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Here are the spectacular bridge by Djupholmsvika

Just before arriving at Storerikvollen


Day 1. Sylsjøn to Nedalshytta

Day 2. Nedalshytta to Storerikvollen

Day 3. Storerikvollen to Ramsjøhytta

Day 4 Ramsjøhytta to Schulzhytta

Day 4. Schulzhytta to Prestøyhytta

Day 5. Prestøyhytta to Kvitfjellhytta

Day 6. Kvitfjellhytta to Hembre gård

Day 6. Hembre farm to the sea inn Stjørdal


 At Storerikvollen    At Kvitfjellhytta  Stjernesildre        Tiriltunge           

Sylan Sylan Sylan Sylan


Day 1.Friday 13. july

From Swedish border to Nedalshytta

I took the train to Koppang the July 12. My brother drove me to Stugudal and continue on the gravel road to Nedalshytta. He turned at the junction Nedalshytta, Sylsjøn.

Here I started to walk towards the border at 14.00. It is approx. 5km to go there. There were some real uphill to go before it went steeply down towards Sylsjøn and boundary plate. I was there about. kl.15.05.

I started to walk towards Nedalshytta at.15.15. It was a good path to follow, almost. 5 - 6km to go. Went in some rocks for power development.The last 2km I walked in the rain and looked down at Nesjøen.

It had been about. 21 degrees hot when I started to go, but it dropped down to approx. 11 degrees when it started to rain.

Arrived at the cottage approx. 17.00, and reached a shower before dinner at. 18.00. The dinner here was not the best I had tasted, but OK.

The cabin was very nice and good facilities. Hit three nice guys from Trondheim here, and it was a nice chat throughout the evening.

My heel had not been good to go on, but I knew nothing of the knee.

Walked past a place where there was a lot of star saxifrage. Too bad it rained. It was not easy to photograph them.


Day 2. Saturday 14. july

From Nedalshytta to Storerikvollen

I started to go at. 8:30 after breakfast. It was approx. 11 degrees hot and a little mist that fell down.

Was on top of the first rise after ca. 1 hour. There were lots of flowers along the path. So Sylan mountains to the right path. There was some haze.

When I sat and ate, got the 3 from Trondheim and passed me. I tried not to follow them, they went too fast for me.

When I came to Fiskåa there was no bridge there. The 3 from Trondheim got over without removing boots. I did not want to go over there when it was fairly strong currents. I walked 200m up the river and passed over a snow bridge. It went OK

Passed Storsylen approx. 10.30.

It was laid out very much footbridge on the marshes. It was like walking on the sidewalk. This was enough to drive people where they wanted.

Passed a long fence. I passed those from Trondheim. They sat and ate lunch.

So back and beyond Esandsjøen. It was really nice.

I look back where I come and see the haze disappears over Sylanfjella

Approaching my descent towards Djupholmsvika.

Passed over the bridge by Djupholmvikaa at. 15.10. It was pretty special.

I arrived at the cottage approx. at. 16.15. It is located overlooking the Esandsjøen

The weather was fine after about gently. 1-hour march. It was probably 20 degrees hot in most of the trip.

The cabin was nice and the food was good. Met a couple from Trondheim, a guy who worked on the labeling of DNT.TT.

It was a pleasant evening


Day 3. Sunday 15. july

From Storerikvollen tol Ramsjøhytta

Started at the Ramsjøhytta. 08.45 with a reasonable weather. Approx. 10 degrees. I followed a tractor road the first piece over to the parking space.

It had been talking so much about this car park so I missed the path that took off from the tractor path, but it was OK for trail and road met again at Sankåvollen. When I went on up Sandkådalen it started to rain, and it was quite cold on the fingers.

Went past the farm Haugarvoll.

I met two young ladies who came from Ramsjøhytta. One said that she had gone from Stjørdal on asphalt with a bag over 20kg. She had pain in her legs. By the way after Ramssjøhytta she had replaced the heavy bag, and now had a smaller and lighter bag. I could see that she flew off energy with the smaller bag.

I came to the farm Skarpdalsvolla approx. kl.12.45. The whole farm was full of reindeer. It was probably tame.

Come in on a way to go, which was followed approximately 1km. Here the path took towards Selbygglia. From the road to Ramsjøhytta it was not easy to walk. A lot of marshes and mud holes. There was also a part inclined walking.

Come to Ramsjøhytta approx. at. 15.00. It was beautifully by Ramsjøen.

It was both outgoing and incoming cabin guard present. This was really nice people with decent trønder humor.

We were 8-10 people there and it was a pleasant evening.


Day 4. Monday 16. july

From Ramsjøhytta to Schulzhytta

I was out for a walk at 5:30, and it was not a cloud in the sky. Now I truly see how great this cabin was in the terrain.

Benefiting from the cabin ca.kl.08.30 with pretty good weather. Approx. 13 degrees hot.

Going along Ramsjøen before the trail goes over some big snow surfaces against Ramskardet. Unfortunately, it began slowly to rain again

This stretch against Schulzhytta was very good to go. Very little swamp.

Was promote the Schulzhytta approx. 13.30. There was no one else here, and I did not like me here so I just took some drinks and went on


Day 4. Monday 16. july

Fom Schulzhytta to Prestøyhytta

I went on at. 14.30. There is a varied terrain, the first piece I go.

