Plans Hike Breheimen, from Høyheimsvik to Bøvertun 2015











This will be a new trip for me. There are some steep climbs here, but it should probably go.

I must take the bus from Otta to Høyheimsvik and start there.

From Arentzbu I must go to Nørdstedalseter and there I will go to Bøvertun and take the bus to Krossbu or Sognefjellhytta.

I can take off the trail and go to Sognefjellshytta on the east side of Storvatnet. I have not gone here before.

Day 1. From Høyheimsvik to Navarsete 9 km 3 hours

Day 2. From Navarsete to Vigdalstøl 17 km 5 hours

Day 3. From Vigdalstøl to Fast 16 km 5.5 hours

Day. 4. From Fast to Arentzbu 14 km 4.5 hours

Day. 5. From Arentzbu to Nørdstedalseter 18 km 7 hours

Day. 6. From Nørdstedalseter to Bøvertun 18 km 7 hours

It looks like it is very short stretch to walk, but one must remember that it is much climbs here.


Hiking in Sogndal and Luster

Bus route to Høyheimsvik

DNT map Høyheimsvik - Navarsete

Here is a link to the snow conditions in Breheimen

25/6 2018 Has checked that all bridges are posted on this route. OK


The trail from Arentzbu against cabin Fast walk in the mountains on the right sede of the river.

From Høyheimsvik to Bøvertun


Route description from Høyheimsvik to Navarsete

Season: Summer
Tour from Høyheimsvik estimated time: 3 hours
Route Code: bre48
Map sheets: Breheimen and Jostedalsbreen 1: 100,000 from Nordeca (f. Ugland), Gaupne 1417-4 and 1417-1 Lustrafjorden 1:50 000 from the Norwegian Mapping Authority
Marking: DNT-marked
Length in km 9

Start from Høyheimsvik On a road with signs for Navarsete from Høyheimsvik. It is recommended to leave their cars where settlement ends and tractor road takes further upward in steep bends toward farm Kolstad. The marked trail takes off in the first turn on the tractor road going up the hillside and passing Kolstad on the north side. In steep winding up to Flatningane. Great views of Lustrafjorden with Feigumfossen waterfall across the fjord. Where the path splits for municipal marked route to Nes Gard in the marsh up on Flatningane. Into Engjadalen and down to the stream in the valley, intersected on year-round bridge. Away to the cottage, located on a lush summer farm 620 mo h. There is no water to find before the stream at Flatningane, so be sure to bring enough drinks for the trip up there.

Route description from Navarsete to Fivla

Season: Summer
Tour from Navarse estimated time: 2,5 hours
Route Code: bre47
Map sheets: Breheimen (2010) 1:50 000, Breheimen 1:100 000 and Jostedalsbreen 1:100 000 from Nordeca (previously. Ugland
Marking: DNT-marked
Length in km 9

Start from Navarsete From the cottage up in Engjadalen, eventually quite steep. Up along the creek that crossed just above Heggedalen seats. Further upward and along the eastern side of Heggedalsvatnet. Up to Stongfjellet (nice detour from here to Fivlenosi, wide view) and then down to the north on the west side of Fivlenosi to Fivla.

Route description from Fivla to Vigdalstøl

Season: Summer
Tour from Fiva estimated time: 2,5 hour
Route Code: bre24
Map sheets: Breheimen (2010) 1:50 000, Breheimen (2008) and Jostedalsbreen (2008) 1:100 000 from Nordeca (previously. Ugland)
Marking: DNT-marked
Length in km: 8

Start from Fivla Northward and so steeply back to trail intersection with the route from Vigdal to Dalsdalen (Bispevegen) northwest of Likholmyri. Bergen Bispen Johan Nordahl Brun walked this road Jostedalen luster in the early 1800s. His initials are carved on a stone near the highest point on the route. Moreover northeast of past Storhaug and Breidsete to where the path splits to Fast and year-round bridge over Vigdøla. South a few hundred meters to the cabin.

Route description from Vigdalstøl to Fast

Season: Summer
Tour from Vigdalstøl estimated time: 5,5 hour
Route Code: bre23
Map sheets: Breheimen (2010) 1:50 000, Breheimen 1:100 000 and Jostedalsbreen 1:100 000 from Nordeca (previously. Ugland)
Marking: DNT-marked
Length in km: 16

Start from Vigdalstøl First northeast over and over Vigdøla on all bridge to where the path splits to Fivla, Navarsete and Dalsdalen. Up Vigdal a piece and then northeast over the past Øystølsreset into Hamarsdalen. Up the valley past Hamarsdalsvatnet on the west side and over Hamarsdalsbandet. In the highest party here there is often a long snowdrift. From here steeply down hillsides along and south of Kjervafosso partly goes in a steep valley. On summer bridges across the river from Spørteggbreen and away to the cabin.

Rout description from Fast to Arentzbu

Season: Summer
Tour from Fast estimated time: 4,5 hour
Route Code: bre19
Map sheets: Breheimen (2010) 1:50 000, Breheimen (2008) and Jostedalsbreen (2008) 1:100 000 from Nordeca
Marking: DNT-marked
Length in km: 14

Start from Fast
East along Åsetvatnet to where the path splits to Mørkri by Åsete. From the west of Skurvenosi (great views) and down to where the path splits route to Mørkrisdalen, to the northwest of Austra at all bridge and two summer bridges at Fjellsliseter. Down to Kvitene passed on the two summer bridges and go down into year-round bridge over the river from Leirbotnen and Arentzbu.

Route description from Arentzbu to Nørdstedalseter

GO TIME / DISTANCE 7 HOURS / 15.3 KM (18km)
GROSS ELEVATIONS approx 620M UP / ca. 563m NED
Map sheets included in hiking map Breheimen in 1:50 000
MARKING Vardar / red T / ???
Start Height ca.880moh. - Final Height ca. 937 m.

First summer bridge over Rausdøla so through Kvanneskredene (ur) and further steep up and over Oksli. Løndøla wade. Then further east. Nobbelvi crossed on summer bridge and Leirvatnet passed to the east. Furthermore, through Gravdalen and trail runs on the north side of Gravdalsvannet. Then the path leads steeply down to the dam at Fivlemyrane. Fivlemyrane power station located on the left down by the water. Then the trail goes below the dam and into the gravel road that followed about 2km to Nørdsredalseter. Just before the cabin, the road to Skjolden down the right.

Route description from Nørdstedalseter to Bøvertun

Map sheets included in hiking map Breheimen in 1:50 000
MARKING Vardar / red T / ???
Start Height ca.937moh. - Final Height ca. 937 moh.

Start from Nørdstedalseter Demanding route in wet conditions. Eastward from the cottage (937 m) into Vetledalen. The first 500 few meters south of service road, then north of the road, a little up the hillside. Past where the path splits towards Stølsdalen, to the northeast on the north side of the lower Grønevatnet and eastward between the upper and lower Grønvatnet. Up over Tverrbyttfjellet, 1571 m. Creek from the north end of Liabrevatnet wade. Where the path splits towards Sognefjellhytta moving south. So steeply down from Tverrbyttfjellet and on the north side of Storevatnet. So down Bøvertunbakkan and Bøvertun Skysstasjon .


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