Hike Hardangervidda 2014. From Haukeliseter to Dyranut



Waterfall in Nupselva


Haukeliseter to Middalsbu 29 km. 9 hours

Middalsbu to Litlos 25 km 7 hours

Litlos to Besso 24km 7 hours

Besso to Sandhaug 7 km 2 hours

Sandhaug to Dyranut 28km 7 hours


Here is Haukeliseter on the evening



Looking back in Slettedalen


Day 1: From Haukeliseter to Middalsbu

I would go from Haukeliseter to Middalsbu. I took the bus to Haukeliseter Tuesday 22 July. Had booked the room in advance. It was very hot in the mountains.

I started at 4:50 on July 23. The sun had not come up and it was 14 degrees hot. It is a 200m climb from Haukeliseter and into the path toward Hellevassbu and Middalsbu. Was on the path separator for 1 hour. I now went westward and down to Ulevå by Ulevåvatnet. Went along the water, away against Nupshallene where I was for 3 hours. I also went past the nice waterfall at Nupselva.
I began to go up Nupsdalen and it was now 22 degrees hot. Ate at Nupstjøna at 9:00. I was on the top of Nupsredet after 5 hours. It was good. I felt in good shape. Now there will be spend to go along Nupstjørn with all the snow.
The first inclined snow fields was OK, even though they went down into the water. The last snow field was problematic. I went up onto a mountain crest where the snow had bleated up on the rock wall. I went all the way inside the mountain wall. Almost like going into a tunnel. I had written over the snow edge and onto the snow surface again. It was very steep down to the water here. I should probably not have been here when it was put a big cross over T branding here. Should possibly gone further down, but here it was very steep, and the snow had been snapped together.
I started going
down Slettedalen and followed the river Kvesso down. I thought that now I would get up to speed when it went gently down, but there was no real trail at first and I had to constantly look for red markings.

At about 12:10, I met a Danish couple who were on the rise. This was the only one I met on the whole trip. At 13.40 walked the trail very steep downward and it took at the legs. There were some snow bridges that I did not dare to go over. It was rotten snow. The seats Kjømberget was located on the right hand down toward the water.

Was down at Valldalsvatnet 14.15 a clock. It was now 31-32 degrees hot in the sun and I was very tired.

It was now about 5 km along the water and it went up and down all the way, and 1km gravel road up to the cabin.

I spent 3.5 hours at the lodge. Had to lie down to rest several times along the water. I did not feel well and had pretty high pulse.

I had spent over 12 hours on the 29km long trip. There was a man and his adult daughter in the cabin. There was also a young German man. I decided to put up a tent outside the lodge when I wanted to test it. I slept like a rock. The man's daughter would go to Hellevassbu next day, and the man would drive past Haukelister.

Day 2 From Middalsbu to Vivassdalen

I would try to go to Litlos. I was not in top form after the trip yesterday, but wanted to try.

Started to go 06:30 in rather warm weather. It went steeply up from the cabin, and then there was a lovely path down Vivassdalen. I spent 1.5 hours to Vivassvatnet. Here was a old nice seats. There were also people here.

I knew that the body would not work. Had no strength in my legs, so I decided to turn back.

I had my satelitt_sender that I could use if I broke a bone or had a heart infarct, but not if I could not bear to go further. I spent 1 hour down to the cabin, and the man who would overtake Haukeliseter had not benefited. So he became a gud mann when I got to ride with him to Haukeliseter. Took the bus home.

Day 2.2 and Day 3 From Middalsbu to Litlos

I would continue the trip from Middalsbu, so Monday the 4th of August. I took Haukeliseter bus to Røldal. Had talked with taxi center there, so when I after much delay got there he stood and waited at the gas station there. Took so the taxi up to the end of Valldal lake and walked on the gravel road up to Middalsbu. There were quite a lot of people. I sat outside the hut and ate some fish cakes I had bought in Røldal.

Started to go against Litlos 18.10. I was going to go about 3 hours before I pitched the tent. I was up by Vivassvatnet and the nice seats after 55 minutes, so I was in better shape now. It was not so hot even though it was sunny. It was beautiful terrain around the lake and the old stone farm. I continued up Vivassdalen on a good path. It rose constantly slightly up here.

I passed Brokafossen at 20.30 and was not tired at all. It was getting dark, and when I saw Holmavatnet at 21.20 a clock, I struck up a camp on a small hill on the left side of the trail. It was dry even though it was a bit exposed to the wind.

It was not a pleasant night, I did not sleep much, had to sleep with a soft shirt and jacket down sleeping bag to dry them. It was very raw and cold in the tent. Lay on 1220m.o.h. It was very pleasant to see the sun on the tent at 07:00. I ate fish cakes for breakfast and started to go at 08:00. It was 5 degrees hot when I started and I could feel the snow I went on, had frozen in the race of the night.

Was on Holmavatnet after 20 minutes. it was very easy to walk along the water. I went on sandy ground. I had decided to take a shortcut across Vassdalsvatri. It should be 0.5 hours faster than the other way along Holmavatnet.

When I got to the path separator and should go up against Vassdalsvatri I met two guys with a packhorse on the water. They had been there at night. It was a real rise from Holmavatnet at 120m against Vassdalsvatri.

Was by Vassdalsvatri 9:50 a clock. It was very nice to walk along the water her. Just after I had to wade. A fairly broad river at 20m. It was not too deep here but I had to go down the river until I came across. It went smoothly.

