Tour Haukeliseter and Halne autumn 2016

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Tour by Haukeliseter lodge.

I've been struggling with sciatica problems throughout the summer. Have also had a real thigh hen so I not got bent the knee at 14 days.

Now we come to the end of September and I'm starting to get well again. Has passed many walks in Nesodden even if it was painful.

It was predicted fine weather the 20 and 21 September and I will try to go for a walk from Haukeliseter. Had booked the room in advance.

I drove from Nesodden clock 05.00 on September 20, and was promoting about 10:00 am.

I would try to go into Trolltjønn and watch the ascent to the top of major Nup. This is a peak of 1661m.o.h.

Drove over to Ulevå where I parked. Started to go a little before kl. 11:00.

It is estimated approximately 2 hours up and 2 hours down to large Nup.

It was a nice trail from Uelvå which rises evenly upwards. I would go up to Trolltjønn at 1248m.

A little water I had to go around. In the end one must go quite steeply up to 1600m.

I followed the trail to Mannvasstjønn, and took off to the northwest below Trolltjønn.

I was pretty tired by Trolltjønn. Had not trained as much as I should.

Here was also a river that I had to wade. Did not want it!

Also that there was snow (Is) in the steep chute that one had to go up. It was not wise to go up there without equipment.

It had been a very nice trip. And it was a very wild and fine terrain around Trolltjønn.

Went a slightly different way down and came out on a cliff that I had to go diagonally to come down.

I was by car and Ulevå at 15.30.

It had been a great trip and I took lots of pictures. Did not really believe that I would get to the top. The shape was passable and backs had been OK.

Pictures from the trip:

Panorama pictures from the trip:

Tour by Halne lodge on Hardangervidda

Wednesday 21/9, I traveled from Haukeliseter to Halne at Hardangervidda. I went about Odda and Eidfjord. I was promoting around the clock 13.00. After I got a room here, I went a trip against Krækkja.

This was just a trim trip. I figured turning after about 1 to 1.5 hours. It came a little drizzle, but it was OK. It rose steadily and it was a nice trail to walk.
I went for 1.5 hours, and then I was at the path splits Kjeldebu and Krækkja. Could now look down on Krækkja from the trail. It was about 15-20 min. and go there, but I turned. It had stopped raining and I went on so much I managed. Used 50 min. back, so the shape was quite good.

Halne lodge was an OK place to stay and the food was good.
Next day I went home about Kongsberg.
This was not the big mountain trip, but I had then been in the mountains this year as well.

Pictures from the trip: