Planer for fjelltur fra Snøheim til Eiriksvollen



Snøhetta 2009








Snøheim to Åmotdalshytta 19km 7t

Åmotdalshytta to Grøvudalshytta 33km 9t

Grøvudalshytta to Vangshaugen 21,2 7t

Vangshaugen to Eirksvollen 16km 5,5t

Would try to go from Snøheim to Eiriksvollen in Sunndalen early in the year. Have had some problems last year so I will try me on this trip.

This is a trip of approx. 90km in mountainous terrain.

Hoping and waiting for good weather!

It is now not allowed to drive from Hjerkinn to Snøheim. One must take feed bus. This follows the trains.

Bus routes


Route description from Snøheim through the west side of Snøhetta to Åmotdalshytta

Season: Summer
Tour from Snøheim estimated: 5.5 hours
Route code: dov7
Map sheet: Snøheim (2012) 1:25 000, Snøhetta (2009) 1:50 000, Dovre West (2009) and Dovre East (2009) 1:100 000 from Nordeca (formerly Ugland) and Trollheimen Dovre (2010) 1 : 100 000 from Cappelen Damm and eastern part of Snøhetta 1519 IV (2006) and the western part of Storskrymten 1419 I (2008) 1:50 000 from the State Authority
Marking: DNT-labeled
Length in km: 19

Start from Snøheim
From the cabin to the west past the path sharing to Snøhetta and West Mountain. From the gentle terrain west around Hettpyntan and into the magnificent Svånådalen (unnamed on the maps). Inn valley and up through the pass between Major Long Vasstinden and Lars Tinden and eventually coarse scree down to Long Lake and the path sharing to Skamsdalssætrin. Out valley to the north and down to where the path splits to Grøvudalshytta by Åmotdalsvatnet and then northeast along the water to the cabin.

From the car park (closed 2012) east of Snøheim is 1/2 t longer than from the cabin. Note: Snøheimvegen is closed to vehicles in 2012. There is a bus from the station to Hjerkinn Snøheim four times a day when trains arrive, ie at 08.30, 12.45, 17.45 and 19.15. From Snøheim, buses 09.20, 13.30, 18.30 and 20.00. Tickets cost kr. 50. Other years are Suggested walks normally open to the barrier of 1 July 1 October if not NDEA operations, deer hunting or otherwise hinder it.

Rutebeskrivelse fra Åmotdalshytta til Grøvudalshytta

Season: Summer
Tour from Åmotdalshytta estimated at: 9 hours
Route code: dov17
Map sheet: 1419 Storskrymten In 1:50 000 from the State Authority
Marking: DNT-labeled
Length in km: 33

Start from Åmotdalshytta
Southwest along Åmot lake past the path sharing to Snøheim and Skamsdalssætrin and into the valley north of Midtkollen. West of Drugshøtjørnin new path sharing at Skamsdalssætrin. Further westward around Salhøe enough past the path sharing at the Skamsdalssætrin. Lots of great rocky scree along Salhøtjørnin. Down in Grøvudalen from gray and brown bare to the lush green landscape of the valley, a landscape shaped by mowing and centuries of grazing animals. On full year bridge over to the west side of Grøvu by Storvollen and north to the cabin.

Rutebeskrivelse fra Grøvudalshytta til Vangshaugen

Season: Summer
Tour from Grøvudalshytta intended to: 7 hours
Route code: dov23
Map sheet: Southern part of Storskrymten 1419 I (2008), northern part of Romfo 1420 II (2007) 1:50 000 from the State Authority
Marking: DNT-labeled

Length in km: 21,2

Start from Grøvudalshytta
Steep the valley side to the west along the Inner Tverråa to the path sharing to Aursjøhytta. Herfamot northwest up to Merraskaret and west past Litlglupen and then north to Storglupåa need to wade where it is breiest. Further down to the path sharing to Vangshaugen over Seterbruna in the east end of Geitåvatnet and eastwards down the valley. In 1240 m altitude takes T-route from the path down Geitådalen and running northeasterly up to Hyllbekken crossed the 1280 m altitude. In addition to the northeasterly edge of the Seterbruna and over the ridge east of Blåhøa and down the Vang stream to the road. So norvestover on the road to Vangshaugen.

It is also possible to go to Vangshaugen by going out Grøvudalen the end of the road and then follow the road until Vangshaugen (4 h).

Rutebaskrivelse fra Vangshaugen til Eiriksvollen

Season: Summer
Tour from Vangshaugen estimated: 5.5 hours
Route code: dov32
Map sheet: Trollheimen 1:50 000 from Nordeca (formerly Ugland), Romfo 1420 II (2007) 1:50 000 from the Norwegian, but Eiriksvollen are not plotted on maps
Marking: DNT-labeled
Length in km: 16

Start from Vangshaugen
Along the western side of the lake past the path sharing to Raubergshytta until the road ends at Stortela. To the path sharing to Grøa and Heimstad and looked up at the northern Steinrabbgrovin. Eventually northwest of the north side of Melsseterkollen down to Rotdalen.

From the very steep further down the road at Råa in Sunndalen. Furthermore hit overdrive and a short piece on the path to Eiriksvollen on the north side of the valley.

For people who are afraid height can descend to the road at Råa seem airy. At the top is very steep down on the edge of the gorge through which the river flows in.

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