Hike from Røros to Elgå 2010

It was now predicted good weather for 4-5 days in Femundsmarka.

So I took the train from Oslo to Røros Thursday, July 8.

The weather was fine, about 20 degrees hot.


Thursday, Day 1. Røros to Marenvollen

I started from Røros railway station at 12:00. Had a little trouble to finding the road against Småsetran, but with the help of maps and GPS, I found it out.

Come in on a tractor road in birch forest. So the four people who went before me up the hill.

I walked past them as they sat and ate.

It was a nice view back toward Røros and the church there.

When I got up to the cairn on Skåkåsfjellet it started to rain and blow a lot. The temperature dropped down 10 degrees.

I saw Skåkåstjørna and went over Nausterbekken. The rain stopped up pretty quickly.

I followed a path towards a mine in the mountains where I took some pictures.

Moreover, there was a nice path, but I saw on the GPS that I was off the route I had chosen.

I saw that I had to go down to the right and saw at once that the 4 ladies who came after me went further down.

The path was now through the birch forests and tall grass in some places. Also went past the hut Raudhåmmårvollen.

There were large areas where it was completely of Globe-flower .

It was not long before I saw Marenvollen be as good by a small brook. Arrived approx. 5:30 p.m..

The four women also came forward soon and since there was 3 couples from Trøndelag who had gone from Ljøsnåvollen.

It was nice with several in the cabin, as I usually was the only one in the cabins.

I lay down quite early in addition cabin when I was up early the next morning.



Friday, Day 2. Marenvollen to Fjølburøseten and Langen

Started at 5:45 to go against Fjølburøsten, It was a little morning mist when I started but it was good to go.

The weather was OK

After passing Bjorbekken I saw that I was outside my GPS route.

I was in a good red path, but no path or route on the GPS map. It meant that the GPS map was wrong so I followed the red markings. Soon I came to a sign that said Fjølburøsten.

The trail soon went up the mountain and I could look down on Gjetbergsvollan down by a road.

It was a nice view over the mountains.

After a while, so I'm down on Gjetsjøen. Here there were some in tents.

Also came to the path separator to Feragen.

It was now all right down to Fjølburøsten.

It was an old farm with a few buildings around.

Following this road a short distance before the trail took off. This came on the road again.

After a while, also the direct path to Ljøsnåvollen went off to the left.

So Feragselva beside the road. One could go on the way down to Langen, but I took off on the path that went there.

By Svarttjørna it was a sign that said Linne had gone there in 1734. Here I saw a really big jumping fish in the water. It was a big trout.

At 12:38 I was at Langen. This was a good place to stay. Clean and nice and good food and prices were OK.

They also had a nice patio and I had the sun in my room at 10:15 p.m. at night.

Met 2 nice hikers here. They had been hiking together for 25 years.



Saturday, Day 3. Langen to Ljøsnåvollen

Started to walk towards Ljøsenvollen at 8:35. It was warm and nice and go.

The first part of the path were a lane, and easy to walk. It rose slightly over Femund Hill.

Come to Litllangtjønna. Here, it was a bit tricky bridge where the bridge was OK but a bit difficult to get on and get off.

There was also an old log flume between Rundtjørna and Litllangtjønna.

The path forward was easily passed.

Come to Svartvika as was a small farm. When I approached Dyrmannsåsen, it was a lot of large rocks and steep anywhere.

Ljøsnådalstjørna passed before I was down at Ljøsnåvollen.

This was an old farm that was in operation. Here, it was really good to be. I had rented me a cabbin.

There were several families with kids who had cycled here. They should stay here over the night.

I also ate dinner here. Sour cream porridge and cured sausages. It was good.

The weather was fine, but there was little rain in the afternoon.

I had heard that it was a very nice breakfast here, but I get no pleasure when I should start early next morning.



Sunday, Day 4. Ljøsnåvollen to Røvollen and Svukuriset

Started against Røvollen AM 5:00 in the morning. It was nice weather, but a little cold.

Good terrain to go in. I came to Stortjønna at 6:30.

A little over an hour later I was at Muggsjølia. This was a collection of old buildings where one could stay overnight.

The cabins looked OK, but no facilities here.

Come to Muggsjølitjørna. I was at the Lower Muggsjøen at 7:40. Here, it was really good. Many rental places with sandy beaches. One would think one was on the Riviera. Had it been 10 degrees warmer I would take a bath.