Now it was a good rise up against Høgfjellet and Turrulardfjellett. It was quite nice to go.

It was really nice up here in the mountains with great views. I ate my lunch up here. After I came to Stubbvollen, it was a lot of swamp..

Down to Stubbvollenn I slipped in the mud 2 times. Was pretty dirty.

From Stubbvolden it went up a lot, and the GPS was not right anymore. A little frustrating that the distance to the cabin on the GPS became longer and longer..

The path was like a fish hook up the mountain to the cabin. The trail crossed several small gorges. Arrived at the cottage approx. kl.19.50.

Had gone two cabins that day and was getting a little tired, but it had gone well.

This cabin was a pleasant surprise. It was beautifully out of the valley and It was also nice around the cabin. It had good facilities. Nice lounge and fine drying. I got guy on the stove and had a good time even though I was alone.

The drying room was as good a day after I started with tinder dry boots.

The terrain between Schulzhytta and Prestøy cabin was good to go. I would say normal terrain.


Day 5. Tirsdag 17. july

From Prestøyhytta to Kvitfjellhytta

There is a Nature Reserve, below the cabin. A wet area that looked very nice.

Starting at 8:45 in the nice weather and approx. 8 ° C. It was a nice stretch to go up against Gråfjell, there was little marsh.

After just 10 minutes' walk, I had a wonderful view back toward the valley and the cabin.

I spent approx. 2 hours to the top of Grønnfjellet. It was a nice view from there.

Up at Grønnfjellett took the path past a cliff that was full of flower Pyramidal Saxifrage, Mountain Queen. I had not seen this flower since 2008 in Aurland Valley. It was really nice to see

From Grønnfjellett it was pretty much bog and soft to walk

I met first a couple and saw a lady with a dog that was going to Prestøyhytta.

Arrived at the cabin at Kvitfjell. 13.30.

It was a German in the cabin that would go into the mountains for 4 weeks. He should go to Sweden and then back into the Femunden.

Tomorrow will be the great final day, approximately. 32km to go to sea in Stjørdal.


Day 6. OnsWednesdaydag 18. july

From Kvitfjellhytta to Hembre farm

It was pretty cloudy, about 9 degrees hot.

Started to go at. 07.40.

This is a marathon to go. First, quite a lot of swamp. Passing Vollsettjønna after approx. 40min. So on Ertsgardfjellet. Up here it was good to go.

But then came the soft marshes. Approx. 10km of really heavy terrain to go. It was really heavy after a while. The boots sucked stuck and waded in the water.

Come to Slungdalsvollen approx. at. 09.45. There were 17 km to go to Hegra. Had gone 6km.

Come to Langhølbekken at. 11.30 and arrived at Flaksjøenn and gravel road at. 13.00

I could choose. Go over and Håmmåren and Tronskodalen or go the way around. Over the hill is about. 6.5 km, while the road is approx. 7.1km.

I chose the road. It was tiring with 7.1km of gravel road. Arrived at the farm at Hembre. 14.45. It was very heavy for the legs to go on the road. Regretted that I did not go over the hill.


Day 6. Onsdag 18. july

From Hemre farm to the sea in Stjørdal

Went from Hembre farm at. 15.00 for the 12km walk to the train station in Stjørdal. This is the asphalt that's taking on the legs. Tried to walk on the gravel completely on the side of the road.

I'm at the train station at. 17.15. I walk one km to the lake where I was at. 17.47 and the trip is done.

I've run across Norway. 63 degrees north.

Taking the train to Trondheim and the night train to Oslo. I bought me a sleeping cabin for me and it was lovely to sleep to Oslo after this trip.

How had the trip been?

I can not complain about the weather on the trip, it was better than they predicted. The temperature had been between 8 and 21 degrees hot, and it was good. I had frozen only once on the trip.

The cabins were very good, and there was enough food, too. The very finest cabin was enough Prestøy cabin. Kvitfjell cabin was also very good.I had probably the finest evening on Ramsjøhytta when there were more people there. Of the catering cottages were probably Nedalshytta best. Schulzhytta was too big for me when it was unattended

The terrain was mostly OK to go in. Between Nedalshytta and Storerikvollen was laid out many footbridges. It could almost be too much of a good thing. It had rained a lot before I came, so the ground was saturated by water. There was a lot of marshes and the worst was between Kvitfjell cabin and Hegra. There was a stretch of ca.10km that was bad. It was exhausting. Everyone I met on the trip warned me against this course. I am an old man, so when I can do it then they were younger have no problem.

My legs had survived the trip. The heel was most painful before I started the morning, but was not so bad when I went. Meniscus in my left leg, I began to feel on it when I walked the last bit of the way. I rolled my foot and kicked off with the toes, and it helped a lot.

The labeling of Sylan was very good. GPS map mine was either too old or were placed on the paths. In several strain did not track with the GPS

One thing was special. It was all the mountain flowers. I do not think I've seen so many flowers on a mountain hike before.

I had bought a new emergency tents. Ringtind superligtht 1-2. This was larger than the old one, and it could be packed with inside tent and outer tent connected. It was very nice when one should look it up. It weighs 950gr. Did not used it on the trip.

All in all a great trip.

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