Plans for the hike from Høvringen to Snøheim 2016




Dørålseter Øvre


Sletten Fjellgård

Kongsvold Fjellstue



Weather Rondane / Dovre YR

GPS route of the trip

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Day 1. Høvringen to Dørålseter 26,9km 8 t

Day 2. Dørålseter to Grimsdalshytta 19 km 6 t

Day 3. Grimsdslshytta toSletten Fjellgård 18 km 6 t

Day 4. Sletten gård to Kongsvold fjellstue 21 km 5 t

Day 5. Kongsvold Fjellstue to Reinheim 15 km 5 t

Day 6.Reinheim to Snøheim above Snøhetta 13 km 5 t


This could be a trip I go in early July if there is much snow in the other areas. There are also many opportunities to end the trip if one can not bear to go further. I've gone from Dørålseter to Grimsdalshytta in 2008, but otherwise the other sections new to me.

I've noticed some wear in the body in recent years so I really wonder how long I can continue with my mountaintrips.

I feel in good shape, but has had back problems in recent months.

Also bought me a new bag this year. Osprey Atmos 65 AG. It will be interesting. On the old Bergans Telemark was one shoulder straps in pieces.

I do not think there will be any hikes on me at 2016. Have got sciatica and has trouble walking.

This will probably be the first trip in 2017 if their health holds. Is now in fine shape again.

Haverdalsåi between Dørålseter and Grimsdalshytta



DTN map Rondane

Trip to Snøhetta from Kongsvold Fjellstue

Trip to Snøhetta from Snøheim

Images from Snøhetta

The bus service to and from Snøheim

Norway Map overview


Day 1. From Høvringen Fjellstue to Dørålseter Upper

Walking time / DISTANCE 8 HOURS / 26.9 KM


Map: Otta maps in plastic 10065 (Norway map) 1:50 000

Map: Folldal map in plastic 10073 (Norway map) 1:50 000

MARKING Vardar / red T

Ascent 721m Down -620 m

Top point 1476 m.a.s.l.

On trail northwards towards Kvannslådalen, more toward the northeast. Past path splits to Grimsdalshytta and Haverdalseter and further in the direction Kvannslådalsbue. Along Djupdalen and on the north side of Gråhøe and into the valley between Stygghøin and Vassberget. Animal pits near the trail in the west end of Dørålsvatnet. Eventually impressive view towards Indre Bråkdalshøe, Verkilsdalsbotn, Smedhamrann and Digerronden. Furthermore, on the north western side of Døråe past path share against Bjørnhollia and Rondvassbu and Dørålseter.


Day 2. From Dørålseter to Grimsdalshytta

Walking time / DISTANCE 6 HOURS / 19 KM


Map: Folldal map in plastic 10073 (Norway map) 1:50 000

MARKING Vardar / red T

Ascent 719m Down -834 m

Top point 1389 m.a.s.l.

From Dørålseter trail goes up the mountainside north of the cabin in the direction Dørålsglupen, a very special ravine that cut steep and deep into Stygghøin.

Dørålsglupen was formed in connection with the last ice age when large bodies of water were pushed northward and created such great erosion that this V-shaped gorge was excavated.

The path through here is simple and nice in the steep landscape taken into consideration. Well through Dørålsglupen followed the creek down towards Haverdalsåi. Down by the river making the trail an arc eastward before the river crossed the bridge. Below in Haverdalen trail goes through birches.

Shortly after they crossed the river you come to an intersection. To the left the trail leads towards Haverdalssetra (RS23a) while the path towards Grimsdalshytta continue straight ahead. (There is also a non-marked trail right down to Grimsdalen.)

The next piece goes steadily, first in the forest, later above the tree line up to a flatter portion at nearly 1,300 m.

Eventually, before enjoying the wonderful views down towards Grimsdalen of several factors former mining, while Stygghøin disappears of sight behind a.

The trail continues gently down the north side of Gravhøi, multiple streams are crossed and you will eventually lose birchwood again. Down by the river however the landscape more open again. Just before the river Grimsi crossed the bridge you meet the trail from Høvringen (RS22). A short distance up the other side you reach the car road followed the last hill up to Grimsdalshytta.