At the end of Lower Muggsjøen there were two fords. I think it was across the river Mugga.

There was a rope stretched over both rivers, so it was okay to go over.

After I took off my boots and rolled up my trousers to the knees, I got 10-20 mosquito bites before I was into the water.

After Vollsjøbekken there was a trail to the left that went to Skedbostugan in Sweden.

I see the sea Volan to the left of the path.

Went over the mountain Gråvolla. There were a lot of stones to go in. A rocky landscape, but perfectly OK

At 10:50 I can see Femund far over there.

10:50 I'm going Langeggtjønan. When one looks at the map it looks like one to walk on water, but it is narrow moraine ridges that go into the water. Had been looking forward to going here, but it was a disappointment. There were birch forest up on the moraine ridges so I did not see much. But it was very special landscape.

After I left the water, it was quite rocky landscape into the Røvollen where I was at 11:50.

I made my dinner and drinks here. There was a nedelandsk couple who ate packed lunches's here. There was no one else in the cabin.

Was going to beat me down here but after eating I decided to go to Svukuriset the clock 1:10 p.m..

It was early in the day and I was not so tired.

It was probably pretty stupid, and I regret to me after 1 kilometer.

Was soon over the bridge at Lower Roasten.

Approx. 2:40 p.m. I came to Røvoltjønnan. This was several large lakes. There was also the path to the Haugen farm.

Could now see Greater Svuku far upper left corner. I would go to the right of this mountain at 1416 meters.

It starts to rain so small, but it's pretty mild.

I hit the house watching Røvollen here. I think he was a little worried about my long day's march. He was reassured when he heard I had a tent and accessories.

There was an increase of approx. 200 meters up the mountain. It began to rain more and it was colder. I also got the wind right in my face. I have a nice view back toward Femunden and Røvoltjønnan.

I stopped to eat stew I had with me. I drank too black currant toddy I had made

At 4:15 p.m. I came to distinguish the path Falkfangeranleggett from the 1600s.

4:20 p.m., I was on top of the path and now carried it down the trails. Come to a rocky party until I was down the road and Svukuriset.

Had gone for 12 hours and 38.7 km that day and was now a little tired. I think I drank the black currant toddy at regular intervals did so I was not tired. There was a lot of sugar in it.

This was a very nice cabin. Had taken me a shower before dinner and it was delicious.

There were many pleasant hikers and I had a truly enjoyable evening.

Dinner and breakfast was good and the room was nice.



Monday, Day 5. Svukureiset to Elgå

Started to walk towards Elgå at 9:20. It was nice weather and warm.

The trail was a bit rocky, but good to go.

Was on top of the path around. 10:00 am

Down it was okay to go through the pine forest.

Today, I think my legs went of themselves and I was not tired.

Was the Elgå clock 11:07.

Went into Femund lodge and took me some food and drink. I talked to one who was there and she was standing in approx. 15 minutes on the phone to see if it was possible to come to Oslo this day.

It turned out that it was possible.

Boat from Elgå at 12:30 that was in Synervika clock 15:30. Bus from there to Røros, where it was kl.16: 00

Train to Hamar and train on to Oslo. So I was at home at 11:15 p.m.

The boat trip on Femund was great.

This had been a great trip with lots of good weather.

The trip from Røros to Marenvollen was fine with varied terrain. Birch, a little bog and mountain scenery. The marking was good

From Marivollen to Langen it was a lot of mountains and great views. Llitt birch and pine woods from Fjølburøsten to Langen.

From Langen to Ljøsenvollen was a lot of pine forest to walk in but quite open to go.

From Ljøsenvollen to Røvollen it was probably the finest scenery to go the whole trip. Here, you had everything, pine forests, mountains and many lakes. Especially around the Lower Muggsjøen was fine with fine sandy beaches and many nice places for rent. Moreover, there was a lot of rocks to go in, but I liked this landscape. It was nice to go here.

From Røvollen to Svukuriset was quite open mountain landscape to walk across the path. Nice view of Femund and the Greater Svuku. A small batch of hard rock to go in. Had some bad weather here but it went OK.

From Svukuriset to Elgå it was very good to go. Some rise first and then down through the pine forest.

What was also special about the whole trip was that there were so many beautiful flowers. Large beds with blooming Globe-flower and lots of Moorland Spotted Orchid.

Have only met nice people of the trip. It's mostly nice people who are in the mountains.

I think the trip in Femundsmarka had fulfilled expectations in advance.

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