Hike in Skarvheimen

26 - 27 august 2014

I'll go from:

Finse to Raggsteindalen and so on Lordehytta and Hallingskarvet to Haugastøl



Raggsteindalen Høyfjellstue



Photos from the trip:

Day 1: From Finse to Raggsteindalen

Day 2 From Raggsteindalen to Haugastøl




Here I go Kyrkjedøri between Finse and Raggsteindalen


After the plans would I now go from Dyranut to Haugastøl about Hallingskeid. But after all the problems in the summer, I think it's wealth far to go, so I will now try to go from Finse to Raggsteindalen and Haugastøl. This I planned in 2012.

It was a week of good weather from Monday the 25th of August, so I took the train to Finse on August 25. Had booked the room in advance. I shared a room with a nice man from Ireland. He had cycled from Haugastøl and would continue the next day to Flåm.

Ate an ordinary dinner here and chatted with some nice hikers on the evening. One had come from Kjeldebu about Rembesdalseter. One had come from Hallingskeid.

I started to walk on August 26. The entire trip is approximately 55km.