Hike Jotunheimen 2013

Round trip in Jotunheimen

Cabins:   Spiterstulen     Gjendebu     Fondsbu     Skogadalsbøen     Leirvassbu 



Hike in 2013

I'll go from Spiterstulen to Gjendebu, on to Fondsbu.

Then I go to Skogadalsbøen.

From here to Leirvassbu.Last day I go from Leirvassbu back to Spiterstulen


Day 1 From Spiterstulen to Gjendebu

Day 2 From Gjendebu to Fondsbu

Day 3 From Fondsbu to Skogadalsbøen

Day 4 From from Skogadalsbøen to Leirvassbu

Day 5 From Leirvassbu to Spiterstulen

Jotunheimen, Semeltinden



Here I stand on the bridge over Høystakka

 Jotunheimen  From_Spiterstulen_2  Jotunheimen

Yellow Saxifrage from Storutledalen                      Alpine sawwort from Storutledalen


I will go in Jotunheimen. I had also planned to go to Turtagrø and Fannaråkhytta, but I hit it from me. It's too tiring.

I took the train to Otta Friday 19/7 and from there bus to Lom. It was the transition by bus to Spiterstulen. I was the only one on this bus.

Had booked rooms here. I was promoting at 14.15 and relaxed and had a good dinner with nice people at night.

Most people who were on Spiterstulen, they should go to Galdhøpiggen. It was nice here. I sat there and ate cake and drank coffee while I looked at the people who were going up against Galdhøpiggen. There is also a webbkamera behind me.

I laid early then I would start early the next morning.

It was beautiful weather when I started at 5:30 on Saturday morning.

I would go 28 km.

Day 1 From Spiterstulen to Gjendebu

Went up Visdalen and I was at the track separation Leirvassbu and Gjendebu at 07:45. It was ca. 14 to 15 degrees. I walked in the shadow of the mountains.

When I reached Urdadalen I met many reindeer. This was tame when they had bells.

The first piece in the valley was OK to go, and it went up little by little. It was beautiful landscapes here.

Come to Urddalsbandet at 9:40. It is 110m steep. I had seen Semeltindenn since I came into Urdadalen, but now I saw the whole mountain. Now, I also went in the sun and it was very hot to walk. I checked the temperature and it was 20 to 22 degrees. Had a nice view back in Urdadalen.

Come to Urdadalstjønnen. It was very much rough stone to go in. It was very tiring. It took about. 1 hours to walk along these lakes.

Could soon look down on Hellertjønne. Now it was almost entirely downhill and flat down to Gjendebu. Was pretty tired to go down to Hellertjønne. approx. 360m down.

It was steep at the stone waterfall. Was there about. at 13.10. Come down Storådalen. There were many cows. "They had it like the cow in a green meadow".

It was very hard to walk. The legs came not with me today. Possibly it came to the heat. It had been ca. 27 to 28 degrees now.

Was promote the Gjendebu 15:40. Had spent nearly 10 hours on the trip.

I tried to get a room at Gjendebu, but they only had a bed in a dormitory. I have grown from lying on the dorm, so I decided to end the trip. Took the boat to Gjendesheim and bus home.

This was a very short trip!

Maybe I have become a quirky old man?


Tuesday, 30/7, I took the bus from Oslo to Gjendesheim and boat Gjendebu. Now I had booked the room on both Gjendebu and Fondsbu.

Now, should I continue the trip I had interupted on Gjendebu.

Here at Gjendebu I met a lady who had attended Huldreheimen. She had gone from Liomseter to Gjendesheim.

Now she would continue walking tour to Fondsbu where she would finish. Met also a young lady who had gone Bukkelæget. She had injured her leg so she had to finish the trip the next day.

I had a nice evening with good dinner.


Day 2. From Gjendebu to Fondsbu

I started Wednesday morning at 08.20 to go to Fondsbu.

I had to go over two bridges Before I started up Veslådalen. It was really nice to go with very little stone. Had a nice view back towards Gjende.

Come to the path separating Olavsbu and Fondsbu. It showed the GPS error. I had made ​​the route a different way. I had made ​​the route past Grønnebekktjerne. I did not follow this route.

The path to Olavsbu went right and Fondsbu straight forward. It was nice weather when I started to go, but now it began to rain. It was really cold and I had to put on a sweater and gloves. When I got to the top there was a party where it was pretty flat. Had Gravtjern on the right hand before it went down to Bygdin.

