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Photos Day_1. From Liseth to REmbesdalshytta

Photos Day_2 From Renbesdalshytta to Finse


I would go from Liseth house to Haugastøl. But it was a short trip. When I came to Finse I had such pain in the heel that I had to give me. Hope I can make the trip from Finse to Haugastøl later in the year.

But I would say that the trip from Liseth to Rembesdaseter was some of the heaviest mountain trip I had. From Rembesdalshytta to Finse it was not so heavy..
I looked as usual on the weather before I left, and this time it was predicted fairly good weather.

I took the train to Geilo Tuesday, 7/8, and bus to Liset house. Here I lay over until Wednesday.
On Tuesday I and a German lady went to Fosli hotels to watch Vøringfossen. There was bad weather so there was not much we got photographed.


Day 1. From Liseth house to Rembesdalseter
I started at 8:40 on Wednesday morning. It was cloudy and about 9 degrees hot. The went slaughter up the first piece. There was little swamp, but a lot of flat mountain to walk on.
I was up at the cabin Smuttett approximately at 10.00. I ate at 11.00. I walked past the big rock Ishaug. It had started to rain so small, and it was so cold that I had to put on my gloves. When I was on top, it went first not so steep downward..

At about 12 o'clock began the descent to Skytjedalen. It was scary. When I stood on the precipice there was fog down in Skytjedalen and I really wondered on the trail went down there.

I took it easy when I went down. It went well. I met a couple when I came down. They really had a steep climb to go.
I met several hikers down in Skytjedalen. There were several that had tent there.

I started to walk up the mountain Storhaugen at 13.30. It was pretty hard to go up there and there was a steep descent towards Simadalen. Had nice view over Skytjedalen. Furthermore, the trail went right out on the precipice towards Simadalen. I held my 10m further up from the trail. Could see the dam and Rembesdalsvatnet, but I could not go down to the dam. Is on the top of Moldnuten before it starts to go down the path skillls Rembesdalseter and Kjeldebu.

Have a nice view of the glacier Rembesdalskåka which is part of Hardangerjøkulen.

Then there was the descent to Rembesdalsvatnet and the cabin there. I had been warned about this descent of everyone I had met on the trail, so I was a little concerned. It was Initial some big stones, and so slippery mountain lying down as shelves. I took it very easy, but I declined as I believe in a mountain was smooth. I fell on the page and hit me in the arm when I got the stick between. Fortunately it is not broke. I got hurt in the arm and thigh. I do not slipped further down.

The trail went sideways on the shelves and then back down to the bridge over the river from the glacier Rembesdalskåka. I had managed my pretty well. It would have been worse if it had rained. Those I met who had gone up the slope had been in the rain.

I thought that now was the worst done, but it was not. It really was not easy to walk diagonally across Rembesdalsvatnet toward the cabin. It was narrow, and it went up and down. Finally I arrived at the cabin. It was 17.14 and I had spent about 8.5 hours to go there.
There was a lady who was cabin guard there and there were three Danes who were there. Since there was one German and two French. Sun was promoting and We sat outside the cabin to cook 19.00.
I really had an enjoyable evening.


Day 2 From Rembesdalseter to Finsehytta

I started at 07.00 from Rembesdalseter. It was cloudy and about 8-9 degrees.
The trail went slack up to water 985 where the path went up very steeply from the water. I really had to climb and hoisted me up in two grass tussocks. A bit scary for me that is height afraid. After the first 50 meters, it was not so steep.

Here were the three Danes who had started before me. I walked past them and was now upwards of rocks. It was quite OK to go there, and it was not scary. Was on top of the mountain Lureggane at 7:40. It is difficult to see in the fog.

I walk up to a pass, church, and going to the water 1349. Here I go over the snow fields at an angle above the water. I come to the bridge over the river that runs down the Nutavatnet. Here I meet a German couple. They passed me.
Is promoting the Ramnabergvatnet clock 10.10. Uses about 50 minutes to the end of this water.

I look down at Sandåvatnet at 12:30. Here begins descent toward Finsevatnet. It a very steep descent on snow. Here are a German couple who wonder if it is pressed to go up there. There was no problem. They say I'm going to spend about 1.5 hours to Finse.
Looking down at Finsevatnet at 13.14. Coming to the 2 summer bridges which are across the river Ustekveika. They were quite airy.

Coming to Rallarveien, and then passes the station
Is promoting the Finsehytta at 14.56. It was about 8 hour trip.

I had my problems along the way. Had a lot of pain in the heel, and then got a period that I was very tired. It gave up after a while and I felt in good form the last part. It's something that happens to me when I walk in the mountains. Can periods where it is very difficult to walk.

Got me a room for the night and ate dinner here. There was a lot of line here. First to check in, and then queuing for dinner. It was compe for dinner, and it's not my favorite.

On the road between Finse Station and Finsehytta there were many different mountain flowers. Here I took many pictures at night and when I went to the station the following morning.

I took the 10:19 train to Oslo.

The trip had been very nice. It was a pity I did have bad weather the other day. Was going to see more of Hardangerjøkulen. There were some steep descents, but it went well although I'm afraid height. When I sat at Rembesdalseter and so the descent towards the water, I wondered if there could be an easier descent closer to the glacier.

There was a lot of nice scenery and shoot. I met so many nice people on this trip. Especially German hikers. They were many. I actually met some young people who were very frustrated by all the snow and the steep ascent from Rembesdalseter. They had heavy bags and had not been aware of how hard it was to walk in the mountains. I can understand that, then they from Finse had all uphill in the snow without poles.

I decided to end the trip here. There was not anything particularly good weather on Friday, overcast and icy winds. Weather in late august was poor, and in September the snow, so it is probably no trip this year.

I was amazed how many mountain flowers that were around Finsehytta. Here I had taken many photos.

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