Trip to Haukelister 2012




Pictures from day 1 Pictures from day 2






  View from Haukeliseter


  From trip to the mountains Kista






  All around the horizon from the top of Kista









Here is the old road past Haukeli tunnel









From Låtefossen located in Espland


August 15, I and Lasse went to the mountains Haukeliseter.

It was predicted fairly good weather, but there was not much sun. Cloudy but no rain.

We should be over there, going to the top of the mountain Kista the first day. This is an area that is famous for a lot of mountain flowers.

So we should take home about Odda, Eidsfjord and Hardangervidda.

The trip to Kista was OK. but it was very poorly marked there. The signs were down and we lost the red markings. Had to go up a few shelves in the mountains. It was not so much mountain flowers as we thought. We went down the back side and around the mountain. The weather was very nice on the return journey and the evening was really nice. We had a lovely view from our room, and we set out to 19.00 and enjoying the sun. The room was really nice and the food was good.

The following morning we went to Odda. We did not run into Haukeli tunnel. but took the old road. It was really nice and it was very much mountain flowers along the way here.

Towards Odda we stopped at Låtefossen in Espeland. It went pretty much water here so it was a nice sight.

When we drove through Odda, we took off at Tyssedal and drove up to Sjeggdal. Here goes Mågelibanen that I ran in 2006. It looked pretty steep up there. The road up to Sjeggdal was very narrow, but we were lucky with meet Places when we meet cars.

We also stopped at the rest area in Måbødalen. Nice space.

Stopped and took pictures of Vøringsfossen

It had been a great trip, and Haukeliseter is a good place to stay. We'll probably take a trip there next year too.