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Old Oslo Photos Østmarka

Walk around Nøkklevannet and up to Haukåsen in Østmarka.

Parked the car at Ulsrud water. Now I was on the old haunts. Had lived near the Ulserudvannet for 16 years.
This is a very nice trip. One can ride or walk from Ulsrud water to Sara Braten and from there towards Rustadsaga and back to Ulsrud water.
It is nice and ride the whole trip.
After passing Ulsrud water, I come down to Korketrekkeren. It is a very nice part of the road that winds its way down to Nøklevann.

Sara Braten was completed in June 1856. It was built by the consul Thomas J Heftye. He used it as a summer residence.
He was also one of the founders of the Norwegian Tourist Association.

Coachman house stood until 1971 when it burned down. This was a shame as it was a very nice house.

He had 3 boats in Nøklevann. A North Country boat, a rowing boat and a hand crank wheel boat.

On Sarabråten's also a memory support for the fallen Milorg boys from the group 13132. 2 were killed in the exchange shots and seven were shotat on Akershus Fortress on March 17 1945.

If one will go up to Hauktjern, where the mountains are very particular when it has cracked up so that one can go through the crack. This is well from the ice age.

This is a favorite place for mountain climbers. One should be careful if one has the dog when there is some scary cracks here.

The trip from Sarabråten to Rustadsaga is about. 5 km.

On Rustadsaga there is a cafe that is widely used by Tour people.

From Rustadsaga there are many opportunities ahead. One of them is to walk around Nøklevann against Sørli farm and back to Ulsrud water.

One can also go from Sarabråten to Mariholtet and on to Lørenskog.

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