Hike from Alvdal Western Mountains and into the Rondane to Høvringen

Cabin : Alvdal     Dølbekksetran    Korsberghytta     Breisjøseter     Bjørnhollia    Rondvassbu    
Peer gynt-hytta     Smuksjøseter    Høvringen 



Peer GyntThe cabin

Hike from Alvdal

From Wednesday, July 9 to Sunday, July 13

Photos from the trip:

Day_1 From Alvdal to Korsbergseter

Day_2 From Korsbergseter to Breisjøseter

Day_3 From Breisjøseter to Bjørnhollia

Day_4 From Bjørnhollia to Rondvassbu

Day_5 From Rondvassbu to Høvringen

I started from Alvdal Wednesday 9 July. It was predicted fine weather one week forward. It was very hot to walk. I had stayed in Koppang with my brother and taken the train to Alvdal. This is a route that goes from Alvdal and into the Western Mountains, and second in Rondane. It's really Rondane across.

Day 1 Wednesday. From Alvdal to Korsbergseter.

I took a taxi from Alvdal station and drove to Egga. The taxi driver did not know where Egga was so I ended up on the road to Dølbekksætran.

I started by Valleråmoen in Alvdal at 11.30 and followed the road up. It is tiring to walk on the Gravel road up the first few kilometers. And hot.

Have come to Aumdalsætran at 13.00. I followed the only path that went off the road and just before I came to Dølbeksætran, and I came to an old farm with some fine old buildings.

I understand those who take taxi from Alvdal to Dølbekksætran. It was a dreary stretch to go. I used 3 hours.

I go on the road for 1.5 hours after Dølbekksætran before the trail takes off against Korsbergseter. I was very tired and could not stand the heat. It was 31-32 degrees hot to walk in the sun. Had to lie down to rest. There is a rise of 300m from the road up to the top where one looks down on Korsbergseter. The legs had difficulties to follow me in the heat.

Are promote the Korsbergseter 18.20 a clock. It was now good to take a bath in the water there. It was a nice cabin and it was very nice to the terrain. I let myself in addition hut. In the main house there was a Swedish family with 3 boys, and there were also a couple in tent outside the cabin.

This had been a tiring trip to go. I was probably a bit too fast the first few kilometers. Did it again on the last part of the trip. The heat was terrible in the sun.

I also sent a satellite message to my wife that everything was OK.

Day 2 Thursday. From Korsbergseter to Breisjøseter.

J started to go at 08:30. It was warm but slightly overcast and a slight breeze so it was not too bad today. I went a bit wrong and lost approximately 20 minutes, but it was OK.

Coming to Veslsølnsjøen 11:30. It was nice scenery and some nice water. I walk past the ascent to Storsølnkletten and I arrived at Breisjøseter 14.00.

Today it had gone OK and I was not tired at all. Got me a room and ate a very good dinner here.

I chatted with a nice couple from Kongsvinger. The Swedish couple with three boys came and they had gone to the top of Storsølnkletten. It was impressive after the trip from Korsberghyttaa.

There were also the two guys who had gone from Nordkapp.

Day 3 Friday. From Breisjøseter to Bjørnhollia past Straumbu.

Started to go from Breisjøseter at 5:00 in the morning. It is 23km to go. There were approximately 18 degrees hot when I started.

I took off from the road about 5:45 a clock. The trail was OK to go up Skjellådalen.

Come to Gravskardet 1482 m.o.h Time 8:15. It was now okay to go and a lot down a piece. It had now been 22 degrees hot. I came to the descent to Straumbu.

It was very steep and tiring for the legs. 300m down through the woods to the road. Was arrived at the river 11:15 o'clock and I was now very troubled and tired of the heat.

Walked across the bridge and followed the trail a piece. Then I got a shock. It went almost straight up a 60-70 m. growth was sand and moss. This climb nearly killed me. When I reached the top at 12.00 my feet would not follow anymore.

There was now a good path which rise little by little, but my legs were completely quakes. Was completely out of power. I just had to move one leg before the other.

I stood and looked down at Bjørnhollia 13.45 a clock. It was so nice down there and I just had to walk a steep descent of about 50m. IIt was not OK for my tired bone. I arrived at 14.00. Had spent 9 hours on the trip and I have rarely been so tired before. It is clear that I can not tolerate the sun and heat. It might have something with the age to do. Bjørnhollia was a nice place.

Got a room with two nice guys and ate a very good dinner here.

This was really a nice place with very nice buildings.

I talked to the two who had gone from Nordkapp. They had started in February with ski and sled. They expected to go 1 month to. It was very impressive to go so far and so long. Very special was the fact that they brought a guitar on the entire trip. They should also continue to Rondvassbu next day.

Day 4 Sunday. From Bjørnhollia to Rondvassbu

I started to walk toward Rondvassbu clock 09.15. Nice weather about 18 degrees hot. It rise well above the first 0.5 hours. So step it bit by bit on a good path. The trail went a little way up from Illmanåe across Illmanndalen. It was a lovely area to walk.

I saw a grouse with 6-7 kids off the trail. It was fun. At 11:50, I sat and ate down by the river. Come to the water before it started to go downhill. So also an old pitfall by the trail.

At 13.50 it started to hail and lightning and thunder. It was a terrible weather with lots of lightning. The thunderstorm was so loud that I had never heard before. It scraped away in the mountains. I was actually a bit scared.

Come to Rondvassbu clock 14.10 and got me a room here.

There were also those from Nordkappp in tents. I had a nice chat with them in the afternoon and evening. They were going down the Otta next day.

Day 5 Monday. From Rondvassbu to Høvringen

I started to walk toward Høvringen Time 8:45. I followed the road over a bridge and then it went up. Nice view back toward Rondavssbu.

Had many fine peaks on the right hand. It was very easy to get here.

Walked past a stone cottage on the trail, Ljosåbue. It looked like a security-cabin.

I came down to Peer Gynt cabin 12:37 a clock. Here I bought a waffle and coffee. This was a really nice place.

Fine buildings and it was nice terrain around the cabin. Went as against Smuksjøseter where I was 14.40 a clock.

I went on the right side of the river Høvringensåe down to Høvringen where I was at 16.45 I was on Høvringen mountain lodge. Nice rooms and very good food here. Cheap was it also.

I took the bus to Otta next day and the train home.

This had been a walk with difficulty. It is OK that the weather is nice and warm, but over 30 degrees are not for me. Had very problem with my legs in the heat. They would not follow.

West Mountain was a slight disappointment. Not as good ground as I thought. It was fine around Breisjøseter and OK between Korsbergseter and Breisjøseter. Worse was to go from Alvdal to Dølbeksetran. Here one could take a taxi with a clear conscience.

Rondane is very special. Fine mountains and lovely landscapes. I think this had been a great trip if it had not been so hot. When a struggling as much as I did,is not the same enjoyment of the trip. When I started I thought I was in good shape. And I think I'm in good shape. By day 2, 4 and 5 where it was so hot I had no problems. I have always a degreecane hanging on the bag.

One can believe that I got in me too little water, but I have not drunk so much before. Tried Solo, Farris and water.

It was really fun to chat with those who had gone from Nordkappp and it was a pleasant acquaintance.