Trip to Hulderstigen in Jotunheimen 2012



Pentecost trip. I and Lasse went to Hulderstigen by the Lower Sjodalsvatn in Jotunheimen. This is a nature trail that enters from the main road.

This was also a trip to take pictures of the mountain in May.

We left Nesodden at 05:00. Drove through Beitost´┐Żlen and over Valdresflya

I had seen the flower spring pasqueflower, arctic violet or lady of the snows, and was fascinated by this. It would be much of it by Hulderstigen.

We were a bit late, as this flower tend to come in early May.

The nature trail was fine to go, but we had to turn back halfway when we not came across a river.

We found quite a few spring pasqueflower flowers.

It was a very nice trip with beautiful weather. It was 21 degrees warm up on Valdresflya.

Photos from the trip