By descent to Bygdin I had to go over a summer bridge. Below it was a very nice waterfall.

It was quite nice to walk along Bygin and away to Fondsbu. One walked along the water's edge.

I had spent 5 hours and 15 minutes on the trip. I kept a decent pace and trip cost me no effort. On Fondsbu I got a room and had dinner here. This was the 3rd salmon dinner. The food was good but it was a bit much salmon.

Day 3. From Fondsbu to Skogadalsbøen

Thursday I started to walk towards Skogadalsbøen. Started at 08.10 with nice weather. Had checked in advance that I was going to have good weather on this stretch as there were a lot of rocks here.

Went on the road for approx. 15 min, and then the trail went up against Sløtafjell. It is 360m up to the top so it was quite tiring to go. But I had nice views back towards Bygin and mountains where. Pass Sløtatjernet at 9:10 and Rusteggvatnet at 10:10 Come also to path separating at Tyinholmen.

There were a lot of rocks to go forward to Kvitevatnet. Along the water it was very good to go. At the end of the water was the old label not removed, and I was got wrong to the new summer bridge located at the end of the water. I should have continued along the beach all the way to the outlet.

Threw away a ca. 30 min. with red markings here. Was also very tired to look for summer bridge.

There was so much water here that the bridge was almost submerged. Went some distance before the trail went very steeply down towards Urdalsvatnet. Here I jumped across the river that flows into Kaldedalsvatent on the rocks. There was little water so it went smoothly.

So began the stone walking along Uradalsvatent. It was really a lot of stones. One had to think positive and think it was a challenge and it was fun to jump from rock to rock.

I took it very easy on the water. It was important not to fall here. Spent 1.5 hours on the water.

At the end of the water, I met a couple who had gone the other way the day before. Strange to go this trip 2 times in 2 days.

So I had to go up 120m. Up Uradalbandet. I sat on top and ate. Now it was almost just down again. Down Uradalen it was pretty good to go, but I think it was poor marking here. Old labeling.

Walked past Hurrungbrestvatnet at 16.40 before I got into a terrain with very large rocks as the trail winds its way through. May also go on the rock pile some parties. But not far. approx. 10-20m.

"According to legend, the mountain on the south side of Uradalen collapsed and created a watch at the entrance to Uradalen. The scree made ​​it was easy to be closed cattle in the valley"

Soon the trail was very steep down to Utledalen and path from Ingerbu. Then we had to go over the bridge over Skogadøla before I was promoting at Skogadalsbøen. Was there at 17.55. Had spent nearly 10 hours on the 27 km. long trip.

I had booked the room in advance, and it was nice to get a room.

Here I met again a guy who I met when I came down to Fondsbu. He would go to Olavsbu and Forward to Skogdalsbøen. Next day he would go to Fondsbu opposite way of what I had gone. It was bad weather so I wonder if he went this stretch?

There was quite a lot of people here where anyone would go to Fannaråkhytta and some Stølsmaradalen.

I ate a very good dinner here.

Day 4. From Skogadalbøen Leirvassbu

On Friday morning I started to walk towards Leirvassbu at 9:20. It was predicted nice weather today, but it had rained in the night and it was expressed now.

Had accompany a nice guy approached Storebrua. He had gone hiking in the mountains since 1961, so he was used to the mountains. He was going over Storebrua and along Vetleutla to Sognefjellshytta.

When I came to Storebrua, GPS showed that it was 10.3 km.again. I realized that it was wrong. It would be much longer. 21.5 km.

I went into Storutledalen. It was pretty flat first, but then there were some real sharp climbs upward.

It was nice and green up the valley. Found a party with lots of flowers. Including a cliff down to the river which was full of Yellow Saxifrage. The river Storeutla as I went along had almost no water. It is regulated. I take it easy and not rush up here. it is lovely views back into the valley.

I decided to take it easy today to take many flower pictures.

Come to the path separating Leirvassbu and Olavsbu at 12.10. I went up to Olavsbu in 2005. Now I'll go over the bridge and walk towards Leirvassbu. It began to rain.

Soon it went quite steeply to Gravdal dam and the water there. Had decided to follow the path until Leirvassbu, but because of the bad weather and the rain, I decided to go on the gravel road from the pond.

