Plans for hike in 2016

Do not set up any new plans for 2016 then I have several trips I did not get passed in 2015.



Tour 1 is Stølsheimen that I did not go because of the snow conditions. This I hope is a trip I can go in 2016. From Dyrkolbotn mountain lodge to Voss.


Tour 2 is Breheimen that I did not go because of the snow conditions. From Høyheimsvik to Bøvertun. Hoping for bedere snow conditions this year.


Tour 3 is trip in Jotunheimen I did not gone the way I wanted. Would like to take the bus to Beitostølen and taxi from there two Olefjorden Also go to Yksendalsbu. From here I will go to Fondsbu and continue plans from 2015.


Tour 4 is on Hardangervidda. From Dyranut to Hallingskeid via Rembesdalseter. This assumes that they have a well-marked path down to the dam in Remesdalseter, or that they have set up a bridge where the old bridge was taken by the flood.


If there is a lot of snow, I might find me a ride in Rondane early in the year.

There will be no hikes on me this year. Have got sciatica and has trouble walking.