Breheimen, Hike from Sota Sæter to Turtagrø 2010

I began to look at weather conditions in Breheimen in early August. It was just bad weather in all cabins on The was also bad but not as much rain.

I decided to go on Tuesday 10 August. It was not really predicted weather. Took the train to Otta and bus to Bismo and the transition to Sota Sæter. At the weekend it goes past the bus to Sota Sæter for this year!

I stayed at Sota Sæter. This is a very nice place to be. Good food and pleasant stay.


Wednesday, Day 1, Sota Sæter to Sprongdalshytta:

Started to walk towards Sprongdalshytta after breakfast. At 8:40.

I followed the gravel road to Mysubytta this year. Went along the river in 2009. Arrived at 9:40 Mysubytta

Went across the river Mysubytta on permanent bridge. Went into Surtbyttdalen. A little birch forests and marshy terrain.

I went along Surtbyttvatnet, and there was quite muddy path.

At the end of the water took the path south and up Sprangdalen. It was a bit rocky, but OK to go.

Did a bunch of 4-5 people on their way from Sprongdalshytta.

I once a pier of Greinbreen inside the valley. Inside the glacier was the path to the west and quite steep 300m.

At the top I could see the cabin of approx. 2-3 km distance.

Arrived at the hut at 3:40 p.m..

It was beautifully, on the other side of Stordalenn I could see Stordalen Storfonnbreen, Fåbergstølsbreen and Lodalsbreen. It was a nice sight all of these glaciers.

The weather had been pretty good, a little tuft rain but approx. 10-12 degrees warm and comfortable temperature to go in.

In the cabin there were 10 persons from Lithuania. They were not written into the protocol, so they did not intend to pay anything for the stay. There was fire in the oven, but I do not know if they had used some of the food.

When I said I would stay in the cabin, they put down their stuff and put up their tents away from the cabin.

It seemed like OK people, and the afternoon they was all a long hike in the mountains.

In the evening there was a terrible sudden, strong downpours. The ladies from Lithuania came to ask if they could cook their food in the cabin, so they were allowed to do so.

At night, it cleared up and I could see a beautiful starry sky. Large and bright stars.



Thursday, Day 2, Sprongdalshytta to Arentzbu:

Starts at 6:00 against Arentzbu. It was approx. 5 degrees hot and good to go. I'll be first up Gluggevardholet at 1500m. I had been sitting at the cabin and wondered how the trail went up there. It was 220m steep.

I locked the cabin before I left.

Following the trail a piece, but lost the red markings so I followed in the footsteps of others against a snowdrift. Here I went to the right and so now red label again.

I went over on a mountain shelf, to a snow field. There, I walked the trail abruptly left up to the top.

Come to a small lake that I passed on the left hand.

Was up at Gluggevardvatnet approx. at 7:50. Was on top at 09:00.

It had been a lot of rock to go in. GPS showed that I was far beyond the route, but I continued the red path.

Soon I could look down on Greindøla. Here was I to wade, but I got over by jumping from stone to stone.

It was nice down the valley here. Come to Greindalsvatnet.

Here I met the cottage watching Arentzbu. He should go for a walk to the top and back.

Since I met three guys who were going to Sprongdalshytta. They should fix the lock on the cabin when they arrived. The screws were a little loose.

After Rausdalsvatnet I came to a river again. In the middle of the river was a great striker stone. I jumped on it and clutched me tight in it. Got it built me up and jumped over to the other side. Was a bit soft on one boot.

When I came to the bridge that went across the river which flowed into the hemsta Rausdalsvatnet I could see the cabin.

Come to the cabin at 1:10 p.m. It was very nice with lovely views down the valley.

In the main house, it was a Belgian family of 4 and 2 women from the Netherlands.

There was a mountain hostel which came from the cabin Fast and should continue to Sprongdalshytta next day.

It was a pleasant evening with him and cabin guard in the addition cabin.



Friday, Day 3, Arentzbu to Nørdstedalseter:

Started to go against Nørdstedalseter at 06:00. It was approx. 10 degrees hot.

Went over the bridge before I followed the new path up Kvanneskredene and Oksli.

One went a little way up before the trail went to the same height along the hillside before it went very steeply up to Oksli. There were nice views down to Arentzbu.

Was on top of Oksli at 7:05. It had been a steep upward.

So down on Lønndalen. It was so nice down there. There was also the path to the cottage Fast.

Further it rise and riset up to the Leirvatnet 1175m o h.

I also came to Løndøla on the trail. Tried to get over on the rocks but had to turn around and go back when the stones were smooth and slippery. Jumped across the river below. I was later found out that the youngest of Dutchman fell on the butt in this river.

When I went on, there was a large bird shrieked and flew just above my head. It looked like an eagle, but was not quite so great.

By Leirvatnet I had over Nobbelvi. Here, it was a summer bridge.

It was problematic because it was almost impossible to come down from the other side. Had to hang in my arms and hoist down.

Coming now into a very wild landscape with huge rocks and canyons. There was also a bit airy few spots where the trail went on a shelf in the mountains.

