A trip from Haukeliseter to Kvanndalshytta, Holmavatenhytta and back to Haukeliseter.


From Kvanndalen






Haukeliseter to Kvanndal tourist cottage

I would try to go round from Haukeliseter. To Kvanndalen tourist cabin the first day. Then to Holmavatn cabin day 2. Then back to Haukeliseter day 3.

I would go via the dam so the ride is about 56,6km.Started with a little heavy sack. Had a tent, sleeping bed and sleeping bag. Had greased me packed lunches and also had bread and cold cuts. Sack knows enough about 15 kg. Started at. 06.15 from Haukeliseter. There was a very nice trail around Ståvatnet. Easily gone. Started east to Ståvassdalen at 07.40. It was a straightforward path and nice to go up here. I'll get up about 200 height meters. Be on top at 10.30.The river eventually went down into a canyon, and the trail went up the slope to the right of the river downwards.
I'm not excited about heights and airy places, so I got to feel it down the valley. But it was no worse that it went OK.
I waded somewhere, but I looked at the pictures that I might not have needed it.
I hit a bridge over the river about 4 km above Kvanndalen. I thought it was strange because there was no path on the map there.About 500m above Kvanndal Tourist Lodge I saw the remains of the old bridge. The trail on the other side of the river went to Holmavatn.
I think that one could have waded there or a little further up and followed the trail 12.6 km to Holmavaten.Be promoted at Kvanndalen Tourist Lodge at. 17.15.This was a small restored cottage with 4 bunks. It was very nice.I was the only one here.


From Kvanndal turisthytte to Holmavatn cabin

Day 2 I started to go to the dam at. 06:30. After 10-15 minutes there was a sign called Holmavaten. I thought there was a new path that went towards the dam and followed it.

This was a whole new trail that went to Tronggjo and the new bridge there. The trail should hit the old trail that went from 500m above Kvandalshytta to Holmavatn. It was 12.6 km. I followed it for an hour and climbed up the mountain, but found out that it was too steep for me. Was also very tired. Turned and went back to the path separating and continued toward the dam. I had spent 2 hours on the new path.

The trail down to the dam was quite OK, but it was a very steep hill there.

The dam was wide and nice and one came straight onto the road on the other side. It went up and down before the climb began. It's about 6km to go on the road, and it's only uphill. 300 height meters. That was tiresome. Spent 2 hours to Sandvatnet.

There was actually a sign on the road that said Holmavatn. It was on the road at a cross where the road went very tight to the left.

Went left at Sandvatnet and came onto the trail soon. Then I came to the trail that came from Kvanndal's cabin. Then there was a straight path to Holmavatn.

I was on the cabin at 15.50. This was a very big and nice cabin with many rooms. I was the first to get there, but in the evening it was enough 30 people there.Had a nice evening, but I went to bed early when I was leaving early. There was room for everyone with mattresses over the floors.


From Holmavatn hytta to Haukeliseter

I started going towards Haukeliseter at 05.30. It was light rain.

The first piece was quite flat. Okay, get there. Then it was a little up and down before coming to Turistskardet. Here I should rise 160m. It's okay to get up there.

From the top it went down towards Vassdalstjønn which was to be passed on the right hand.

Just before one got there the path went into the worst stone hill I had ever been away. Very large stones where the trail was marked. I slipped my back here, but thank goodness I fell on a flat stone.

The landscape around Vassdalstjønn was very nice.

The path further was OK to go. Went past a mountain called rough-legged hawkpeak. Here there were 2 big birds that screamed very much. Maybe it was rough-legged hawk.

Went down Vassdalen and down to Kjelavatn. Passed Kisteelv on bridge and was soon gone by the bridge and the dam at Ståvatn.

Arrived at Haukeliseter at 13.05.

It had been a very nice trip in nice scenery.

I would say that the expectations of the trip were met.