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Spidebergseter Eldåbu Bjørnhollia Dørålseter nedre Haverdalseter Høvringen

Here is the bridge over Langglupbekken. Nice landscape here.


Stone cottages at Vulutjøn


Here I sit and eat in Steindalen.


Images from Spidebergseter to Eldåbu

Images from Eldåbu to Bjørnhollia

Images from Bjørnhollia to lower Dørålseter

Images from lower Dørålseter to Haverdalseter

Images from Haverdalseter to Høvringen


I took the train to Ringebu and local bus up to the crossroads at Spidebergseter on June 30. Started going clock 12.10.

Day 1. Tuesday 30. June. From Spidebergseter to Eldåbu.

It was hot, but a cool breeze. Used just 10 minutes away to Spidebergsetra. I did not go on the road to Flaksjølia that enough was fastest with went over Flaksjølihøgda. Here was an OK path to walk. Was at the end of Flaksjøen after an hour. Then the trail up to a height where I sat and ate. Had nice invisi back where I came from. Here were two cyclists who had taken a round in the mountains. I also had views of the high mountains in Rondane.

Come to Venåsetra clock 14.50. I went over the bridge over Svartåa by Storfallet. From here, it went uphill and soon came to Eldåseter. The trail went along small Eldåa and against Halhaugen and trail Sharing by Bjørnhollia, Gråhøgbu and Eldåbu. Then it was just a few minutes to Eldåbu where I was at 17:00.

There was a young couple in the cabin that came the same way as me, and later came a mother with two growing kids. They came from Bjørnhollia.

This stretch was pretty boring to go. Much birch and many gravel roads to cross. Not what I like best.

Day 2. Wednesday 1. July. From Eldåbu to Bjørnhollia

Started to walk toward Bjørnhollia 08:00. There were approximately 22 degrees warm and nice weather. Was on the trail split clock 08.10. It was a fairly flat landscape to go in. Little by little incline. Was on the water 1092 at 09.30 am.

Just before Anterior Vulutjønnaa I came to a stream that I had to wade. I saw afterward that I could have come across further down, but it was OK.

Come to the front Vulutjønna clock 10:25. It was a nice water with a few cottages around. I sat up on a mound overlooking the water and ate. There were many large stone mounds here after the Ice Age. Quite especially landscapes.

Between Front and Inner Vulutjønna lay Vullufjell Mountain Operated stone cottage. It was open and people could stay here according to staff at Bjørnhollia. The river that ran from Inner to Front Vulutjønna went quite large and I had hassle to get over it. The strips saved me.

I started going upwards Steindalen about. clock 11:20. It was a green and lovely valley. Sat down and ate here. I was on the top clock 12.00.

Could see Bjørnholt after 20 minutes. Come into the path of Straumbu just before the lodge where I was promoting the Bjørnhollia at 13.00. they had planted western roserootup on the sod roof. It was quite nice.

Got me a room and ate an OK dinner with nice people at night.

Day 3. Thursday 2. July. From Bjørnhollia to Dørålster

I paid for me in the evening and they made a packed lunch for me.

Started to go at 06.00. It was about 20 degrees hot, but quite windy. Followed the road for some distance before the trail took off east of Veslsvulten. I went on inclined on the upper side of Myldingsgjelet. So I went over summer bridge over Langglupbekken. I will not call it a stream, but a fairly large river. It was a very nice waterfall near the bridge. Was here in time 07.20.

Here was the trail split. One went up against Høgronden. I went up Langgludalen and had an increase of approximately 300m before I was on top. I see Storronden, Vinjeronden and Rondeslottet left hand and on the right I had Høgronden, Midtronden and Digerronden. All over 2000m high. Many fine mountain and look at but I'm not on top of them. Rondeslottet at 2178m.o.h is probably the highest mountain here.

A party was pretty much stone to go in and it blew so much that I had to take off my sun hat.

1:00 I came to where the path splits Rondvassbu and Dørålseter. Here was also Bergdalstjønnen. I also see descent from Rondhalsen where I came down in 2008. There was a lot of snow on top here now. The trail now runs on the east side of Bergdalsbekken down Bergdalen.

Went over the whole year bridge clock 13.05 and was promoting at Lower Dørålseter clock 13.20.

It had been nice weather all day with a breeze that cooled down. Hit quite a few people there last piece down against Dørålster.Nice view from the cabin toward the unique landscape here.