The up here was pretty bad mark. I did not liked me go up there, but it was also a bit interesting.

After passing the top I came to Gravdalen that went down to Gravdal water. It went up slightly before it went down to Fivlemyrane.

It was a steep down. The trail went down the mountain side turned and went the other way. Such continued right down to the power station. I must say I tried to keep the tongue straight into my mouth down there.

Following the gravel road approx. 2.3 km before I was on Nørdstedalseter 12:30 PM

Got me a room and a shower. Later I met a nice young lady who worked for NRK.

She had gone from Turtagrø and Stølsheimen Valley. A friendly acquaintance.

Soon came also the two ladies from the Netherland and they four from Belgium too. It was a nice chat and dinner later that evening. The weather all day had been pretty good. A little drizzle but almost nothing.



Saturday, Day 4, Nørdstedalseter to Stølsdalen:

Started 8:40 on a trip to Stølsdalen.

Come to sign in Vetledalen the path to Sognefjellshytta went straight on and Stølsheimen Valley went to the right.

It was nice and warm weather, but a little hazy. Right after the sign, I came into a small valley with some small lakes and a river. It was a bad mark, and I was a little soft when I tried to get across the river there.

That was the whole surface of rock to go up the mountain. They were nice to walk on when it not rained.

I soon came to a part of Liabreen. Here was a landscape with a lot of rock and parties where one had to walk over the snow with ice underneath.

Snow was nice to go on, but there were some areas where it was poorly marked.

I reached the top at 12:30. Starting to walk across the glacier at 12:52. I stood in the middle of the glacier and had force 4 on the phone and called home. It was a little weird.

Haze began to ease slowly. The glacier was a bit soft at the bottom, but the hard further up where I went, but it was OK to go.

When I came over I saw a cairn above, but the trail did not continue that way. Used GPS to find the trail again. It went a little to the east and along the glacier.

After a while I met the two Dutch women who had begun an hour before me. I continued in my pace.

Come to the path separator Turtagrø-Stølsdalen. GPS did not show the correct rate, it showed that I went right between the paths.

So I went down to the upper Stølsdalen. There was a small waterfall with a nice pool below. Beautiful landscape.

So down Stølsdalenn. Arrived at the cabin around. at 15:20.

It was a nice and the cabin was very nicely in the landscape.

Soon came the 2 from the Netherlands, and at 7:30 p.m. came four from Belgium. They had started long after us.

I lay in additional cabin when I would start early the next day.



Sunday, Day 5, Stølsdalen to Turtagrø:

Started at 4:30 to go to Turtagrøø. It was beautiful weather but a bit dark outside.

GPS proved wrong the first hour, but I followed the red marking down over the upper Liagrø. There was some climbing up there. Then I went down to the lower Liagrø. There was not much water in the river there so it was easy to overcome.

Then it went up from the bottom Liagrø. I really wondered how I would come up the pass there. It was sheer up. There was a lot of climbing up.

Was pretty tired after a while. I was glad when I got on the green and the route was good to go. It was still steep. against Skålbotn Skaret the 1371 mo h. It had risen over 500 meters up. Was on top 6:54.

Then I went down Gjesingdalen. It was so nice and green and it was OK to go there.

Many fine mountain to see the other side of the valley. The last piece down to Turtagrø was very steep down. I broke a pole on the way down

I was on Turtagrø 8:43, so I could have gone later from Stølsdalen.
The bus went from Turtagrø10:10.

This is a terrible bus ride. It spent 8.5 hours to Oslo.

This had been a great trip with lots of nice weather. Weather for was not correct.

I was in fine form most of the trip. The first 2 days I was a bit tired in the legs after approx. 4 hour walk. Marked nothing the last 3 days. When I was tired I just needed to rest a half minutes, so could I continue.There was a lot of food in all cabins except Stølsdalen. Tried to eat every 2.5 hour walk. My new boots from Crispi was lovely to walk in. There was no sign of chafe wounds on the whole trip.

The trip to Sprongdalshytta was fine, and the cabin was beautifully. I did not like the problem with the Lithuanian people there, but they were actually Ok people. They were on the mountain.

Towards Arentzbu it was very steep at first but this was a very nice stretch to go. Nice scenery and the cottage was very nice and it was nice people there.

The stretch against Nørdstedalshytta was a little scary, but beautiful landscape and very wild landscape. There was a lot of rise in this stretch.

From Nørdstedalshytta to Stølsdalen it was good, but very much rising and some strange marking in some places. To walk across the glacier was okay. What was special about this stretch, It was the surface of rock to walk on. Was glad it does not rain. Valley down to the cabin was very nice indeed.

From Stølsdalenn there was too much climbing for me. It was pretty scary in some places. But from the top down to Turtagrø was good with lovely views. I could have started later. I also got problem with the pictures I took when closing time was long because of darkness. The pictures were blurred.

For the whole trip it was all very nice and I would say that the terrain on the ride was wild. I can really recommend this trip.

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