Hike in Huldreheimen 2011


Øyangen between Storhøliseter and Oskampen




Cabins on the trip:







Field Gentian




The ascent of Sikkelsdalshornet and Sikkelsdalshøa

Photos of the trip:

Day 1 On Liomseter

Day 2 From Liomseter to Storkvelvbua

Day 2 From Storkvelvbua to Storhøliseter

Day 3 From Storhøliseter to Oskampen

Day 3 From Oskamp to Sikkilsdalsseter

Day 4 From Sikkilsdalsseter to Gjendesheim


Alpine Gentian




GPS map of the route from Liomseter to Gjendesheim. Must have a Garmin and Jotunheim map.

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Day1. Wednesday, July 27

Decided to go Huldreheimen. It was not predicted fine weather, but if I should wait for it, I could not walk in the mountains.
Took the train to Lillehammer and bus to Forset.
Here I took a taxi on to Liomseter. It was expensive, but I have enough to afford it

Come to Liomseter at. 16:15. There was a couple outside the cabin that had been on a day trip. They could tell that there was a lot of water in the mountains. The paths were streams and marshes, there was much water, so it will be enough a soft ride..


The terrain around Liomseter were seats terrain. I got me a room and ate a very good dinner. In the evening we sat outside the hut and had a pleasant evening. Set out to kl.21: 30 when mosquitoes were too bad.


Day 2. Thursday 28 July

To Storvelvbua

Started to move from Liomseter kl.06: 15 It was pretty nice weather and warm. Should go to Storkvelvbua.
I go ca.200m on the way before the trail goes over Liumsæterbekken. Then the path goes through a swamp party, then up through the birch forests. Here it is quite soft and muddy to walk.
I'm on top of Vakkerlifjellett after an hour. Here is a nice view back toward Liomseter.

See also upper and lower Revsjø. his is quite large lakes.
After I get up in the mountains, it is open and good to go. Eating lunch after approx. 2 hours.
After going for 3 hours it starts to get dark in the sky. There will be thunderstorms, but can not see any lightning. So at. 10:00 it starts and rain.
I pass Nonstjønnan and not far from the cabin. Passing Vietjønnet on the right hand
I'm at the cabin around. 11 am
There are a lot of people who make themselves able to move on. I eat a can of fruit cocktail.
It's good for energy. A lot of sugar and liquid. I'll pay for me and move on


Day 2. Thursday 28 July

To Storhøliseter

Starting to walk at .11:55. It rains a lot, but there is good ground to go in.
Coming to Krusgravbekken. It lies down in a hollow in the ground. Here is a fairly steep climb towards Brennhøa.

Going past Brenntjønna. They are located on the left hand path.

After an hour I stand on Brennhøa, and look down at the lower and upper Ågensjøen
Passing Svarttjønna kl.13: 30 and going Svartbekken that I can skip.
Looks a nice seat in the mountains on the right hand. Think it's Svarttjønnholet.
I go as a very nice trail up the left side of Storhøpiggen. It was a really nice trail. So through a birch forest with a milion mosquitoes.

Coming to Melbysetra and are down Storhøliseter at. 16:15. There is no one in the cabin and there is no more to the cabin.
It was a nice self-catering cottage. Made me stew and saved something like lunch for the trip the next day. There will be some rain showers throughout the afternoon and it appears that rainfall is above the cabin with the nice weather around.


Day 3. Friday, July 29

To Oskampen

Started 05:15 from Storhøliseter. It is raining when I leave. The temperature is approx. 8 degrees hot.
I asked him who was at the farm on the path towards Oskampen, ​​and he told me to go to the first sign and follow the path down between some seats buildings. I found no path and ended up out a half-meter long grass and bushes. It was raining and I was so wet that his pants almost fell off me.
Heard of two women on Oskampen that they had started higher up on the road than what I did.
Could not see the GPS that I was wrong.
Get me after a while the path and came to the suspension bridge over Vinstra. It was a bit scary to go over.
The next hour, I went in a terrible path. It was just swamp and lots of water everywhere. The boots were 1 kg heavier and socks soaking wet. There is a long time since I was in such terrain

After an hour I came back up a little hill and it was really good to go.
So Åbågåtjønna on the left side of the path. Come to Veslevatnet and Øyangen at 7:10
Come into the road by Øyangen and did not see that the path took off to the left. But I looked at the GPS that it was a detour off the road on the left after 1km. So I followed it.
The trail goes off the road right into a new swamp full of water. Finally, rising terrain, and it is good to go.
Can see Oskampen in the distance. The path here is great, and there are lovely views across Øyangen.

