Mountain trip from Tosetlia to Noresund 2010



By Gråfjell



Reindeer at the Reindeer Lake



Photos from the trip:

Day 1 from Torsetlia to Dusehesten

Day 2 from Dusehesten to Langedrag and Dalabu

Day 3 from Dalabu to Haglebu and Tovseter

Day 4 from Tovseter to Høgevarde

Day 5 from Høgevarde to Norefjell and Noresund



This is a trip from Torsetlia to Dusehesten, Langedrag, Dalabu, Haglebu, Toveseter, Høgevarde, Norefjell cabin and down to Noresund









This year I go on the first mountain trip early. Leaving on Tuesday 22 June.

Have bread and toppings. No dinner. Also has a tent, sleeping bag and mats.


Day 1 Tuesday. From Torsetlia to Dusehesten

Took train from Oslo to Geilo. Here I had to wait 2.5 hours before the bus went up the mountain and Torsetlia.

When I got off the bus I met two ladies who I think had gone the opposite way I should go.

Started to go at 15:00. It was quite warm and fine weather

Found shortly after the GPS trail. Went on the left side of Torset water. It was now quite a long game of marshes.

GPS did not fit here. Following it, but saw no path.

It was now a good party to go. Then came one in a birch forest before one came. the seats Larssætran.

Then it was to follow the gravel road after the GPS before the trail went to the left. Here I had to go around. 200m before it was a sign to Dusehesten.

The cabin was not marked on the GPS map so I messed a bit before I found the sign to the cabin.

Was arrived at Dusehesten around. at 19:10

The cabin was very nice, and was beautifully in the landscape, but it was very bad water there.

Was alone in the cabin.


Day 2 Wednesday. From Diusehesten to Langedrag and Dalabu

Started the morning at 4:50 with good weather and 12 degrees hot before the sun comes up.

There was a lot of birch and varied terrain before I came down to the farm Turrhaug. It was a nice view and looked down at Tunhovfjorden.

It was only went down to the water from the farm

Arrived at 6:45 at Pålsbudammen. It was not legal to go over the pond here, one had to go under the dam.

On the other side was a path off the road and just across the peninsula. One was here in the pine forest with lots of low moss. It looked like there was snow on the ground. It was very easy terrain to walk in.

After I had come across the peninsula, I followed the path along the water before it went up and over the main road.

When I came to the road that went up to Langedrag I decided to follow the path towards Dalabu before I went to Langedrag. Here I rotate out and find that GPS does not match the map.

I finally came forward to Langedrag 11:30 a clock . Here I eat dinner before I go on at 12:00

It's okay to go forward to Kolbjørnstølen. Here was the sign post turned so I was wondering where I should go.

After looking at maps and GPS, I found the path forward. It went up a steep climb up the mountain.

Had almost gone in 10 hours, and had problems with dizziness and palpitations. Had to put me down for a while and force in my food and drink. Had no appetite. Was also bothered by the heat. Now I went further in Luse pace and it went OK.

Passed Langvatnet and after a while, the path to Dalabu. Here was not GPS map in accordance with the paper map.

Was arrived at Dalabu 16:30 a clock. This was also a very nice cabin.

Was alone in the cabin.


Day 3 Thursday. From Dalabu to Haglebu and Tovseter.

Started about. at 6:10 in the morning to go to Haglebu.

I soon came to Briskerud seats, and then to Lauvhaugen. The trail disappeared in a grass violence.

Had to use GPS to find the trail again.

After Lauvhaugen, it was a real mountain landscape. From here it was pretty much climb to the Reinsjøen.

When I approached the Reindeer Lake I saw a herd of reindeer on the path ahead of me.

There were 13-14 animals. They went away when they saw me but was standing on a hill so that I had taken pictures of them. A couple of them had huge horns. This was quite an experience.

Come down to Reinsjøen at 9:06. This is a pretty big water. So it was a good road to go before the long descent towards Flatvoll where I was at 11:20

I went on the road to Haglebu where I was at 12:10

Was going to rent me a cabin here, but it was closed so I had to turn it from me, but had eaten dinner at Haglebu fjellstue.

Started to go to Toveseter from the Red Cross hut at 13:30.

It was difficult to find the path up the hill when there was a lot of Cabin construction and roads here. Used GPS and got finally on top of the ski slope.

I thought I'd be tired, but was in fine form.

The path forward was nice to go and I passed Småtjenna. Here I had many times gone by on skis when I was on the campsite at Haglebu many years ago.

It was now good terrain to walk right up to Toveseter where I was approx. at 17:30.

This was very nice with a grassy meadow in front of the cabins. There were three cabins, a newer and two old ones. I was in the latest one.

It was a very low doorway so I peel one two three times before I remembered to bend me.


Day 4 Friday. From Tovseter to Høgevarde.

Started to walk towards Høgevarde at 5:15. Come into a very fine mountain scenery. Much up and down, but beautiful terrain.

There was a lot of slope at Gråfjell where I was approx. at 08:00.

The terrain was beautiful to walk in. There had been a great trip to start from Haglebu to go to Toveseter, and the next day go to Tempelseter and past Gråfjell.

Was on the path separator Tempelseter and Høgevarde 9:20 AM. There were 1.5 km with a steep ascent towards Høgevarde cabin.

I was on Høgevarde clock 10:00. I felt that I was getting in shape.

It was a very large cabin,I do not like me here. It was cold both outside and inside the cabin.

When I came in I was cold so I was shaking. Had to eventually creep into the sleeping bag.

I've never heard so many sounds in a house before. I got chills of being there.


Day 5 Saturday. From Høgevarde to Norefjell and Noresund.

This was Saturday and the only bus that went from Noresund went to Oslo at 10.00

How long time would I use down to Noresund? It was 10.5 km to Norefjell cabin and 8.6 km down to Noresund.

Thought I would spend 8 hours. I went for it

Started against Norefjell cabin at 2:00. A bit strange was that the section of the cabin was locked shone the light in the window when I went

It was probably the automatic setting of the solar cells that had settled on.

The wind was very cold when I went, and I froze both the body and hands. On the stretch against Norefjell cabin was actually nowhere to seek shelter from the wind, so it was not nice to eat in the cold weather.

Arrived at the Norefjell huts at 5:22 PM

Using GPS and followed the gravel road down to Noresund where I arrived at 7:40

This had been a good trip. Felt that the training and preparations for the trip had been too badly.

Felt that I had passed me in the form of 2 days.

The first 1.5 days was a lot of birch and pine woods to walk in. It was not as monumental as the rest of the trip.

From Langedrag it was good, and especially from Haglebu to Høgevarde was fine mountain scenery to go in.

It was very nice cabins I was in, but I missed the food in the cabins. There was food on Høgevarde.

I went down 4.5 kg on the trip

The weather had been very good but the last day from Høgevarde it was cold and windy.

All in all a great trip.

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