Day 3. From Grimsdalshytta to Sletten Fjellgård

Walking time / DISTANCE 6 HOURS / 18 KM


Map: Folldal map in plastic 10073 (Norway map) 1:50 000

MARKING Vardar / red T

Ascent 446m Down -655 m

Top point 1260 m.a.s.l.

The route runs from Grimsdalshytta and along the way down the valley to the river Grimsa. There are several burial mounds in the area. Proceeding into the southwest slope of Nysæterhøe and pass pretty soon a long row of pitfalls. Please take in this area and examine the many traces of our predecessors.

About a kilometer above the birch belt route passes border with Dovre National Park and continues ramping up to 300 meters. Route are first slope under Nysæterhøe and so on the surface of Tverrbekkhøe, where it has its highest point. Tverrbekken, midway between the two hills, the "stone goose" (crossed dry shod by jumping from rock to rock). Having peaked go there soon steadily downhill again in Page of Dagdyljudalen. The route out of the national park south of Hovda and down to Nysætrin.

From there follow the T marking the old cattle road Nysætrivegen. This way you can follow until Sletten Fjellgard, apart from the last half kilometer, which runs on the trail through a swamp and a forest belt up to the farm. An alternative to walking on the road is to take the marked trail on the west side of Storlihovda. The route takes off from the road about half a kilometer from Nysætrin. After Storlihovda route goes further to the west of a large marshland. Slettabekken passed where it has its outlet from this area and from there it is about one kilometer until Sletten if one follows the route that runs parallel to the ski trail route.


Day 4. Sletten Fjellgard to Kongsvold



Map: Folldal map in plastic 10073 (Norway map) 1:50 000

MARKING Vardar / red T

Ascent 360 m Down - 280 m

Top point 1060 m.a.s.l.

Away to the highway and a short distance east on this and go further on the road towards Borkhus. Northeast Over the first beat and northwest over the next intersection. Then gradually along the gravel road as the trail to Kvita as one can cross on a full year bridge.

Heading north onto we followed past Dovrekvitdalen and down against Kvita. Inn on the trail along the river to the north and a Forward on road and gravel road and then on the trail around Kvitdalen and Hjerkinnsætri on the east and north side.

Further along the river north past Gåvålisætra and up to where the path splits to Grønbakken. From here to the north and northwest of the foothills of syndre Knutshø down to Kongsvold mountain lodge.


Day 5. Kongsvold Fjellstue to Reinheim

Walking time / DISTANCE 5 HOURS / 15 KM


Map: Folldal map in plastic 10073 (Norway map) 1:50 000

Map: Lesja maps in plastic 10072 (Norway map) 1:50 000

MARKING Vardar / red T

Ascent 570m Down -80 m

Top point 1346 m.a.s.l.

The trail starts from the west side of the bridge over Driva little south of the lodge. Under the railway up to the treeline where you meet the trail from Kongsvoll station. Further west towards Kaldvella and along this on the north side. On summer bridge over Kaldvella next confluence with Stropla. Musk often hold to Kaldvell valley. Further west on the north side of Stropla to Reinheim.


Day 6. Reinheim to Snøheim of Snøhetta



Map: Lesja maps in plastic 10072 (Norway map) 1:50 000

MARKING Vardar / red T

Ascent 1057m Down -812 m

Top point 2283 m.a.s.l.

From Reinheim takes you over Stropl river on the bridge and follow the path that rises steadily up the valley side. There are fine views beyond Stroplsjødalen. You take up the ravine between Snøhetta and Brunkollen and then takes off from the path to Snøheim and follow signs to Snøhetta. Before coming up on the east ridge of Snøhetta intersected direct route from Snøheim to Åmotdalshytta on 1580 meters altitude. A slice up the east ridge you enter the top route from Snøheim with stakes and boulevards leading to Stortoppen.

Back on the same path to the path splits to Snøheim so down south / east. Steep down in snowdrifts and rockery down to Old Reinheim (Ruin). So south / east past path splits for marked route to Western top that one has the right hand.

Then beyond where the path splits to Åmotdalshytta west of Snøheim. This path splits have one at your right hand. So until Snøheim.



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