At 11:15 I got to looked down at Litlos. It was a very steep descent on gravel. Then it was over the bridge and I was arrived at the cabin 11:45 a clock. Had spent 6 hours and 55 minutes on the all trip and was not tired. It was a nice walk in the nice landscape.

I got me a room with a nice guy from World's End. Had a lovely trout dinner with pleasant mountain walkers at night. This was the best trout I've ever tasted.

It was 5 degrees hot when I started today, but about 15 to 16 degrees throughout the day. Perfect to go. After I got to the cabin it was very hot.

Dag 4. Fra Litlos til Besso og Sandberg

I had decided to start early from Litlos to go to Besso. Started going 05.20 aclock. There was some haze and fog when I started.

I was at the track separation Hadlaskard / Besso after 1 hour. Was on Ambjørgvatnet 8:40 a clock. It was a place where I had trouble finding the trail. The problem to start so early that it is may be clouded.

I was going to go against Larsbu and go up Dimmedalen, but I saw no trail and no signs so I let it go. It was a shame as I thought of all mountain flowers there.

When I approached Besso I found many mountain flowers near the path. Took lots of pictures here.

So Besso far below by Normannslågen at 11.30.

I had decided to go to Sandhaug when I had been at Besso before. I had heard on Litlos that the one that went from Nordkapp had injured leg, so I would go down to Besso and hear how it went. Just when I got down to Besso 11:50 a clock I met them on the way to Litlos. He had been so good that they would try to move on. It was terrific.

I now took the path towards Sandhaug and walked the path of the marshes. It was posted barge to go on and two bridges were there too.

I was Sandhaug at 13.30. Got me a room and ate a good dinner here at 20.30 in the evening. I also took some flower pictures around the cabin.

Day 5 From Sandberg to Dyranut

I started to walk toward Dyranut 08.40 at clock.

This will be a flat stage over central Hardangervidda of about 28 km. The first piece rose slightly and It was a little rocky.

I passed the whole year bridge by Langavatnet 10:40 a clock. After the bridge the trail rose slightly upward. Here were some seats along the path.

So down at Trondsbu and Langhylen 12.00. Took lots of pictures of mountain flowers along the path. I had two eat breaks and drink breaks every hour on the trip.

I passed the bridge Nybu 13.40 a clock. There were about 4 km left, and a rise of 120m.

Was promote the Dyranut at 14.30.

Up the last hill, my legs went of themselves. I could run up unless I felt something. Hooray! I was in good shape anyway.

There were no vacant beds in Dyranut. I just got the bus to Geilo. When the bus stopped by Halne I got the driver to wait while I went in and heard they had rooms available. They had, so I jumped off the bus and beat me down here.

I ate dinner here and ordered the trout from Halnefjorden and apple pie for dessert. I would say that this trout was actually a better one than the Litlos, and apple pie with ice cream was a meal was lovely

If one drives over Hardangervidda one should go in here and eat dinner.

Had a nice chat with the three ladies who had arrived by boat over Halnefjoden. They came from Rauhellern.

I took the bus to Geilo and train home the next day.

This had been a trip with some problems as usual. One may get some problems when you're as old as I am. The trip from Haukeliseter to Middalsbu was not good. It went well for 5-6 hours, but then the heat killing me. It was also very much snow around Nupstjørn and the last snow field, I went probably a bit wrong. I went there T marking was crossed. It was hard to walk down Slettedalen. It was gorgeous terrain, but no trail and it was bad with red markings in the upper part. It was better further down.

Along the water trail went up and down all the way and it was tiring. I believe that had it not been for the heat, this had been a great trip for me. I have gone over 30 kilometers in a day many times before. I started the other day to go to Litlos. I see that maybe I should have taken a rest day on Middalsbu. Have never taken rest days before, so it sat deep.

I quickly realized that this did not go so I turned for 1.5 hours. It is good I still have reason intact. I was lucky that Eivind was on Middalsbu so I got to ride with him to Haukeliseter.

I do not give up so easily, so the 4th of August I went to Middalsbu again. I knew that the shape was completely different now when it was not so hot. And it was a breeze to move up the fine Vivassdalen. When I pitched the tent, it was a lot of condensation during the night. There was no pleasure.

It was gorgeous terrain between Middalsbu and Litlos and I spent less than 7 hours on the tour so the shape was not so bad.

Litlos is a nice place, but I miss one thing and that is that there are some stools and tables on the outside of the cabin. I think that's a shame. It is so nice to sit outside with a beer after having arrived and taken a shower.

I started very early from Litlos and it's a bit silly when the fog often located in the mountains so early. I went so early because I wanted to be on Sandhaug early when I not had booked rooms there. A nice stretch of many mountain flowers down to Besso. I spent 8 hours and 10 minutes on the ride to Sandberg. I think this is good, because I had two breaks and drink breaks every hour. Took too also many flower pictures.

The trip from Sandberg to Dyranut was a bit boring. Fairly flat terrain but nice trails but some stone. It says it is 28 kilometers, but I doubt it because I just spent 5 hours and 50 minutes on the trip.

It may seem like I'm complaining and whining that I was tired the first day, but what I remember is that I went on a lovely mountain.

Satellite transmitter and receiver DELORME inreach SE worked very well. I got sent SMS to my wife when I got to the cabins. Also when I pitched the tent. She also followed where I went at her PC on the map.

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