Hike in Trollheimen 2011


So I would try to go in Trollheimen. Checked on YR.no, and it was mostly bad weather.

Day 1 Monday 4 July

It seemed that there could be some sunshine on Monday, so I took train to Oppdal and bus to Festa bridge.

Here I had approx. 12 km to go on the gravel road to Gjevillvasshytta. It was quite OK to go there. Pretty nice from Gjevillvatnet.

It was approx. 8km to the cabin from there. I spent approx. 2hours and 20 minutes for the entire trip to the cabin.

The oldest part of the cabin was from 1819. It was nice to overlooking Gjevillvatnet.

There were not many people there so I got a room to myself. Ate dinner here and the breakfast the next morning.

Day 2 Tuesday 5th July.

Ate breakfast and started to walk towards Jøldalshytta approx. 08.30.
It was pretty good weather. But some mist and low cloud cover. The first piece went on a gravel road before it turned into a trail in the birch forest. It was a nice trail to follow up. And there was a lot of flowers. I do not think I've seen so many mountain flowers before. At the top of the birch forest was completely yellow by Yellow -violet.
Approx. at. 9:40 I was up in open terrain, and the fog began to disappear and I could see blue Heaven.
10:30 am I sit down and eat up on a hill in Høghødalen. Nice view, but no dramatic mountains to see. It goes a bit up and down on the grass mounds in the open countryside. It's getting pretty soft after a while.
At 12:00 pm I'm going Minnilla river and the bridge there. It was a find a bridge!

It rises quite a lot, and 13.00 I eat a little again. I hit quite a lot of people who are on their way from Jøldalshytta. Many a friendly chat.
Approx. at. 14.00 I'm going into the birch and it goes down.

Coming down a tractor path that I follow the last piece. Jeg arrive in Jøldalshytta approx. 15.00.
There was a lot of people. Many kids with parents who were at summer camp organized by DNT
Got me a room for the night and ate a good dinner here. I talked to two young men who would go on Trollhøtta and camp there. They had bags that weighed 35kg, so they would have a difficult trip to the top.

I have gone into the shirt throughout the day so it was pretty hot. Have not used the jacket.

When I look at the trip from Jevilvasshytta I must say that this stretch was very monumental. A little boring terrain. It might look a little bit on the central Hardangervidda, but it was a bit more uphill.

Day 3 Wednesday 6 July.

Started to go against Trollheimshytta approx. kl.06.00. Were very excited about this leg.
I would go over Geithøtta. Did not get the chance to go over Trollhøtta when there were airy passages.
There will be a rise of ca.600m the trip.
Started to go on a tractor path from Jøldalshytta. Did it all the way down to Oppstuggusætra. Here I walked along a path that went above the tractor way up to the path separator Trollhøtta and Svartådalen.
I was there about 10.00.

Passed the bridge over Gammalvangbekken before it went very steep up approx. 50m.
Then went up the mountain at a suitable incline, 600m up.

Could soon see the Svartådalen and mountains up there. Langfjellet and Trollhøtta. Beautiful views.
When I go up, I have the river Litlsvartåa and Litlsvartådalen on the left hand.
Have Svartådalen on the right hand.

This was truly a monumental trip, and the incline is very smooth and fine upward.
I can always look back to Jøldalshytta and Jølvatnet far away.
I meet many people who come from Trollheimshytta.
I'm on top of about 1300m. 12:30. It was a little rocky the last piece before the summit.

Here I sat and ate. It was a beautiful view of Trollhøtta and down to Gråsjøen. Can also see all the way back to Jøldalshytta.
Descent was the first steep down before it broke down even steeper before the birch forest.
When I have approx. 1 hour left to go it starts to rain and lightning storm. It gets a little slippery in the path the last piece. Coming forward Trollheimhytta approx. at. 14.30. I'm so tired that I staggers. The descent was very tiring.
This was a very nice trip with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

I get me a room and eat a good dinner here.

It is a bit dramatic in the evening, the river Slettåa rising very fast and takes almost the whole year bridge behind the cabin. Some lay in a tent there and someone who was going over the bridge had problems, but it went OK.

Day 4 Thursday 7 July.

If I were to go the triangle in Trollheimen, I would now go back to Gjevillvasshytta. But I will not do it.

I started to go at 04:00. I woke up then and the weather was nice and bright so it was appropriate to start then.
Should go to Kårvatn. It is 22.4 km.
Was a bit tense on the bridge that was almost out of water the night beforehand. It was very nice to come across Slettåa so it was no problem.
Come soon to a bridge to that was able to pass. The bridge over Folla.
Come soon into a marsh area. Had the dreaded little for it, but it was posted barge or trees in the marsh so it was quite nice to go there. It was really nice countryside to walk in.
I had to wade across a river, and it went well.
Approx. at 5:30 I came to an old seats. Fuglsøysetra.
Come to a nice area with lots of water into the valley. Fagerlidalsvatna.

The trail turned slightly north and did not go into Fagerlidalen.
Come to a nice river and lake bottom Salsvatnet. It was really nice inside Naustådalen.

I could see the beautiful mountains Neodalssnota på.1621m.oh to the left of the trail.
Got a period where I was very tired towards the highest point.
They did not have bottle-drinking on Trollheimshytta, and it was stumped. I used to buy me 2 solo that drinking on the trip. I had to drink from the river I passed. I took the chance.