It meant that I went on the right side of the dam. It was a bit problematic to go along the water here as it was smooth and a little difficult to see how one would go. It was not marked here. Those who will follow the path must go steeply up to the left before the dam. After a while I came into the gravel road.

Now I discovered what was wrong with the GPS. The route I had transferred from my PC had stopped just before the dam.

it was nice to walk along the road up here. The trail went along the road, right up to Leirvassbu. It was actually quite a few mountain flowers that grew in the gravel road. The trail leveled off.

Come to Gravdalstjørnene. Now there was not far to go.

I came to Leirvassbu at 17:00. Had spent approx. 8 hours on the trip. It was alright.

I got me a nice room here and ate dinner with a nice guy named Svein Lunde. His hompage were: He had been a lot of Leirvassbu, and he went up on the mountain tops.

I went to bed at 22.00 when I had to get up 3:00. I had to start walking at 4:00 to be sure to catch the bus from Spiterstulen at 10:35. It was predicted very heavy rain the next day so it would be a tiring trip.

Day 5. From Leirvassbu to Spiterstulen

I started to walk towards Spiterstulen at 3:50. It was dark and it rained quite a bit and it blew.

The trail was quite wide along Leirvatnet so it was easy to see it, but a lot of rocks and slippery to walk.

I spent about 1 hour away to Kyrkeglupen where I was camping 2003. There were more rocks along Leirvatnet, but also some rocks along the waters Troget and Panna.

I came down to the rivers from Visbrean and from Semelholstjønne. The river split into several races, and it was large and very muddy. Was here at 06.00. I saw that here I had to wade in the rain. The boots around the neck and plastic sandals on my feet. It went OK although it was a fairly contend water. I was glad I had with poles.

When I approached the path separating the Gjendebu, I met the reindeer again. They grazed in Visdalen.

It was very soft to walk. There was a lot of water in the path.

I came to the first bridge. There was no water at all. But between this bridge and the next there was a river that was really harsh and great. I had to walk a little way up to find a place to get over. It was a big rock in the middle of the river and I had to jump over on the smaller stones that lay under water to get there. The water went over my boots. Was rescued by the rods again. Did not come over here without poles. At the next river was the bridge, so it was OK.

Also had problems with the next river. This was just a stream when I went there to Gjendebu. Had to grab the pole and managed to skip over.

I had to put the wallet in the bag. Bergans jacket and pants should be wind and waterproof, but to a certain limit. This limit was now the thread. I was soaked

Was promote the Spiterstulen 09.00. I think it was fast in this weather.

I asked to borrow a laundry there, and it was OK. Got washed my ,and had to change clothes until the skin. I also ordered breakfast and it was delicious.

Took the bus at 10:35 to Lom and transfer to the bus that went to Oslo. Was there about. at 18.40.

This had been a weird trip. I was a bit annoyed because I did not get a room at Gjendebu, but I must prepare myself to book in advance. This I have not done before, and it's a little silly that I need it.

The trip from Spiterstulen to Gjendebu was nice. Very nice landscape, but it's strange I do not remember all the stones from the tour in 2002. My first hike. I was very tired down Storådalen. I do not know what it was but the legs did not feel good out. They would not follow.

When I came back and went from Gjendebu to Fondsbu was something else entirely. I was not tired at all. It was a nice route to go, little rock, but a little bad weather.

The trip from Fondsbu to Skogadalsbøen was long and tiring. A bit silly that I not checked more about the new bridge at Kvitevatnet. It's actually described that the bridge is in the oozed of Kvitevatnett. A bit silly that the old label was not removed. It was very old markings on this route. In some places one could not see the red markings.

The trip from Skogadalsbøen Leirvassbu was nice, but a little bad weather. There were many nice mountain flowers above Storutledalen. I followed the gravel road from the pond. It was perfectly fine when the trail was fairly close by the road.

Leirvassbu was a new acquaintance. Really nice place. I had visited here several times but never stayed. I got a nice room here and the food here was good and all facilities were OK.

The trip to Spiterstulen was very special. I could of course have investigated whether they had rooms available there, it was the weekend so I figured that it had not.

It was very dark when I started and it rained buckets. The major issue on the trip were the rivers that went great. I took enough any chances when I passed them, but if I fell into them, I could not be softer than I was. I was a little surprised how fast the trip went.

This had been a nostalgic tour of Jotunheimen on some trails I had gone before and some new. I think it would be a very nice trip with lots of nice people I met there.


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