Short trip to Stølsheimen 2017





Pictures of the trip:

From Dyrkolbotn to Skavlabu

From Skavlabu to Modalen


Trip from Dyrkolbotn to Skavlabu and so on to Modalen.



Had long been planning a mountain trip in Stølsheimen. I had checked the long-term warning of the weather on yr for a long time, and in week 32 it looked pretty nice.
I took the night train to Bergen on Sunday, August 6th. Had sleeping couch.
In the morning I took the bus to Romarheim crossing the E39.
It was sunny and nice weather when I started crossing Dyrkolbotn mountain stoves at 09.40.

I felt in good shape and back and knees were OK, but that was not enough for this to be a successful trip.

Has arrived at Dyrkollebotten



Went on a gravel road right up to Dyrkollebotenen where I was at 10.05.


Up in the birch forest


Then the trail entered a fairly steep hill that went uphill in the birch forest.

Looking down at Dyrkollebottenen








There was a lot of grass in the trail and I was quickly soaked both on socks and boots. It was quite stupid. I would have had my Spats (footwear). I knew soon that I got a water blow on my right foot. I put on a water blow sock so I did not feel any pain when I walked.

Arrived at Fossvatnet




Enter a nice valley with rivers and water. Good terrain to walk in. Could see that at the end of the valley I had a fairly steep climb to go. 220m height meters up.
I quickly noticed that the swallows were slippery and I had to take care not to slip. The ascension was mostly grassy upwards. Okay to go.
Noticed that it was hard to go when the boots were soaked. Also do not think that the day shape was the best.

Up the first climb


Looking across the valley here


Beautiful landscape here





Looking down towards Dyrkollebotne



Looking up to the top



When I got up at the top of the first hill, I had gone for 2 hours and arrived 3.6km from Dyrkollebotenen. I was a bit aware of how slowly I went.





I crossed the power line at 14:00 and had gone only 6km. The strange thing was that when I watched the GPS countdown, I could have gone half an hour without the GPS going down a lot.
It's very much up and down here so I wonder if the number of kilometers was right on this route.

Nice waterfall at Trollholevatnet






At first I walked into a hole on the path that I did not see. Got a stretch in my hip, but it went well. Later I slipped on the swab and got a twist on my knee. Got a little bad, but it went well with the meniscus. I was very careful after that, and I felt that I tied myself a bit when I walked.

Back towards Trollholevatnet


I was actually wondering if I would turn back and walk back when it had started and rain and the rocks were very slippery.


Approaching me Veslevatnet







The river outlet at Veslevatnet



I passed the river exit at Veslevatnet at 16.45 and had gone 6.5 hours and went 10.6km. Now I had a steep climb of 240 meters in height. I thought it was very steep at the top.




At the top I met 4 ladies who were going down the hill and then to the road at Storavatnet where they had a car. They had spent approx. 2 hours from Skavlabu, and they said there was a lot of up and down on this stretch.

Looking down on Veslevatnet







It was right and somewhere I had to lay down on my stomach in a gap to eel and lift me up after my arms 2-3m up. It was so slippery that I just got there where there was grass and soil. There were some other places it was also difficult to get up. The mist made it difficult to see if there were other places to go up.

It started to blow very much, and the rain increased. I froze and had to stop and put on me a woolen sweater. It was an unpleasant pleasure.

I did not take more pictures when I had enough to get to the cabin. At the end I wondered when the GPS began to count up instead when it was about 900m left. I trusted the stone quarters and that was good.
I was promoting at 20.15 and it was raining and it was fog so I did not see the cabin until I was 70m away.

It was still hot in the oven so it was actually quite hot there. I put some cubes to dry my clothes. There was no one else here and I have to say that it was a Very nice cabin.
Made me oat porridge and cooked some hot drinks. The cabin was close to a water, but I could not see it because of the mist.


Picture of Skavlabu day 2.


Towards the construction road


I was not really tired, but was pretty tired the whole trip. The next day it was still raining and the fog lay thick. I decided to go to the construction road at Skjerjavatnet and follow Skjerja road down to the Modal.





I saw a trail from the cabin and directly down to the Modalen center, but I showed nothing about it so I took the road.

It was about 2 hours to go to the road. Just after a short while on the trail from the cabin, I came to a descent I would not normally go down, but I had to. It was very slippery and I could not pull on any stones when they were slippery. Came me down.

It was exactly the same terrain from the cabin and gone to the road as I went the day before.

Now, I followed the gravel road down to Mo. It was a bit scary when the top of the road had broken down large rocks from the mountain. Spent 2 hours away to the road, and approx. 3 hours down to Mo.

Then I took the bus down to Mo center by the sea and then 3 buses to get to Bergen where I was approx. 19:00

This was a very short trip.



This had been a special trip. The first trip I had to cancel and leave home without any fault with me.

I had checked this mountain area for a long time to go there so what went wrong?

I would have had Spats (footwear) when there was a lot of grass and ferns that were soft and as I walked in. When socks and boots were soaked, it was hard to go. The boots were impregnated, but the water came down in the boots through the socks.

Possibly the day shape was a bit bad. But I was not very tired when I arrived at the cabin.

It was very much up and down and there were not proper paths all over the place. I would call it an animal trail somewhere.

It was just too heavy to go. I wondered why I went so slowly. I checked the GPS several places and saw that it almost did not count down when I went. I was also very thought after falling and slipping. Went a lot to see down the trail and was reserved.

By measuring this stretch with the Garmin GPS, I think the distance is approx. 17km.

The rain and the wind and the mist did not make it easier to walk.

I just have to say that this terrain was too tiring for me and go!

I'm probably too old for such a terrain

It was a beautiful landscape to walk in, and the mark here was very good. I saw the stone walls all the way to the cabin even though there was heavy fog and rain. Have never seen such a good mark before.

There were also some places where the height of my horror struck. This because it was smooth.

Nor should you walk alone in this terrain. There can be an accident.

One should probably be very good form at going here.

I just did right and finish the trip as it continued to be bad weather here.

The long term warning to Yr is not much and trust.

I had with me the DELORME inReach SE satellite transmitter and receiver as security.

Now I have terminated this subscription when they put on the price by 50%



It is important to think positively when walking in the mountains. It's easy to get negative thoughts when it's not as good as a thought.
Bad weather, soft socks, blister and poor day-to-day behavior may give negative thoughts.
I tend to go with positive thoughts, but in Stølsheimen it crashed. I think I was negative for the whole trip very soon. In retrospect, I regret that I did not try to go from Skavlabu to Åsedalen.
I see in retrospect that I could have gone to Åsedalen. Here I had the opportunity to go by road and bus.
From here it is also possible to go for a round trip.

I will see! Perhaps there will be a tour next year, whose health will last.


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