Plans for hike in Breheimen 2010


Cabins:  Sota Sæter  Sprongdalshytta   Arentzbu    Nørdstedalseter
Stølsdalen    Turtagrø




Rock acid


Routes and Waypoints for the whole trip. Those who have MapSource and map: Jotunheimen. You must have software for MapSource 6.15.6

This is a hike I will go in August after and have been in Femundsmarka and Norefjell.

It is not certain I want to go all 3 tours, but I have these to choose from.

If I'm going to go this route I would rather have 5 days of fine weather to walk in.

Have heard that it is a nice landscape and I have been advised to go this route.

I will start from Sote Sætra. The first day I will go to Sprongdalshytta, so to Arentszbu and Nørdstedalseter the 3. day.

Then advanced to Stølsdalen and the Turtagrø 4. and 5. day.

If I continue into the Jotunheimen get the time display.



Sota Sæter - Sprongdalshytta 17,9km 6hours

Sprongdalshytta - Arentzbu 19km 6hours

Arentzbu - Nørdstedalseter 18km 7hours

Nørdstedalseter - Stølsdalen 15km 7hours

Stølsdalen - Turtagrø 10km 4thours

Map Sota Sæter to Turtagrø


Route description from Sota Sæter to Sprongdalshytta
Difficulty EASY
GROSS Ascent ca. 570M UP / ca. 40M NED
Map plotted on the tour maps Breheimen in 1:50 000
Start height ca.750moh. - End height approx. 1280 m..

Road 6 km to Mysubytta. Here, from 5 hours to go over the river on year-round bridge, then into Syrtbyttdalen along the old forest road from Skjåk to Jostedalen. In the west end of Syrtbyttvatnet is T-south route up Sprangdalen. Over Handspikgrove and on the west side of Sprangdøla. Steeply up to Sprongdalen. Valley is now against the West and called Sprongdalen. Path part of Arentzbu just before the hut. Water before Sprongdalshytta stone goose.

Route description from Sprongdalshytta to Arentzbu
GO TIME / RUN 6 HOURS / 15.3 KM (19km)
Difficulty EASY
GROSS Ascent ca. 260m UP / ca. 660M DOWN
Map Inn sign on the tour maps Breheimen in 1:50 000
Start height ca.1280moh. - End height approx. 880 m above sea level.

Around the lake by the cabin on the north and east side and the steep slope to the ridge west of Greinbreen. Over large snow drifts in a bend in the slope. Forward to Gluggevardvatnet who passed the stone pile on the east side and up to a small lakes east of the height 1500. From here south down to the water 1188 where Greindøla vades in the inlet. Along the west side of watercour in Greindalen down to Rausdalen followed southward. The river from Martadalsvatnet vades near the end. Past path parts Fåberg and Nørdstedalseter before Arentzbu.

Route description from Arentzbu to Nørdstedalseter
GO TIME / RUN 7 HOURS / 15.3 KM (18km)
Difficulty EASY
GROSS Ascent ca. 620M UP / ca. 563M DOWN
Map plotted on the map there Breheimen in 1:50 000
Start height ca.880moh. - End height approx. 937 m above sea level

First, the summer bridge over Rausdøla so through Kvanneskredene (watch) and then steeply up and over Oksli. Løndøla vades. Then go east. Nobbelvi crossed the summer bridge and Leirvatnet passed on the east side.

Moreover, through Gravdalen and the trail runs on the north side of Gravdalsvannet. So goes the path steeply down to the dam at Fivlemyrane. Fivlemyrane power station is located on the left down by the water. So goes the path below the dam and onto the gravel road that followed around. 2km to Nørdsredalseter. Just before the cabin, the road to Skjolden down the right

Route description from Nørdstedalseter to Stølsdalen
GO TIME / RUN 7 HOURS / 12.4 KM (15km)
GROSS Ascent ca. 902M UP / ca. 799M DOWN
Map plotted on the tour maps Breheimen in 1:50 000
Start height ca.937moh. - End height approx. 1040 m..

Demanding route in bad weather. East from the cabin on the north side of Vetledalsvatnet. So some pretty steep up Vetledalen. Here take the path of the south-west towards Stølsdalen. Towed to Sognefjellshytta continue straight ahead.

Steeply between a glacier and Tverrdalsnosi, often in snowdrifts. Profitable detour to the peak in the east. Great views! Up above the highest ridge of the snowdrifts. Hard to find in poor visibility. Inn on the glacier at the top of Liaflui. No markings on the glacier. Moreover, powerful descent from Liaflui and you have Liabreen east for you

Then south and then southwest to the path part of Skålavatnet. You go so the path west to Stølsdalenee. Then along Stølsdøla down to Stølsdalen.

Route description from Stølsdalen to Turtagrø
Go TIME / distanse 4 HOURS / 8,7 KM (10km)
Difficulty EASY / MIDELS
GROSS Ascent ca. 524M up / ca. 680M DOWN
Map plotted on the tour maps Breheimen in 1:50 000
Labeling VARDE / RØDE T'ER /??
Start height ca.1040moh. - End height approx.. 884moh.

The trail goes west. And down to the upper Liagrø. (If the power company releases water in the river, you have to follow the trail that goes east to the path part Stølsdalen / Skålsvaten and take the unmarked path that goes west and down the west side past the Lower Skålavatnet and down to Liagrø bottom where the trail meets the trail from Stølsdalenee again.)

Down Stølsdalen and to the river as are stones covered. From here twisting and steeply up to Liagrø lower. Up to Skålabotnen and Skålabotnskaret. Gjesingeelvi stone covered. So down in Gjesingedalen. So steeply down to a rock dump. So the East and down the old road to Turtagrø.

(Distances in parentheses are DNT their lengths)

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