Mountain trip in Rondane and Dovre in 2017

Setermjelt     setermjelde

Setermjelt from Rondane



From Høvringen to Dørålseter

From Dørålseter to Grimsdalshytta

From Grimsdalshytta to Hageseter og Hjerkinn fjellstue

From Hjerkinn fjellstue to Kongsvold fjellstue

From Kongsvold fjellstue to Reinheim

From Reinheim to Snøheim

Mountain trip from Høvringen to Snøheim:

Day 1. Høvringen to Dørålseter 26.9km 8 h

Day 2. Dörålseter to Grimsdalshytta 19 km 6 h

Day 3. Grimsdslshytta to Hageseter 16 km 4 h

Day 3. Hageseter to Hjerkinn fjellstue 3.7 km 1.5 h

Day 4. Hjerkinn fjellstue to Kongsvold fjellstue 12 km 4 t

Day 5. Kongsvold Fjellstue to Reinheim 16 km 5 h

Day 6. Reinheim to Snøheim 7 km 2 h


Vasskjelet between Høvringen and Dørålseter



I took the train from Oslo to Otta on 28 June. It was predicted good weather with a little rainfall for the weekend.

The bus to Høvringen had not begun to go so I had to take a taxi from Otta to Høvringen. Should have booked a taxi when I had to wait an entire hour in Otta before I got one.

From Høvringen to Dørålseter:

Started at 05.17. Would have a good time when I was not sure if my back was holding. Good weather with approx. 7-8 degrees and light clouds. There was an increase of the first 10 km, but it was not steep.
Be aware
Path separates Havredalseter and Dørålseter after approx. 1 hour. Ate at 7.30 and was at Kvannslådalsbua. A small cabin by the trail. There was a nice trail up to the top. I was at the top at 08.45. Here it was mobile transmission. I called my wife.

Now it went down, and soon the path went down into a canyon. Down to the Vasskjelet. I did not even realize that the path could go down there, but there was actually space on the left side of Djupdalsbekken.
I gradually saw the map that the trail went over the pelvis and up the other side, but could not see where the trail went. No mark here because there was some snow. I crossed the pelvis further down and hit the trail after climbing a slope

Was soon on top, and I ate with a nice view of Snøhetta. Could now also see all mountains on the right side of the trail. Gråhøe in 1751 m.
Arrived at Dørålsvatnet where the trail went on the north side. Here was also Vassberget at 1855m on the right side of the trail. Could now eventually see Trolltinden in 2018 m, Nørdre Smedhamran in 1898 m, Søre Smedhamran in 1922 m. Could also see Veslesmeden and Storsmeden.

At Dørålsvatnet I hit a nice gang Which lay in tent. They had arrived there late in the evening beforehand.
Now the trail went down to Dørålen where there were many rocky hills from the Ice Age. It was OK to walk along the river here and I looking back where Smedbekken goes. I could see many beautiful mountains in there.

Nice trail. As I approached Dørålseter the trail became very soft and muddy. Much up and down, but it's useful to go there.

Come to upper Dørålseter at 14.00. Had spent approx. 8.5 hours on the trip, and had not known anything about my back. This worked well.
Hit me down on Dørålseter upper, and got a room there. It was very nice outside there with many stools and tables where one sat in the sun.

There were many here who had to go to tops of mountains, and there was also a DNT hit team of 13-14 people. Many foreigners.
It was a nice evening with good food.

There was very nice service at this cabin and the room was OK.

The weather was very good, it had been over 20 degrees most of the day.


From Dørålseter to Grimsdalshytta:

I started going from Dørålseter after breakfast at 08.45
I went through Dørålglupen where I had gone 2 times before. Went to Grimsdalshytta in 2008 and Havredalseter in 2014.
It was lovely weather. Not too hot.

I was very concentrated When I walked through Dørålglupen. I had to watch so I did not wriggle the leg in the rock.
One I had talked with the night before lying on the lower Dørålseter came after me and walked past me. He had a different speed than me.

There was much less snow here than it was in 2014 when I went to Havredalseter. One could follow the trail. I did not need to go obliquely at the snowfields. Stay on the toop at. 10.10.

There was still a lot of rock to go down, but OK. I was down at the bridge at 11.15. Then it was going to get up as high as I had gone down. It was very steep up the first piece, but it became better eventually.
At the top I had a nice view down towards Grimsdalen. Could also see Grimsdalshytta on the other side of the valley.
He who had reached me again, and as I had gone further up when he sat eating, reached me again and we went down down to the Grimsdalen.
Arrived at Grimsdalshytta at 15.15 and got me a room there.


From Grimsdalshytta to Hagaseter and Hjerkinn fjellstue

I started going from Grimsdalshytta at 08.40. After breakfast.
I would actually go to the Sletten farm in Folldal, but when I called them to order space they said they did not serve food anymore. Then I had to change the plans. Would go to Hageseter and then follow the pilgrimage to Hjerkinn fjellstue. This was a little longer one to the plain farm.

Started to Go up along Tverråi. One walked in the moraines landscape. It rose steadily upwards before one came to any real increases. It was really nice landscape up there.
I went here in 2008 from Sjusjøen to Hjerkinn, but could not remember that there was so much increase. The last ground up was steep.

I was finally at Top of the last hill. Now it rose Upwards little by little. OK terrain to walk in. One had to get over the pelvis Gautåee and it went fine.
I could see Hageseter from above the mountain, but it was really far to walk from I saw the cabins

Be ahead at 13.10
I called my wife and made her order a room at Hjerkinn fjellstue for me. I also ate here.

It was a bit plundering to find the beginning of the trail here, but found it eventually. The trail was marked with a cross. Pretty ok terrain to walk in. Small hut with birch forest. I also had to cross the bridge over Folla. A fairly wide river. The trail entered a paved road that was not in use. It was a bit stingy.

