They would mark the path up to the top. Friendly people. I would meet them on Slæom in the evening.

The trail was now down a steep moraine ridge and down to the river as a rant in the middle Vasstverratjørni. Here I had to ford for the first time.

There were some strongly a place in the river, but OK.

I then went along the middle Vasstverrtjørni on the left hand. So the lower Vasstverrtjørni. In the end of this, I had to wade again.

From the left side of river.

On the GPS map, it was actually labeled that would cross a river twice, and go on the left side of the river down to Mysubyttvatnet.

This was incorrect, one would cross the river once also go along the river down on the right hand.

The river was very stubborn, I had to set my face against the stream and move my legs very careful. The advantage was that it was completely flat stones on the bottom and it helped a lot.

So I went down to Mysubyttvatnet. It was terrible steep some places, but there was grass violence down. Went on my back once, but it went well.

It was very well marked down.

When one comes down to the water, it is about. 1km to Slæom. There were good to go and I was promoting, there are approx 15.30.

Had used approx. 10 hours on the trip. Was not tired and I was happy with the time I had used.

This had been a wonderful trip and good weather. Had taken many photos and seen many fine glaciers.

Out of the afternoon came two ladies that the next day would go the same route as me, just the other way.

It was very full in cabins that night.

Dag 3. From Slæom to Sota Sæter

Started at. 08.20 to go to Sota Sæter. I later started a regular when I would go in only 4.5 to 5 hours.

It had come a few drops of rain before I left, but it was only a joke.

The two ladies who were to go to Skridulaupbu started simultaneously with me.

It was good to go down Mysubyttdalen. Just down

Come to a small river I had to be over. It was quite a lot of water here. It was not wide but very deep. It was a rock in the river, and I took the chance to jump on it. The water went over the boot and I was a little soft.

Come in in a small birch forest before seats branch Mysubytta and was down by branch at 10.50. Here I sat down and ate.

I could now choose whether I would go the way or follow the trail down to Sota Sæter. I followed the trail.

It was made a nature trail along the river down. There were many fine old pine down here, and it was put up many posters.

It was good to go and I was promoting at Sota Sæter about 13.00.

Got me a room and shower, but had to wait until after 03:00 before the room was finished.

Come in and chat with a nice couple from Halden that would go down to Luster.

Time 18.30 they serving the lovely dinner, and later it was chat in the lounge with fireplace.

Sota Sæter was a very nice place. There were many families with kids. Great principle points for hiking and fishing.

And it was a road right up to the cabin.

Dag 4. From Sota Sæter to Nørdstedalseter

Started to go against Nørdstedalseterat 05.00 in the morning.

Followed the path around. 10minutter before the trail went up the mountain .. It was well marked and good to go. I was up 880m.

Come to the Water Sottjørnin kl. 07.40. It was a little rock to go in.

08.00 The time I was on top and has fine views towards Illvatnet. It was a lot of stone to go in.

I eat here at. 08.14. Is soon down by Illvatnet. The trail goes here for each a piece from the water to avoid the worst stones.

It is very much up and down, so I go down to the water's edge to try to walk along the beach.

It was not particularly good idea when there were huge stones here that was very unstable. Did a few hundred meters along the beach, but found that it was too dangerous and went up the trail again.

It is advisable to follow the trail here!

Is at the end of the water at 11.10. Had spent 2 hours along the water.

Down against Nørdstedalen it is very easy and good to go. Mostly grassy levees.

Is down by the water Fivlemyr at 13.20. In the end of the water, there is a dam. Here is the path from Arentzbu come down.

From here there is a gravel road until Nørdstedalseter. It is only ca. 2km there. Is there at 14.30.

It is pretty full here so I get a bed in dormitories. Have not been on the dormitories since I was a boy.

Dinner here was very good.

Dag 5. From Nørdstedalseter to Sognefjellshytta

Started to go 05.00. It was nice and pretty hot weather.

Went up Vetle valley, and had soon Vetledalvatnet on the right hand.

Come to the path separates Sognefjell cabin and Stølsdalen at 06.17. The trip down Stølsdalen have I been recommended to go.

It is terrain with small hills up where I go. Ser Grønnevatnet upper and path difference which goes to Bøvertun and Høydalsvaten.

I look down at the lake Tverrbytnet and will Liabrevatnet at 08.40. See the mountains in Jotunheimen in the distance

Coming as some large snow surfaces. It was good to go when the snow was fast and fine. So down on Storevatnet at 10.16.

On the right side of the mountain Storevatnet was Kjerringhetta. Before the trail was quite over mountain peaks. Now it goes a long way around.

It is approx. 2km. longer than before. I had drawn in the direct path of the GPS map, so after a while I was off the route on GPS.

I followed the map this time, and it was a good idea.

It was terrible physically to go around. Some places I had to take off my backpack and lifting it up before I came for.

I actually spent 2 hours on the ca. 3.7 km-long journey around the mountain.

Come down to the dam at 12.21. After having gone over it, I found no tagging, but then on the map a path that went up from the road below.

Followed the road a piece before I went up the mountain trail beyond. Come soon on the trail again.

Come to share the trail Bøvertun.

It was pretty wild terrain on. May up a hill that went almost straight up 100M.

The time was 14.51 I arrived at Sognefjell cabin. It was weird!

200m from the cabin it started to rain. The first rain for the whole trip.

I got me a room for the night and ate a good dinner here.

The next day I took the bus home.

This had been a great trip. The weather was absolutely amazing. There were long walks between the cabins, but I was not tired particular.

The trip from Skridulapbu to Slæom was spesiel. Had looking forward to it. Since there was good weather it was a good trip.

I found the ascent from Tverrbotnenee and up the mountain was a little steep, but it went smoothly.

The trip to Nørdstedaseter was fine but it was pretty much stone to go in.

The terrain I liked best for the whole trip was from Nørdstedaseter to Sognefjell cabin. It was a lot of up and down. But not the long hills that on the other intersections.

I had finally managed the goal I had set me. To go from Hjerkinn to Sognefjell cabin. I took it in two steppe was maybe good.

The increase for the whole trip was actually over 8000m. So there has been much uphill.

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