Lower Dørålseter was an OK cabin with nice rooms. The food here was also good. The problem was that there hardly were people here. A little too quiet for my taste.

Day 4. Friday 3. July. From Dørålseter to Haverdalseter

Stretched to Havredalseter was at just 15km, so I started after breakfast here. 09.00. Should go through Dørålglupen. People who came the other way had complained about the snow there.

When I got up in the mountain pass it was quite many snow surfaces with solid and fine snow, so it was OK to go there. I was on top after one hour, so it was the same pace as in 2008 when I went there. This year it was much better weather here.

On the way out of Glupen it was a place that was cumbersome. It was a big snow snowdrift in the path I had to climb around. When I thought that I was out of Dørålglupen I came to a large snow fields which went steeply down towards the river. I could not see the trail. So that one had gone before me on snow fields, so I went there I also. It was scary for me because if the boots had lost her grip I had fallen 50-60m down to the river and rock pile. It went well and I got down to the trail when the snow was over. I think I stiffened a little when I'm nervous.

Then I went on an OK path down to the river Havredalsåa. Here the river passed over the bank so I had to wade before I came out on the bridge. Pretty deep water here. Wason the bridge 11.30. After a few minutes I came to trail split which went against Grimsdalhytta. I continued upriver. Come to a new location as the river had gone beyond its shores. Here I had to wade again. The trail the last part was very easy going and I was promoting at Haverdalseter 14.00.

The cabin was very nice and there were many tables and stools outside. Also a nice porch here. The room was good and the food OK. I was probably early when I was the only guest here.

The temperature had been about 22 degrees as it had been nice weather.

Dag 5. Lørdag den 4. juli. From Haverdalseter to Høvringen

I started from Haverdalseter clock 05.00 when it was a far stretch to go. It was calm and a bit hazy and foggy weather. and ca. 15-16 degrees warm.

I walked along Gravbekkenn that I had the right hand and took an unmarked path before the bridge over the creek. I was recommended it by 2 fishermen who had been through Haverdalseter day before. They said that if I followed the red markings I had to wade in quite deep water down by the dam to Storrvatenet.

Was promoting at Storrvatnet after 1 hour. ere was also where the path splits Grimsdalshytta and Høvringen.

There was a haze over the water. Here I came into the red marking again. I crossed the road from Haverdalseter clock 05.45. Right after that I came to Skortbekken that I had to wade. Pretty deep water here. Approximately 07.30 I came up in about 1400m altitude, and now it went on very nice trail at the same height for 1 hour. I also went past Raudhamran where there was a small cottage.

Come to some long snow field that was Ok to go when the snow was pretty fast and nice. The clock 0910 I see a rain herd about 400-500m from the trail. They grazed quietly.

So began ripping at snow fields against Sletthøe at 1576m. it was quite heavily, but OK snow.Up against the last peak was at 1577m so I an animal that crossed over snow fields there. It was a big moose. A little weird with moose as high in the mountains. The last snow fields to the summit believe I through the snow until belt, so I got hardly forward. Found a field on the side where the snow was a bit darker and here the snow was more compact.

Was on top at 1577m clock 10:45. So it is quite steep 400m down which is quite heavy for my bones. Began to recognize the meniscus in his left leg. Come down to Kvannslådalsåa. Here was the stream large and wiry and I had to wade again. Here was also trail distinction to Dørålseter. Now it was only 4km left to go and it was a nice trail down. Was promoting at Høvringen at 13.00. Had spent eight hours on the trip and I was pretty happy with it.

Got me a room and it was so delicious with a shower. I had been struggling with blisters on my heels, and that saved me was that I had a gnawing sore sock that I used on the right foot. Here had I not leather again. Had a nice room and they had a wonderful dinner and breakfast the following day. The price seems I also was very good here at Høvringen mountain lodge. The following day I took the bus to Otta and train home.

This had been a very nice visit with beautiful weather. The finest stretch was enough there from Bjørnhollia to Dørålster with all the nice mountains. I think the mountains are extra fine with snow on top. I was probably a bit early this year when it was fairly small people in the mountains yet. Seems snow conditions were pretty OK. The only problem was out of Dørolglupen where I maybe took a chance with my fear of heights. The only place with rotten snow was after Sletthøe. I had not been tired the whole trip so it was good. I remember problems with the heat last year.



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