Be ahead at 15.10. Got a good room here and ate an OK dinner.

Hjerkinn mountain lodge arranged horse trips here. They had amazingly many horses.


Fra Hjerkinn fjellstue til Kongsvold fjellstue

Started walking from Hjerkinn fjellstue at the time. 08.15. There was some rain and the fog lay in the mountains.
Should go 3 km. up in the mountains. The trail was very good. Almost a way up. There were very many mountain flowers along the way. After approx. 2 km. came the fog and all views disappeared.

I was at the top at 09.20. Many stone walls were built up here. Then I went down to the road. The path actually went straight down the road. I was there at 10.15.
I walked on the road now about 50m before the trail went up in the mountain again. It was well marked there. To Kongsvold.

Now it would have been easier to follow the road down to Kongsvold, but it will be cheating. The path up from the road actually went further away from Kongsvold before it turned like a fishing hook down towards Kongsvold. It was a bit hilly terrain and it rose upwards until the path swung.

I also saw that the path from Sletten farm came in from the side.

I was down at the Kongsvold fjellstue approx. at 12.00. Got a nice room here and had lunch. Had dinner with someone who walked from Oslo to Nidaros. They had spent 22 days from Oslo, so they had enough days left.
This was a nice place, but it was quite expensive to stay overnight and eat here.


From Kongsvold fjellstue to Reinheim

Should now go from Kongsvold to Reinheim. I was a bit concerned when it was predicted 0 degrees and snowy there. I put on some extra clothes before I left.
Started at 08.50. The trail went off the road approx. 150m above Kongsvold. It was bruised over the river and underground under the railway.

It went quite steep up in the birch forest. It was an increase of approx. 160m Before it flattened a little. Used approx. 1 hour to go there in a very good trail. The trail slipped up now in a pleasant climb up the Stroplsjødalen valley. It was amazing how many flowers it was up here. Took many pictures and I also had a nice view back across the valley. Further up there were paths marked with a white n. It was a musk trail for tourists
Come to a cabin that lay by the path. It was not marked on the map, but I believer It's called Stroplsjøhytta. I Could soon see the mountain Storkinn straightforward.

At 11.35 just before the bridge over the river, I went straight to a flock of musk that lay close to the trail. There were 4 pieces that lay down. They were not far away. Fortunately I saw them, and the trail was now behind a spot so I got away. One should follow and look around when you get up here.

Passed the river Kaldvella on a Nice steel bridge. So now also 2 Musk who was down there Kaldvella went out into Stropla.
Soon hit one
Trip team from DNT Who was on his way down to Kongsvold.  The trail now went quite close to the river upwards. 1 km. Below Stropls Lake I saw 2 Musk all the way up the mountain Kalvellkinn.

There is actually a path opposite the river that runs from Reinheim and downstream of it turns towards Snøheim and on the east side of Sletthøi.

Come to the cottage at Stropls lake at 13.30, and at 14.15 I was 200m from Reinheim.
One so not the cabin before one was quite close. There was a cabin guard here and delicious to warm inside. Hit me down in one of the dorms where I was alone. There were quite a few in the cabin eventually. Total 13 people. Had a nice evening here.


Fra Reinheim til Snøheim

I started going towards Snøheim at 08.45. Had planned to go about Snøhetta, but hit it from me. There was fog on top and fresh snow on the mountain around.
There was a
Increase of approx. 240m. Up to the path separating Snøhetta and Snøheim.

I actually went wrong and took the upper trail towards Snøheim.
It was quite steep the bottom piece with a long snow surface that it was OK to walk on. Had a nice
View back down Stroplsjødalen. Come to a flat where it was snowy from night.

Været ble bedre og jeg kunne se solen titte frem. Snøhetta was almost fog free.
I was at the top of the trail at 10.10, And could See Snøheim in the distance.

There were many mountain flowers along the trail. Took many pictures there. The trail was now on the east side of Stridåfjørn. I was at Snøheim at 11.10.
Had booked in advance and got a nice room here. Bought me a waffle with jam and sour cream. It was good.

In the afternoon I walk away to Svånådalen, about. 2.5 km to film and take some pictures there. It was beautiful weather. And one could see the top of Snøhetta. Many who had been on top came from there.
Had dinner at 18.30 with a bunch of nice people. It was a pleasant evening in the living room after dinner. I had a good time.

This had been a nice trip.
I was a little skeptical before I believe when I did not feel that my back was 100 percent, but it went well.
I would say that the first stretch to Dørålseter was the best. Nice terrain and nice trails. Many nice mountains.

The trail between Dørålseter and Grimsdalshytta was OK but had gone there before. In Dørålglupen, one had to keep the tongue straight in the mouth so that one did not break the leg. Much increase on this stretch.
Would want to go to the Dletten farm but i could not go there as they did not serve food there. Had to go to Hageseter. Nice terrain, but had gone there before.

The pilgrimage path from Hageseter to Kongsvold was OK, but I did not think it was a proper mountain landscape.

The last stretches from Kongsvold to Reinheim and Snøheim were fine. Stroplsjødalen was really nice to walk. So also a lot of Musk here and there were a lot of mountain flowers there.

I had not learned that one could go another way from Reinheim to Snøheim. About Sletthøi. Had I seen it had I gone there.
There were many serviced cabins, and I would say that Dørålseter was the best.

I think I was doing good speed on this trip. Do not quite follow the dotted time, but I did not try either.
There were very many mountain flowers to look at this trip. I brought together about 600 pictures of flowers and to landscape.

JI met many nice people on this trip. Have good mountain memories from those I hit.
On Wednesday I took the bus to Hjerkinn and the train home.


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Here are all the rocky hills at Dørålen. They are well from the Ice Age