I lay down on a rock and rested a bit. Had to ford a river to.
Approx. 10:30 am I was on top and could look down on the water Naustådalsvatnet and rest shed there. Nøstebu.
It was nice to walk along the water and I could almost see down the valley. It was a very steep grassy bank at first and quite dirty.
Had to pass a bridge on the way down, but it was not marked on the map. Passed Naustådalssetraa and could see down into Todalen.
At 13.30, I could see down into the valley and Kårvatnet. Come in on a gravel road that was signposted to Kårvaten. But out of the house where the cabin was, there were no signs. I messed up a little back and forth until I found it out. Was promote approx. at. 14.30.

This was really a nice house unattended. The best I had ever been to.
Fine toilets and showers. And the kitchen with electric oven.
It was really nice outside cabin with flowers and many benches set up.
I laid down on at 18.00 to wake up not before 21.00 at night, so I was tired after the trip.
Made me stew and took a little as lunch the next day.
The journey here was really nice with the changing landscape. A little marsh, forest and mountains. So I would recommend the running triangle in Trollheimen. Do not skip this stretch.

Day 5 Friday 8 July.

Today I go from Kårvaten to Innerdalenn. It is only 12,7 km, but a rise of 930m up and 750m down.
It is a tiring trip.
Started about at 6:00 in the morning. There were low clouds and fog but no rain.
Followed a path 2,4km before the trail went up in the woods. Was there approx. kl.06.40.
It was pine and birch forest up the hillside. There were many steep sections of uphill. In between, there was less steep so that one could rest while one went.
I saw only 40-50m before me, so there was not much attraction trip.
Come to the sign that gave the election to Innerdalshytta of Bjøraskaret or via Snekkerdalen. I chose Bjøraskaret.
Approx 09.30 it cleared up and I could see the mountains on either side of the trail.

Snøfjellett on the right hand and Skjerdingfjellet on the left hand. So also Bjøråvatnet on the right hand of the path.
It was pretty steep up the last piece. Also on a steep snow surface up.

From Bjøråvatnet to the top of the pass was 200m up.
When I got to the top cleared it up, and I could take some nice pictures of mountains on the other side of the misty valley.

Unfortunately, the camera focused on the fog as the images were too bright.
Got fixed them quite well, but they were not good.

Sat here and ate lunch. After 5min, the whole mountain shrouded in mist.
I was going down a steep 870m and I saw almost nothing, so I was a little concerned.

After a big snow surface, I lost the trail and went back and forth for a while before I found it again.
Further down the same thing happened again. It was nice to have GPS. I was glad I came down to the gravel road and had just 1.5 km. to go.
Innerdal tourist lodge is operated and here I turned me down. I got me a room for the night and ate dinner here.

The cabin was nice.
In the same yard was Innerdalshytta which is unattended DNT cabin.

I might start to become lazy, thought it was easier with the catering cottage.
Later in the afternoon it cleared up and I could see the beautiful mountains surrounding the lodge. Tåga on 1840m.oh, Skarfjellet on 1770m.oh and Renndalskammen on 1275m.oh

This could have been a fine trip without the bad weather. But one can take it as it comes in the mountains.

Day 6 Saturday 9 July.

Started to go against Eiriksvollen in Sundalen at. 04.45. There was some low cloud cover when I started.
The trail went around the Innerdalsvatnet before it crossed the river that flowed into the lake.
The trail went further in the marsh until I came to the river Fluo, who came down the mountain. The trail went on the left side of the river up the mountain. It was pretty steep up there.
Was on top at. 06.00. Up there it was pretty clear weather, and could see the mountains around.
There were many beautiful mountains.
Come soon to Storvatnet. Here there were some in tents. It was very nice to go into Flatvaddalen, and it rises not much.
By Langvatnet I went in the second thoughts and went on the left side of the water instead of right.
It was fine although I lost some time on it.
Come soon to Lauåtjønnin and could see down to Sunndalen. Was there approx at 09.00.
The path was now on the edge of the cliff down to Sunndalen and step up the whole time. I thought I was going down.

Come to Falestupet. Here was the path out of the cliff several hundred feet straight down. It was a little scary. Hope that was not more such places. After a while, the trail went down in the birch forest, and it felt pretty safe to go. The trail crossed back and forth down the mountain. A little way down the mountain I met on an Vipera berus. The biggest and fattest I had ever seen. It was quite lively.
Further down I almost stepped on one that disappeared out of blueberry shrubs. It was close.
I understand what they ate, because it was a lot of frogs down the trail.

Approx. 11.00, I was down in Sunndal. On the main road it was a sign that pointed down towards Sunndalsøra and said Eiriksvollen. It was completely wrong when Eiriksvollen was above the old road. Found it after a while.
Here I got washed and changed clothes. Outside the cottage there was a find stool that I was resting on me. What I did not know was that it was full of resin.
There was not much good with pants and shirt full of resin.
I went down to the main road and reached out my hand to the bus when it arrived. It went fine. Took the train to Oslo at. 17.00.

This had been a great trip. But very tiring. I think I'm getting too old.
The finest sections were from Jøldalshytta to Trollheimshytta and from Trollheimshytta to Kårvatn.
But it was also where I had the nicest weather. Trollheimen was very tiring to walk. Much rise and steep descents. It was tiring for the legs.
I think that I did not get drunk water in the mountains made ​​it more tiring than usual. I used to drink from most streams and water that I encounter. Got not enough to drink this time. I saw only one live Lemming in the entire trip. But I saw many dead.

It is a trip I can recommend people to go. I would also like to have gone from Trollheimshytta to Gjevilvasshytta. This stretch looks nice on the map.

The labeling in Trollheimen was very good. Have only seen as good labeling on Dovre and Tafjordfjella.

The only problem was down to Innerdalen after snow field there when there was fog. Could not see anyone had gone before me. It could maybe be a good idea to have a stake in the snow, which showed the direction the trail went. GPS saved me.

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