Trip to Haukeliseter in 2017



It was forecast to be fine on 13 and 14 September on yr. I would go to Haukeliseter to go to the mountain there. I will be there for 2 days.


Day 1






I left home at 8:00 am and I was on Haukeliseter at 13.30. I checked into the room and drove away to Ulevå farm.

Had planned to go from Ulevå and onto Nupselva and follow it up between Store Nup and Trollnup and up to Trolltjøn. Then I will go east and down to the path that goes down to Ulevå. This is a walk of about 8 km.





  Here I go from Ulevå and towards Nupselva. Big Nup back to the right and the road goes to the left of the water and towards the Haukeli tunnel.




Here I have come to Nups Falls. Big Nup is seen behind. Spent 27 minutes away here. I think it's as fast to walk from where one drives into the Nupshalls.  








Here I have come a good way up the river, and I have gone on the right side of the river upwards.





Here I look down to the Ulevå lake and the road on the other side. To the right goes
Haukeli tunel in. There are nice autumn colors in the mountains now.














Here is the top waterfall. All the way up at Trolltjøn. I've been here before, but have not seen this waterfall before.






Here lies Trolltjøn. A really nice place. Now I will go east and down to the path that goes to Ulevå.  







  Here I am on my way from Trolltjøn and to the east. Here I come down to the trail that goes to Ulevå where I was about 17:00  









I have been about 8 km and spent 3 hours. I was down at Ulevå at 17.00.

There was a lot of water in the mountains, but this had been a nice trip. I could have gone over the bridge down by the water and walked on the left side of the river upwards There were not so much bushes. I was not tired after the trip.






Day 2




Day 2 I would try to go on the way to Ulevå, and follow the path that goes towards Mannevatnet.

I will try to go to Nupsegga at 1673 m. At the top of Ulevå there is a path on the left which I will take. It goes to Nupsegga.

I was lucky when a man from Kraft worker up here drove me to Ulevå so I did not have to go on the main road away there. He was really a decent guy.

I started off the main road at 08.50.










Here I have come up from Ulevå farm and look back down to Ståvatnet. There was an OK trail up here.

Unfortunately, I lost the trail I had to take off the top, and instead went to Mannevasstjønn.

It was OK, but a longer way.




Here I have come to a little water before Mannevasstjønn. The trail continues on the right hand and around the water and to Mannevasstjønn.

The mountains behind are part of Nupsegga.










Mannevasstjønnn. I will go left and steep up to the left.

Is here at 10.20.









Here's a lot of rock to go in. I'm going straight up and up on the snow field to the left.

There is no path here.




Has reached the first water after Mannevasstjønn.

It has no name so I call it Water No. 1,

I'm going right here beside the water. Is here at 11.15.












Looking back. Here I have walked along water no.1 on the left side of the picture.

Here I actually saw a path, but it disappeared. In fact, it was not that bad to go there.




Has begun going up to Water No. 2. One sees that there is a lot of rock up here.

The time now is 11:35.











Has reached Water No. 2. Going to the right side in very much stone. Going up to a triangular snow field.





Looking back in water No. 2. There was a lot of stone to go in here.

Has reached Water No. 3. There is meltwater from the glacier here. Big Nupsfonn.











Here I have reached 1540m. and it's 530m left. Here is a steep snow plot. The time is 13:00 so I decide to turn around here. It is 130m up to the top.

It's not very important for me to reach the top.




Have begun to return via Mannevaten. Here I have Big Nupsfonn on my right hand. There were many cracks in the ice on the water so I could not go there. Going to the snow field on the left in the picture.

New stone beyond here.
There were a lot of stones beyond here.











Has come down to Water No. 2. Here I stumble and fall. Gets the bag in the back of the head and hits the head in a rock. Gets a cut over eye.

Getting a little scared right away when I've never hit my head so hard ever. Also got a whiplash in the same case.




  I got a beautiful blue eye a few days later and my right eye was completely closed again. I think I must have a very hard skull. Thinking back to 2003 when I did the same. Now it's been 1 week and I'm getting well again but still a little stiff in my neck.  










Has come down to Vannevasstjønn and is going to walk along the water on the left side to Mannevatnet.

Here is the main path between Haukeliseter and Hellevassbu. Here I will go south.




The mountain here is part of Nupsegga. The top here is at 1520m. The water is Mannevatn. A pretty big water. In the far left of the picture lies Mannevasstjønn.  










Here is a high point on the path back towards Haukeliseter.

Looking down at Ståvatnet and Hakeliseter down there.

It is still 90 minutes to go.





Here I look down at Haukeliseter and the trip is done.  










Here are Haukeliseter on departure day Friday at 07.40.

It was lovely weather.




This has been two nice days.

The first day I saw the falls in Nupselva. It was a great trip up to Trolltjøn. Took many pictures up there. It was pretty good weather too.

Day two was also nice.

Slight rain from Mannevatn but otherwise nice weather. The trip was about 20 km and I spent 8 hours and 50 minutes.

I thought before I started that there were OK trails where I was going, but after I left Mannevasstjønn, I was looking forward to trails. I messed around the waters I passed by. I did not go so much wrong, but I did not go the easiest way.

When I fell I was very lucky not to hit a pointed stone. There were many of them.

I turned at 13.00 at Store Nupsfonn and the GPS showed that it was 530m again. Did not like that snowboard, but it was probably ok to go up there. Also thought that I would spend 1/2 to 1 hour in the last 133 m to the top. I should go back too.

I think the terrain I walked in was very nice and wild, so getting up to the top was not so important to me.

I collected 136 photos on the second trip.

On Friday I drove home about Rjukan after breakfast.