Stop and eat a bit of stew I have with me.
I find two Lemming on the path lying side by side. They look quite nice out but is dead. Do they fight?
At 9:45 am I arrived at the cabin. It is beautifully situated. Could actually have liked to stay there one day.

There are two ladies in the cabin, Mom and daughter. They make themselves able to benefit from the cabin. I eat a fruit cocktail and get a little boiled water of the ladies to drink. See also 2 reindeer at the cabin. It is tame reindeer.
Paying for food and accommodation before I go on.


Day 3. Friday, July 29

To Sikkilsdalsseter

It goes down the first piece. The trail on the right side of a large lake. Lower Heimdal lake.
It's pretty good terrain to walk in. A little marsh but OK.
There are several fine farms along the water. At 11:30 am on seat Lower Heimdalen. It was really nice to.
So begins the ascent from 1060m.oh to 1520m.oh Up Vangstulkampen. The first 200m was very steep. Almost like going to a staircase. One just had to rest a few times.

Sat down to eat. When I went on I saw the two ladies who were soon to begin the ascent..
Up here, there were great views of surrounding mountains and Heimdal lake.
At 1:25 p.m. I am on top and see more reindeer herds. Learned that it is tame.
They did not seem particularly afraid.
When I go down the descent towards Sikkilsdalsseter I see a very nice rainbow beneath me, with very fine colors.
It's 520m down so it is a bit heavy for the legs. I know that I have gone through. Was not very tired when I got to the top.
At 2:37 p.m. I arrived at Sikkelsdalssetra. Do me a room and a shower. It was wonderful.
Took me a glass of draft beer as I sat outside and enjoyed.
Setra was very nice and had good food. Trout for dinner. What I did not like was that those who walked in the mountains got their own table at dinner. Is used to have a long table so that the mountain wandering can talk during dinner.


Day 4. Saturday, July 30

To Gjendesheim

When I talk with the people on Sikkilsdalsseter they say that if there is fog on the mountain tops, they recommend not to go the route of Sikkelsdalshøa but go along Sikkelsdalsvatnet.
Because the passage in the mountains between Sikkilsdalshornet and Sikkilsdalshøa is quite narrow and steep and slightly fluffy.
I am a little concerned when I hear it because of my fear of heights.
I start at. 5:10 with a little fog in the mountains. I reckon that only fog in the morning.
Used a little over an hour to Skåltjønna. A nice little water with a fishing cottage.
When I arrived the fog suddenly lifted and it was quite clear. But still there was fog down in the valleys.

Is up at Sikkilsdalshornet at 07:30. I got a little funny feeling in my stomach when I saw that I had to climb steeply up the side of the cliff. 600m straight down. I tried not to think of it, and I did not look down while I climbed up. It went well and I was happy.
This was the only bit airy passage and the rest of the path toward Sikkilsdalshøa It was steep but good to go.
The thick fog could this tension be problematic. At least for people like me.
Was on top of Sikkilsdalshøa on 1760m.oh at 08:00.

It was a beautiful view. A so all the surrounding mountains but unfortunately not down in the valleys. There was the fog thick.
Took pictures around the whole horizon.
I ate here and started the descent at 8:20. It is 780m down.
So a group of domesticated reindeer on the way down. I can see Maurvangen up the mountain and see that there are many marshes in between. But the trail goes in height all the time and are good to go.

Is the Maurvangen at 11:10 and goes on the road 2.2km away to Gjendesheim where I'm at 11:40.

I have to wait for the bus at. 3:15 p.m. to Oslo. It is there at. 8:00 p.m.

This has really been a great trip. The weather has been like that, but I will not complain. The problem is that there was so much water in the mountains because of all the rain before I arrived. All marshes were filled with water.
It's been a while since I took 2 cabins in one day, but did not want to spend 5 days on the trip.

The trip between Liomseter and Storkvelvbu was easy to walk. It was a fairly open terrain and OK views.
In addition to Storhøliseter was also nice to go through varied mountain scenery. Last slice down through the birch trees were mosquitoes fed.

The trip from Storhøliseter in the first hour was like walking in wet bog. From Øyangen to Oskamp, ​​it was good to go.

The trip from Oskamp to Sikkilsdalsseter was the finest stretch so far with the mountain scenery and beautiful views. This was really good.

Last stretch of Sikkilsdalsseter was also really good mountain scenery with great mountain to go in. It's not often I have gone to such beautiful scenery. The view was very special, and the trail was fine the whole way. Although it was a bit scary a place, I would not do without this trip.

The labeling in Huldreheimen was fine for what I could see. The only bad place was out of Storhøliseter. I could see that others had gone wrong before the bridge there. Have some bad experience with labeling on the farm meadows.
I think I had much more enjoyable trip if it were not for all the water.



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